College Management System
College Management System

Introduction of College Management System

Are you looking for a college management system project? We are here to help you. You can contact us. This application college management system based on Intranet aims to all the levels of management providing information within an organization. This system can be used as an information management system for the college.

For a given student/staff (Technical / Non-technical) the Administrator creates a login id & password, using these student/ staff (Technical / Non-technical) can access the system to either upload or download some information from the database. Not only this added user will also get to know about the events and extra curriculum activities which will hold into the college campus.

The main menu will contain six parts which are as follow:

  • Student Login
  • Teacher login
  • Deposit Fee
  • Ask Queries Forum
  • About Us
  • Contact us

Now, we can see that nearly everything is very much possible to perform with a single click, so this application will help you to computerize the system of college management so that students and other staff members can access the system online.

These are some key features of the system which is as follow:

  • To reduce the headache of maintaining the record of students’ and teachers’ related documents.
  • To reduce the cumbersome job of maintaining several documents like.
  • It will eliminate the delays in the generation of results and free updating of the students, this system will help in maintaining the records of absent students.
  • Searching will become more efficient and fast in comparison to manual searching.
  • It will also provide assurance that each employee of the college marked their attendance timely.
  • Overall, it will reduce the cost and time of the college head in taking care of the college.

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Existing System Description of College Management System

In this section, we will discuss the existing system and some of its drawbacks which force us to plan this whole idea of developing an online college management system. Let us take an example Initially colleges appoint many employees to maintain the record of the student, teachers, other staff, employees’ salaries, and student’s fees.

If any student wants to submit the fee, he/she need to go to the fee counter for paying their fees and wait for one to two days for updating and again went to the fee office to know the status, and this whole record uses to maintain on card and files so there might be chances of missing.

Suppose if some student comes and asks for the status of his fee after one month then the worker will open his file and search it manually for the student’s name which will take time. Suppose we want to organize an event in college we need to create posters, banners and make an announcement in classes so that students participate but if any student got absent on that day, then he will remain unnotified.

Drawbacks of The College Management System

  • This process is so time-consuming.
  • There is a threat to the record of the student and teachers, in this case, there might be a chance that a person makes entry on someone else record.
  • There is no proper way of getting to know about the events and extra curriculum activities happening in colleges.
  • It might be the case that student tries to bribe the teachers to avoid the long queue.

So, above this is the whole process of the college management system and its working by our system we can make it a little bit simpler and the fast process of automating it. We can automate this process by creating an application that will allow you to use these things in a fully functional way and the application will include the following entities (an entity is a real-world object).

The automated application help in following way:

  • A student can register himself directly on the college application for any notification of the event and for depositing fee and students can also post their queries and check their fee status.
  • If the students are not aware of policies, then the admin will make him contact with this application and help them to complete the whole process.
  • Admin will maintain the record and atomicity by using the proper table to save records so that no one can access it and data remain safe.
  • Students need not bother about his/her fee deposit and without moving from their place or making so many phone calls they can make the fee payment.
  • No need of worrying about status you can check that from your place.
  • Students can check new information and achievements of the college students through the application which will motivate them and all things would be uploaded by the admin on the application.

The whole process of getting work done will become faster than the conventional way of getting insurance. Let us look at the different aspects which we have designed to make the website work properly. Here we are not discussing the admin module because all other modules will cover the admin module part so to remove the same content from the report, we are ignoring the admin part.

Student Login of College Management System:

This module of the system will help the students to create his account where he will find the following options:

  • He will start to get notifications.
  • Students can pay their fees through the portal and check status.
  • They can find their results and test marks.
  • Students can apply for rechecking of the answer sheet through his portal.
  • Students can file a complaint against their teachers if the teacher is not behaving well.
  • Students can also file a report if they are facing any ragging issues.

So above are the following points which a student can perform after getting register on the portal and get a confirmation message from the admin.

Teacher Login of College Management System:

This module will help the teachers to manage their work more efficiently and precisely. Teachers only need to log in by using their username and password.

They can perform the following activities which are as follows:

  • Teachers can put any kind of announcement related to a group or section.
  • They can also mark the attendance online.
  • Teachers can give marks to the student and update his record according to his result, so they can also view the results of the students.
  • Teachers can also request leave from the higher authority and this leave will reflect on the student portal so that they can know which teachers are absent on which date.
  • If a teacher wants to organize some kind of social work event, they can broadcast the notification to all the students through their portal.
  • The teacher can also find the contact details of parents and inform them by mail or by making the call.

Deposit Fees of College Management System:

This module of the system will help in maintaining the financial record of the students and teachers, there is a constraint:

  • It will only provide information about the fee status of the students.
  • Teachers can also see their respective increments through their portals.
  • Students can deposit their late fees or any kind of charges through this portal without standing in line.

Ask Queries Forum of College Management System

In this module of the developed system, we will allow the students to ask their queries. Students and teachers both are allowed to answer the queries, students can also post problems regarding any subjects or college rules and regulations. In this module person who does not belong to the college can also post his queries and problems to clarify the aura of the college and get a better understanding of the fee structure before entering the college.

About Us of College Management System

This feature will provide information about the college and developers so that if you want to get a new design or any kind of change and suggestion you can come up to us and make your contribution to this system of online college management.

