PHP Projects Ideas for Final Year Students
PHP Projects Ideas for Final Year Students

PHP Projects Ideas, this post is dedicated to the students who are struggling to find the perfect project idea for their projects, in this post, I am sharing a wide variety of PHP Project Ideas. PHP is a very popular scripting language used to develop web applications. You can make from a simple PHP project to enterprise levels PHP projects like Facebook, WordPress, Joomla, and many others. also, check Programming Project Ideas.

I have collected many PHP project ideas from my past experience of Php Project Development, you can choose your PHP project according to your area of interest and make your own PHP project. I am providing a brief project description for every project. If you have something innovative which you want to share with others, you can share your project ideas in the comments. Any type of new project ideas is welcome.

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Online Quiz Management System in PHP

Online Quiz Management Project is the idea of organizing an online quiz. I have created this PHP quiz application for myself, and it is online and performing well. You can check it here. 

I am sharing with you the functionality of my online quiz project:

  1. You can set the title.
  2. You can set some questions in exams.
  3. You can configure the time limit to complete the quiz.
  4. You can add new quizzes.
  5. You can add a multi-answer question.
  6. You can multiply types of type in the questions like images, video, audio, etc.
  7. You can also allow the member to store the quiz score record for the future.
  8. You can limit the number of attempts to take the quiz.

Student Management System PHP Project

I have made this application for one of my USA clients, I am sharing the modified details of his project. There are three types of user’s admin, teachers, and students. Here is the objective of each type of user.


  • Register / Forgotten Password.
  • Login and manage personal profile (only photo and password can be changed. Course name and email field cannot be changed by student).
  • Enroll in modules.
  • Withdraw from the module.
  • View the list of enrolled modules.
  • View the list of other students that are also in the same module.
  • View and download lectures.
  • View Results.
  • Upload notes on “module discussion.”
  • Comments and likes on notes uploaded by students.
  • View, comment, and like ” the Main discussion.”


  • Register/Forgotten Password.
  • Login and manage personal profile.
  • View student’s profile.
  • View list of supervising modules (modules that tutor is teaching).
  • View the list of students enrolled in modules.
  • Accept/reject enrollment request.
  • Upload and delete lectures.
  • Give results to students, Modify given results.
  • Upload notes on “module discussions.”
  • Delete uploaded notes/discussion topic.
  • Comments and likes on notes uploaded by students.
  • View, comment, and like ” the Main discussion.”


  • Login and manage personal profile.
  • Manage Whiteboard accounts (edit/update course name, module name, email address and change passwords for teachers and students).
  • Accept/reject the registration of students and teachers.
  • Accept/denying tutor enrollment to the module as supervisor(teacher).
  • Confirm results given by tutors.
  • Updating relevant information on site such as Update page.
  • Comment, Update, Delete “main discussions” and “module discussions”.

Examination Management System in PHP

Examination Management System (EMS) is projected to manage tasks that occur during every examination period. This PHP project can save a lot of time for examination depart by providing automation to their manual tasks like Exam Time Table Generation [PHP Project]. It can also help the examiner to put the marks for every student.

By using this system, your examination department’s productivity will increase. They need to keep the details of marks, attendance during the examination. There are many essential features you can add to this PHP Project.

I am providing you with the objective of this project in points:

  1. To generation timetable for the examination.
  2. To make the seating plan for the student.
  3. To take attendance during the examination period.
  4. To keep record the mark of students.
  5. To add new exams or tests for new subjects.
  6. Report generations.
  7. Register student for Examination.
  8. Remove Student for examination.
  9. New Quiz Generation for a new project.

There are many PHP Mini Project which will add to Examination Management System in PHP, A few of them are here:

  1. Examination Time Table Management System
  2. Review Seating Plan Management System
  3. Student and Employee Attendance Management System
  4. Student Recording Management System
  5. Student Grading Management System
  6. Student Registration Management System
  7. Quiz Management System
  8. Result Analysis Management System

Appointment Booking System PHP Project

The online booking system is a trendy project. The only reason because every one of us doesn’t want to stand in queues. I can say that if people start using this appointment booking system in PHP, then they can save at least 10 to 20 hours each month. Let me explain, suppose you are a die-hard fan of movies, traditionally we will visit the cinema palace [place where the film is shown]. 

And stand in queues to take the ticket, you have to wait an average of 10 minutes. You can save valuable time by using the Movie ticket management system in PHP. An excellent example of a film [cinema] ticket booking management system is

I am providing a list of the appointment management system:

  1. Doctor appointment booking management system.
  2. Salon appointment booking system.
  3. Appointment system for consultants.
  4. Student appointment system.
  5. Interview appointment system.
  6. Client appointment system for your local business.

