MS Access Employee Information System


MS Access Employee Information System

MS Access Employee Information System


Employee information system database project using ms access can be used to store, retrieve update and delete the employee data so it can be also named as employee record management system database project using ms access.

I have made this project using ms access and I am going to show you GUI of this project with proper explanation of each module.

This is very simple project using ms access or you can say it is a basic ms access database project, few database queries are used here and some buttons, some data validations are used to complete this project.

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What is Employee Information system in MS Access ?

Employee Information system is a database based application which is used to record and manage the information regarding employees of an organization.

Managing data is not an easy task for any organization even the organization have few or more employees. Database of any organization is very sensitive and very important part.

So managing data effectively is very important and it should not be complex but authority of accessing data should be secure.

Why ms access is easy for creating database project ?

If you want to create a database project but you don’t have enough knowledge about database, this type of situation can be occur with any one where you want to learn something but don’t know how to start.

One important thing is that at the staring when we start to learn something new we want more motivation and when things started becoming complex we get nervous and started to think this is not the cup of tea for me.

So according to me starting should be from very basic level it will motivate you to work further and you can give your more effort if all the things are very clear with you.

So here I am talking about ms access for database project, you have more many options to learn database then why ms access ?

Microsoft access provide a very easy platform to creating small database applications which can be used for small organizations. Here you can put so many validations, conditions without knowing scripting knowledge of database.

Modules which I covered in Employee record system database project Using ms access database

  • Search employee record
  • Add new employee record
  • Update employee record
  • Delete employee record
  • Save employee record
  • Print employee record

Now I am going to explain the each module in brief with screenshots I hope It will be helpful for you.

Search employee record

In this module an user can search the employee record by entering the UID of the employee. Here I set the UID as a primary key here so fetching data is more easy because you primary key is unique.

If you want you can set the option to search the record by first name or by last name or it can be by date of birth. You can set what ever you want to set.

Add new employee record

Add new employee record module has functionality to add a new employee record in database from there an user can fill the form and enter save record. By doing this new employee record will be saved in the database.

Update employee record

If an user wants to update the employee record he/she can perform this action from here. For updating the employee record you have to open the employee data after that make the changes whatever you want then click the update click and check the updated record.

Delete employee record

For deleting the employee record just open the employee record which you want to delete and click on delete button, record will deleted from the database.

Save employee record

Save employee record button is for saving the record, for example an user wants to add the new employee record so after filling the from he/she have to click on save record button so record will be saved in the database.

Print employee record

From here an user can print the employee record if there is any need of hard copy of employee record.
These are some few features I have added in employee record system database project using ms access. You can use some other databases for the same project if you want.

I am listing here some databases technology which can be used to complete the same project.

  • Student record system using MySQL database
  • Student record system using SQL server database
  • Student record system using Mongodb database
  • Student record system using SqLite database

Adding employee detail in Table

You can add so many columns in employee table according to your requirements and also can set many limitations and validations for the same.

Validation like , primary key should be unique , date of joining of employee should not be any future date and email should be also valid.

These small but important validations make our database very simple and easy to use. MS access database provides so many features like that which can be used very easily and makes database very simple, effective and usable.

Datasheet View of the Table

Datasheet View of the Table

Datasheet View of the Table

Datasheet View of the Table

Datasheet View of the Table

Here I had added some entry regarding employee UID that is unique id of the employee, Personal details name, mobile number, joining date, address, Job rating etc.

Form View of the Table from where record can be added, deleted, updated very easily

Employee Record System

Employee Record System

I will develop your Employee Information System in different programming languages. I will use the database of your choice. Just contact me now, Check my old clients’ feedback.