Computer Science Final Year Project Help
Computer Science Final Year Project Help

Are you struggling with your major/minor programming or Final year project? Do you need Computer Science Final Year Project Help? If your answer is “Yes,” You have landed one most trusted and student-friendly website. Now you will get Computer Science Final Year Project Help.

Hello, my name is Sarfaraj Alam, A professional programmer having 9+ years of experience in different programming languages and I love to design and develop excellent mobile applications (Android and iPhone) so I can help you in your Final Year Android Project.

As you know that Major project cannot be developed in one day so you must start your project before one month at least. I am an active developer so I can complete your final year project in 5 days also. If you will hire me for your Computer Science Final Year Project Help. Contact me now.

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Computer Science Final Year Project Help

Computer Science Final Year Project is a big headache for computer science students Because it is the last project which you need to complete to get the degree. You must perform in this so that you can fetch good grades and getting the degree in this major project is not possible without an expert.

Major project’s duration is more than one month (It depends upon the country to country). So, you have to perform everything systemically to complete everything on time. Like Prototype design, User Interface Design, Database Design, Development (Coding), Testing, and at the end Documentation.

So, I am here to help in your Computer Science Major project, just fill the form or contact me over WhatsApp at +91-855-609-4546 Contact me now so that I can plan everything for you from day 1.

Computer Science Minor Project Help

The computer science minor project is a small project compared to the final year project (Major project). These small projects are given as a periodic assignment. In these computer science minor projects, you need to do your best to get the proper grade because these little projects cover the big of subject credit (20-60%) so you must get good marks to pass that course. 

Now I am here to help you with your computer science minor project. If you use my computer science minor project help service, I promise you will get the proper grade in that small project, and it is my commitment. So, what are you thinking now? Just contact me now and get help in your computer science minor project help now. I am very excited to help you.

Computer Science Final Year Project in Android

You need Android Major Project Help when you are planning or assigning a project on Android. Android App Development is not an easy task in this you must require some expert who can help you and guide you in every phase of your project development life cycle. Android Major project can be the complex android app, android game.

Let me give you the basic idea about the android Major Project, this type of project involved the Front-end, back-end, and If I talk about Game development, and You have to work hard 10x times than the Android app. So, my recommendation doesn’t choose the game as your Android Major Project otherwise you will have a hard time developing it by yourself, and if you are willing to hire me for your Android Game project development, you have to pay 5x for the Android app.

Addition Tips: If you want to impress your professor, Develop some problem-solving app for multiple platforms (Android, iPhone, and Windows Platforms).

To develop a good android app, you must have these skills:

  • Good UX / UI Design Experience
  • Good Command Over Java (J2ME)
  • SQLite Database Design Skills
  • MySQL or Oracle SQL (For Web Backend)
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Android Studio
  • Firebase (For Web-Based Backend and user authentication)
  • Android SDK
  • Android API

So, if you hold an Android project and excited to get it done on time contact me now.

Computer Science Final Year Project in PHP

PHP Major project involved the development of critical web applications like eCommerce Website, banking System, School Management. I am excellent in PHP Major Project Help; I have done many PHP projects for final year students as well as medium-sized businesses.

In 2001, I learned to develop excellent PHP applications because I was crazy about Web Development. I am still crazy about it and daily searching for something cool; I can invent using PHP. Let me come back to PHP Major Project Help, to develop a good working and error-free PHP project for your final year.

You must have excellent skills, which I am mentioning here:

  • HTML/ HTML5 (Better choose HTML5)
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Database (MySQL, NoSQL for Non-Relational Database)
  • PHP running Environment (WAMP for Windows, LAMP for Linux, and XAMPP for MAC)
  • Linux Distro Knowledge (any one of them is sufficient Ubuntu, Linux Mint, RedHat, Fedora)
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Command-Line Knowledge (Optional)

These all skills are vital If you are planning to develop an awesome project for your computer science final year project. I have been spent a lot of time with these skills, so I am familiar with them, So I am here for PHP final year project help and PHP Major Project Help.

I have done 40+ web development projects using PHP and other web programming languages for students and also developed PHP commercial web applications for small and medium-sized companies. I have also involved in different startups. So, I can say that I am the best choice for seeking help for PHP Major Project. Don’t make any delay, just contact me now to get your PHP project done.

Computer Science Final Year Project in iOS (iPhone App)

Learning the iOS platform was my wish in my early college days, these biggest issues for learning the iOS Platform, I must have a Mac, but I had a windows PC. I tried to find many ways to run the XCode on my windows PC, but my every step was almost failed. I got some success, but it was useless.

I will tell myself that I will always choose the best available option, so I collected 3 thousand bucks and started searching for mac, and I bought Apple MacBook Pro. It was one of the awesome decisions, I have ever taken for myself.  Apple products are really awesome for any type of development.

So now I had a mac, I was ready to learn the iOS App Development, I invested thousands of hours for learning new student for at least 1 year, then at the end of the year, I came up with an awesome iPhone app. Initially, I learned Objective-C for iOS App Development (App Development for iPhone and iPad and Apple Watch).

I had a strong background in c programming so it was easy for me to learn Objective-C, in 30 days, I become a master in Objective-C. I think to check my Objective-C skills, I started offering Objective-C Assignment help service. You can also get the service now. Now in 2016, In the month of January, I start learning a new programming language for iOS development that is swift.

So, I learned Swift programming language, believe me, it was far easier than Objective-C.  So again, I started offering Swift Assignment Help. Now I learned Objective-C and Swift for iOS App Development, I can do your iOS Project Help whether you want it in Objective-C or in Swift programming language. Don’t hesitate to contact me, just do it now.

There is also a list of skills that you required to build an awesome iOS Major project:

  • XCode (IDE for iOS and OSX App Development)
  • Basic Familiarities of MAC OS X
  • Good UX and UI design
  • Emulator
  • Objective-C or Swift Programming
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Apple Design Guidelines
  • Networking
  • Core Data
  • Grand Central Dispatch

You can develop your iOS (iPhone App) project by yourself. But you have to spend your quality time with it. If you don’t have much time, you can hire iPhone (iOS) major project help. I am here for you. Just contact me now.

How I Work in Your Computer Science Final Year Project Help

Look, the Final year project is not a single-day task, it takes days sometimes months. If I will talk about a good university and college, Professors(instructors) of these universities don’t allow the students to show the whole completed project at the end. They ask their students to show their weekly project development work.

Here I came to the light. I stay with you till the final submission of your project. Confuse?? Let me simplify the process. Once you will come to “your project idea”, I will see and analyze your project and give you a list. You can contact me here, I have worked for many students, don’t forget to check their feedback for my services.