Car Rental Management System Project for Final Year
Car Rental Management System Project for Final Year

A car rental management system is an autonomous system that will preserve the records of all the cars available, cars rented, etc. The user can rent a car based on its efficiency, performance, effort, or cost. The dealer can make a lot of use of this system by providing the cars. Check Computer Science Projects.

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Car Rental Management System Project
Car Rental Management System Project

Why Is It Necessary?

Let me tell you the personal experience of why I feel the car rental management system is necessary. The other day I was traveling to Saharanpur (a small city in north India) from my hometown. When I de-boarded on the railway station of Saharanpur, I was looking for a vehicle that can drive me to my final destination. I could not find a taxi soon.

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After some time, one taxi driver stopped. But this was not my day. He was asking for more than double the price of the original one. It was getting late; I had no other option so I had to take that ride. But still, that was not it. After traveling some distance, the tire got punctured.  This added more delay and more pain to my suffering journey.

I could not attend my meeting and suffered a big loss due to that. I was very upset and was thinking had I had my very own vehicle; I would not have suffered that much. I traveled frequently for my meetings. So, it is impossible to take my own vehicle to different cities. It is not convenient and is very costly. And one more thought struck my mind; this is not only my problem.

There are many persons out there who suffer it. So, I thought about what would happen if I rent an old but efficient car. It would save money and will be easier to drive the car all by myself with my necessities. That is where I came up with the idea of the Car Rental Management System. The car rental management system will keep track the record of all the activities and the records related to it in a centralized manner.


Now let me allow introducing the objectives of car rental management system:

  • Faster Process – To make sure a user gets his desire car as early as possible; the car rental management system will provide a faster response to complete the process.
  • Minimize paperwork – As all the system is computerized, there is no need to fill any application form for renting purpose. So, the paperwork will be very less.
  • Centralized – All types of data and the activities related to the system will be kept in a single place so that it is easy to monitor the system and provide the customer the best service.

Key Features

The following features are the main points that will add the two stars in the system and you will say, yes, I will go for it:

  • Easy Access to buyers
  • Chart and Graph analysis of Car
  • Multi-User Account System
  • Free Listings and inquiries
  • Zero loss of customers
  • Invoice Management
  • Monitoring the whole Car Management System
  • Responsive User Interface
  • Management of all type of users’ account
  • Car report management
  • Profile System

Now that I have listed some main, do you think you and I can pull it off? Sure, we can. Let us discuss some main modules of the car rental management system.

Module Description

I have already told you it would be a multi user account system in key features.

There will five types of main modules in the system:

  • Admin
  • Customer
  • Dealer
  • Accountant
  • Invoice Management

Now, let us get deep into it.


Like every other management system, the car rental management system will have admin. The admin will the entity that will monitor the activities and the records of the whole system.

Following are some main facts related to the admin of the system:

  • There will be only one admin in the system.
  • Admin can view other users’ profiles.
  • The admin will have the power to delete any other users from the records or update the data of any other users.
  • Any car or payment deal will be approved by the admin.

Before getting into other modules, let’s discuss some common features that will be available in all other modules.


Every other user will go through the registration process in order to register into the system.

Following are the required fields that are need to be filled in order to complete the process:

  • Name – The users will enter their full name or the company name.
  • Password – If you are a user, you will need to enter the password according to your convenience. Use a password that is easy to remember for you. Do not disclose this password to anyone. The reason being, the password will be used to login into the account, and if any other random person does some unusual activity with your account. You will be responsible and some legal action can be taken against you.
  • Email ID – It is also important to provide the email address of the concerned user. This email address will be used for some verification process and as one of the modes to communicate.
  • Contact No. – The individual user or the company will provide their respective contact details; it may be a mobile no or telephone number.

After the above details are filled in, the user must read the privacy and policy statements before registering themselves into the system. When the user agrees with all the conditions and registers, an email will be sent to the given email id with a unique id and some specific set of instructions. You, as a user, are to follow those steps in order to complete the registration process.

