School Management System Project for Final Year
School Management System Project for Final Year

Education is the backbone of human society. So, it is important to provide elegant, strong, and quality education to every youth of the generation to make sure that their personality is developed in a better way. You Check Other Computer Science Projects.

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These young fellows are the future of their nations. This technological era can play a crucial role by giving the students, teachers, and parents a single but scalable and efficient platform. It consists of the modules such as registration of students, keeping the academic records, generating timetables, generating report cards of the students, etc.

Why Do We Need It?

In the offline system, it is an overhead to keep the records related to faculty, student, parents, and other school staff on the papers. Everything related to their progress in the system is marked manually. E.g. A report of a student’s attendance is generated monthly is shown to his/her parents. Now, a regular student, going to school every day, is marked absent for a day by mistake.

It is a burden to take out the register and view the records. As you can see, it is a very time-consuming process and it costs much. So, I thought why I should not help these young guns of the nations to help them to have a bright future and to make an online centralized platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

My other aim is to minimize the paperwork as minimum as I can so that there is no need to cut more and more trees. Indirectly, I will be helping Mother Nature.

School Management System Objective

Now let me tell you about some main points of my objectives of this management system:

  • Computerization – All the details regarding school, whether it is small or big, will be computerized.
  • No Redundant Data – As this management system will be centralized, the chances of duplicate data in the system are close to nil.
  • Automation – The automation feature of this management system will mitigate the task of writing the papers. E.g., there is no need to write the report card of the students on paper with a pen. It is simply can be done online on the system, and can be forwarded to the students and their parents.
  • Easy Interaction – In today’s rush hour of life, it is difficult for a parent to go to the school of his / her child every time a teacher call. With this management system, it will easier for a parent and a teacher to be in touch every day. As a matter of fact, it will be easier for each individual person who is associated with the system to be in touch as needed.

So far getting my point? I hope so. If not, I will list some key features of this school management system that may help you to get some points.

Key Features of School Management System Project

  • Multi-User Account System
  • Responsive User Interface
  • Student Fee Management
  • Parent Monitoring Feature
  • Homework Document
  • Class Routine Schedule
  • Profile System
  • Exam Marks Management
  • Chart & Graph Analysis of Exams
  • Library Management
  • Dormitory Management
  • Transport Management
  • Daily Attendance
  • Internal Messaging

Did you see how major this platform is going to be? These are just some points; the whole list goes on. Now, I will explain all the modules associated with this project.

School Management System Description

There are six types of main users will be involved in the school management system:

  • Admin
  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Librarian
  • Accountant

Each of the above users is an important entity of this management system.


Admin is the one who controls the whole school management system, its staff, and every other person or thing that is associated with the school. In other term, the admin is the most powerful entity of the system.

There will be one admin in the system:

  • He or she has the power to create, update or delete any record of the system.
  • He or she will be able to view the profile of any other user in the system.
  • The admin will be able to see all the details whether it is related to staff or examination.
  • Whenever a student is registered into the school, a class and the related section will be assigned by the admin to the student.
  • Assigning the timetable to teachers and the students will be the admin’s responsibility.
  • The admin will grant the designation to the staff of the school such as who will be the professor, who will be the assistant professor etc.
  • He or she will have the authority to promote any staff of the school.
  • The admin will approve the leave application of the teachers and students.

Before going to discuss other users of this system, I will tell you some common features which will be included in all types of users.


To start with the school, students, teachers, peons, librarians will have to register themselves. For registration, some personal details will be asked on the portal.

Name – Each user will have to provide his/her full name.

Password – The user will have to enter the password of his / her choice so that he/she easily remembers. The password will be used to authenticate the user to avoid irrelevant hooligans.

Email ID – The email id is also a necessary field. The email id can be used to recover the password and all the important information regarding the academics can be mail to the recipient.

Contact No.

  • This is also an important field to have in the system. If necessary, the targeted user can be contacted at any time or at the time of emergency.
  • There is one privacy and policy document which must be read by the user before agreeing to it.
  • After providing all the above details and reading the agreement the user will have to check the checkbox next to it, and one email is sent to the user’s given id.
  • This contains the unique id which will be used by the user throughout his / her school career. This unique id will be used as the login credential.