Contact Us of College Management System

In this section, we have provided the contact number and proper address so that students and teachers can reach us and mentioned their problems to solve if there is any technical issue related to their login and logout. Students can also contact us if they are curious to know something about our database and how the system is working, we will provide them with a brief introduction about the system working and welcome their ideas if any.

Now, let us discuss the ER-Diagram of the system but before that, we need to explain why we need ER diagram why ER diagram is so useful while developing and designing the system. An entity-relationship model also called an entity-relationship (ER) diagram, is a graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other, typically used in computing regarding the organization of data within databases or information systems.

It consists of the following fields such as:

An entity that is represented by a rectangle is a real-world object used to represent the user admin and other real objects.

Attributes of College Management System:

  • Every entity has its attributes such as every car has its specifications. The oval shape represents it.
  • In ER diagrams diagonal is used to represent the relationship between the entities.

Here We Will See the Er-Diagram and Its Attributes:

Let us discuss the entities one by on with their respective attributes.


As we have not discussed this module earlier but here, we will discuss its functionality that how this entity is used in the working of the application, admin use this application to give access to the person who wants to register themselves on the website and add the legitimate users on the system.

Whenever you will send a request for registration you will get an approval email from the admin so that you can continue and later on you will get the username and passwords of your choice for security purposes. As we can see the diagonal is connected with the admin, these diagonals show the relationship of admin with different entities.

Admin organizes employees and keeps the record of the fee so that he comes to know that what kind of employees are working there and about the fee status of the students, Admin can also connect with students and teachers.


This entity will keep the records of the happening event in the college and also help in notifying the students so that they can participate in the events which they like to join.

The attributes of the event are as follow:


This attribute will uniquely identify the events so that we can add different events to the portal. If we have a different event id then the event will not overlap.


This attribute will give an idea to the participants that what is the event all about so that they will prepare themselves according to that. Suppose if the event is a spelling word, then they will prepare for that. So, this is an important attribute for the participants.


This attribute maintains the records of the game-winner so that at the last of the events we can give the award to the winners.


This entity is one of the important attributes which need to be handled by this system so we will discuss the attributes of this entity in brief which are as follows:


This attribute will help us in uniquely identified the identity of the student because in college there are many students having the same name and last name so to distinguish among them, we need something that is in. This is different for every student so we can use this to maintain the atomicity in our records.


This will tell the name of the students. And also, mentioned it on his card so that teacher can use it to identify the students.


This will inform us about the branch of the student which will help in maintaining the proper record of the student and give us additional knowledge about the student’s profile.


This attribute will give you the information about the student result, which will reflect in the result section of the portals. The student will also get their marks through the system after conducting the exams.


This attribute will tell us about the year of the student that whether he is a 1st-year student or second year so on. This attribute will help us to decide the fee structure of the student and the courses of the students.


This attribute will provide the information of the student so that we can contact them at any time when we want to inform them of something urgently.


This entity will show the subjects of the students according to the semester wise.

Let us see the attributes of the subjects:


This will clarify the subject to the students. This will also help in choosing the subjects.


This will show the name of the subject, it will define the name of the subject so that user can use it.


This new entity is fee will help us to maintain the fee amount of the students.


Generally, it is known as receipt id which has given by fee department so that user can check his status.


This attribute will give us the information about the amount of fee we need to take from any student, and help in upholding the proper records.


This attribute will uphold the information about employees of the college so that we can track their records and take actions related to that. Employees have an aggregation relationship with teacher and worker as an employee can be a teacher or a worker.

Their attributes are as follow:


This attribute will help to find the unique identity of the employees.


This attribute will tell us about the name of the employee so that we can contact to the employee by their name.


This attribute will keep the record of joining of the employee.


This is an important entity let’s see its important attributes.


This will describe the teacher’s subject that which subject she will teach.


This will provide us information about the department of the teacher like CSE, ECE, Mechanical etc.

Feasibility of College Management System

Feasibility is a test of system proposal according to its workability impact on the organization, ability to meet user needs & effective use of resources. Three key considerations are involved in the feasibility analysis are as under.

Operational Feasibility of College Management System


To find out whether the system will be functional after its development and installation?

The Outcomes of The Operational Feasibility Are:

A system to be developed is a critical need for business purpose only.

Technical Feasibility of College Management System


To examine out whether the current technology is sufficient for the development of the system. An estimate is made of whether the identified user needs may be satisfied using current software and hardware technologies.

The Outcomes of The Technical Feasibility Are:

Existing technology supports the system completely

Economic Feasibility of College Management System

This analysis is the most frequently used method for comparing the cost with benefit or income that is expected from the developed system.

User Interface of College Management System

This is one of the main tasks of the developer to design such an interface that user can use it easily in one word it should be user friendly and for this you should have a better understanding of the audience which going to use this application, initially we need to locate the targeting people that what kind of application do they need. After getting all this information we should start to design the application.

System Requirements of College Management System

  • The user should have the appropriate version of windows.
  • The system should have up to 1 GB ram minimum requirement for the application.
  • The application should be installed on the system.
  • Internet Connectivity is a must for this purpose.
  • CPU with a speed of 1.3Ghz is a good choice for normal usage.