Forgot Password and Change Password

  • If the user forgets the unique id or the password, it will be easy to recover both of them.
  • You as a user just need to enter the registered email id and some steps of instructions will be sent to the email id and you just are to follow those simple steps.
  • If you feel that your password is compromised, you can easily change it by just providing the old password and entering the new password you want.

Update the profile:

Every single user in the system will have to update their profile record.

These fields are:

  • Alternate Email Address.
  • Alternate Contact Number.
  • Driver License Information (for the customer).
  • Communication Address.

Now let us discuss more details about the modules in car rental management system.


Customers are the reason why I feel to introduce the car rental management system, to make their journey wonderful, to get them fit for the environment they are traveling into:

  • View the Cars – You, as a customer, can observe the lists of cars available in the inventory. The user can filter the records of the car based on.
  • Price – The budget is an important factor. It will be easier to choose a car rather than wondering what if I choose this car and the price is higher. No tension at all, you can analyze the car record and choose your best car.
  • Popular Cars: If you want to take a car that is popular in the system rather than thinking about the fact how this car would perform, you better look into it. The already registered customers have given feedback on their car driving experience.
  • Car Brand: If you are into the brand, you can view the cars of your favorite brand. I have taken that too into account. The car brand can be BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Honda, Mahindra, etc. Just pick your pick.
  • Rent a Car – After you have selected your favorite car, you can fill the car rental form which is available online. You just have to fill in some details like how many days you want to rent the car, or if you want to rent on an hourly basis, the car details of the car model you want to rent. After completing the rental form, you can pay a suitable amount using net banking, your credit/debit card.
  • Return a rented Car – The customer can return a car and if all the payments are cleared and the parts of the cars are not damaged, a number will be provided to the customer so that the customer can enter that number into the return car section and the record is cleared from the rent a car system and is moved to rental car history.
  • View Rental History – You as a user can view the history of the car you have rented in the car rental management system. You can keep track of the amount you have spent, the car you have driven, the number of cars you have rented, etc.
  • Feedback – You as a user can share your experience with the car rental management system. How much you loved it, or hated it. You can give the stars and provide some comments so that the dealer can assist the customers to the best capability they can.


The Car dealer is a person or an organization that provides their cars on a contract basis. This module is complementary for the customers in the car rental management system.

View the available Cars – You as the dealer can view the car available into the car rental management system.

You can filter those cars based on:

  • Models
  • Brand
  • Popular Cars
  • Damaged Cars

Based on this search you can find out which car is old or new, which are more popular so that you can make other cars based on the popular car’s features:

  • Need Maintenance – The dealer can view the records of the cars which are damaged. As a dealer, you can check which part of a particular car needs to be repaired or needs service. Thus, it is easy to track the entire unused cars at that time. And important steps are to be taken in order to fix those issues.
  • Rented Car History – The dealers can assess the total cars that have been rented, which was rented a greater number of times, how many users like the cars, how many are enjoying the service provided by them. This will help the dealers to know how their business is going. For more attractive information, these entire things can be viewed in form of a chart and a graph.


The accountant will retain the financial details of the car rental management system. The accountant will handle all the payments that are done to the customers and the accountant will redirect this information to the invoice department, so that invoice can be generated for every car is rented. There are other financial issues also such as maintenance charges, employee salary, etc. which are handled by the accountant.

Invoice Management

After the amount is paid by the customers, the invoice department will generate the bill of the car used and will reflect it into the customers’ account. This department will also keep the receipts of a new car is brought to the system so that they can further be used for analysis purposes.


Phew! That was quite a journey. Hope you have got my aim and the purpose because I want to introduce the car rental management system to the world. If you want some things to be customized go for it. Do not hesitate. Just ask me, reach out to me. I will make the car rental management system on whichever platform you want to. Contact me now.

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