After successful completion of the registration process, the user can log in to his / her account by entering the unique id, which was sent to him/her via email, and the password he/she provides at the time of registration. If only and if the login id and password combination match with the data stored in the system, the user is granted access to the dashboard.

Forgot Password:

There may be a possibility that a user forgets his unique id or password or both of them. The reason can be anything. Now the user will have a difficult time login into the system. But this is not why I designed the system this way. The user can recover his login credentials. And user will have to enter his registered email id on the portal and some sequence of instructions will be sent to that mail id.

The user simply has to follow those instructions in order to recover the credentials.

Change Password:

This is also a necessary feature for the system. The user may feel that it is time to change the password for security reasons. I have taken also that into consideration. The user can change his / her password whenever they want. First, they have to login into the system and provide the old password and new password. Bam! The password is changed.

Edit Profile:

The user will have to enter some additional information to use the system efficiently. Following are some fields each user has to enter after login into the system.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Work Address (for parents)
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Alternative Email ID (if any)
  • Designation (for parents)

Apply for leave:

This is another main common feature for the users of the system except for parents. The students, teachers, and other staff can apply for the leave whenever required. They will have to give valid reasons. The leave will be approved by the admin. The status of leave can be viewed in the leave status tab. I have discussed some brief features of the system which will be common to all type of users.

Now, get into some details of each type of user. Check Leave Management System in PHP.


The teacher is one of the important entities for a school. The teachers are there to teach the students. The following are the features that will be available to the teachers.

Mark the Attendance:

The teacher can take the attendance of the students. He/she just has to enter the class and section name into the portal and the whole list of the registered students of the section will be displayed to him/her. The teacher can mark the present and absent accordingly and at last, can save the record. This data will be reflected immediately.

Assign and Check the Homework:

A teacher will be able to assign homework to the whole class or to some particular students accordingly. And this homework will be reflected in the student portal. Thus, a student cannot make the excuse that he/she could not hear the teachers or something else. The next day the teacher can check whether the student has done their homework or not as the submission mode will be online.

  • View Student Profile – The teacher can be able to access any student’s profile and acquire the information related to it.
  • View Student’s Marks – It is also another add-on in a teacher’s account. He/she can view the performance of the student in class components, mid-term or end-term examination. Thus he/she can give guidance to the weak students accordingly.


The student is also one of the main parts of the system. The students can log in to the student account anytime they want.

  • View and Upload the Homework – The student will be able to view look into the details of the assignments he/she has been given such as the topic of the time assignment, questions, last submission dates, how many marks it is off, etc. After finishing the homework, the student can upload that work onto the portal which will be reflected in the teacher’s account too.
  • Payment – This is one of the beautiful features of the system. The student will be able to know whether any due is pending against him/her or not. It can be a library fine, semester fee, sports fee, or any other fee. If it is so, he/she can pay the amount via net banking or other methods.
  • Timetable – Without a timetable, nothing falls into its right place. The student can access the schedule of the class he or she has to attend and some information such as class number, time of the class, which teacher will take that class, etc.
  • Examination Seating Plan and Examination Result – At the time of exams, the students need to identify their seating plan for the exams. It can be viewed easily and their examination result or class assessments can also access by them.


It is important for the parents to be familiar with the status of their child how they are performing in the academy. To make this hassle-free, there is also an option available for the parents.

They can monitor the daily activity of their child in the school. They will be able to:

  • View the Report Card of the child
  • View the Attendance
  • View the Marks
  • View the timetable


The librarian will keep a record of the information about the books. He/she will have the authority to issue any book to the students or the teachers. He will have the information about which books are available in the system, which is not so that those can be arranged at the right time.


The accountant is the person who will deal with the financial deals of the school such as getting the fee from the students, paying the teachers’ salary, how much money is spent in school ceremonies, or over school renovation.


These are the main points at the top of my head which I can include in the school management project. If you want this project, feel free to contact me. If you want some changes to the project, I will do it for you. I believe in client satisfaction. Just reach out to me. If you are looking for more Computer Science Projects (Click here).