Bus Ticket Booking Management System in PHP

The bus ticket reservation system is one of the web applications which is used to reserve the seat of your choice on a particular bus, and there are many another objective of another end. I am explaining the purpose of the Bus Ticket Booking Management System (BTBMS). Let me explain my real-time situation, I am a computer programmer, and one of your end clients asked me to develop Bus ticket management system.

I only asked this question:

  • How many buses do you have?
  • What is the route of the bus?
  • Is all the bus are running on the same path?
  • Do you want to allow the passenger to book the bus ticket online?
  • Do you have any other specific requirements?

He replied:

  • He has 6 buses.
  • Albany, New York to Nashville TN.
  • All bus is running on the same route.
  • Yes, I want.
  • Yes, I am explaining it in my own word.

I (client) want a Bus Ticket Management System. It will have an online interface for admin, Manager, and Conductor, and passengers. Admin should able to add, remove and edit to manager and conductor. Admin should able to add, edit, delete bus details. He(admin) must also be responsible for increasing and decreasing prices.

Admin must able to access all the functionality of manager and contractor.

Movie Ticket Booking System in PHP

Movie ticket booking system or Movie ticket management system is an online application by which you can book your ticket.

Family Budget Planning PHP Project

Pizza Ordering System in PHP

Online Pizza ordering system in PHP is used by restaurants, pizza outlets, and by end-user. You can create your own pizza ordering system in PHP or or Ruby on Rail or Python. You have an independent choice for choosing your development environment. I am a great fan of your PHP So I will use PHP for it.

Now come to the functionality of the Pizza Ordering System, I am telling you a brief description of this Pizza Ordering system that will help you to develop your own system and the documentation of the Online Pizza Ordering System. The main objective of this online pizza ordering application will receive pizza orders from the end-user.

It will also be used by pizza outlets that will use this app to see the current order details.

Restaurant Billing System Project in PHP, Java, C++

Restaurant billing system project is done by me in 2 languages. I am sharing links to those places.

Restaurant Billing System in C++

Actually, I have implemented these restaurant billing features in a Hotel Management System in C, you can see that project here. That was fun, I had got good marks on that project that motivate me to do more projects.

Restaurant Billing System in Java

Now in 2013, One of my clients hire me to develop a Restaurant billing system in Java GUI, which was not so good, but that was life-saving for that student I developed it for. You can see the video demo of the Restaurant Billing System in Java.

I am sharing you some essential feature of Restaurant Billing System Project:

  • Customer is able to view the online menu of the restaurant.
  • Customer is able to register account themselves.
  • Customer is able to edit their own account.
  • Customer is able to book order online by viewing the online menu based on their own dining preferences.
  • The customer is able to make the table reservation.
  • Delivery services are available for every premise where every premise have its own area of delivery.
  • Discounts will be awarded to customers if their record is maintained at a certain amount.
  • The customer also able to submit feedback about the restaurant.
  • System administrators able to register new staff, while staff only able to edit their own profile.
  • The system administrator is able to select the online menu.
  • The system administrator is able to view the existing/pending order.
  • The system administrator is able to see the feedback submitted by the customer.
  • The system administrator is able to generate the report according to the most ordered food/drinks, the total number of orders collected on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Staff able to key in the order that is through phone or dine-in customer without online booking.

Slip/Document Printing System Project in PHP

Basically, it is a mini-project. Basically, it is a PHP project for beginner ideas. If you are a newbie, it is the most suitable project for you. Especially the main objective of this project to print the certificate, result, etc. Let me explain it more clearly, suppose you are making a PHP quiz application, there will be a major module in which you have to show the result with the student’s details like his name, age, gender, quiz title (quiz name), and total score, etc.

I hope you have got my point. If you are not getting what I am trying to say, you can ask by commenting at the bottom of this post. I will reply with few hours. I just want to share a real-time Document printing web application. I hope you will like it. One of my friends was working in a Teaching institute. His boss assigns 100 student names and one doc file of certificate format.

His task was to put the student’s name in the new sample certificate and save it as a pdf file. This task was 24 hours work, He asked me to help. I think for a moment and come up with a time-saving idea. I thought to create a small PHP application that will read data from a .xls file and take the student’s name and put it in a sample certificate and save it as a pdf file.

I am converting it in basic algorithms:

  1. Upload .xls file.
  2. Read student’s name from the .xls file.
  3. Take a single student’s name from .xls and put it in a sample certificate.
  4. Save it as a PDF file.
  5. Once the certificate is printed for each student.
  6. Create a file which will contain all student’s certificate.

I create this application within 3 hours, and in the next 5 minutes, my application had completed its task. If you are facing any type of problem which can be solved easily by skill, I will be happy to create for you. Contact me here for an instant reply. Here is a big list, I will be updating it day by day.

Leave Management System in PHP

This PHP project idea came to me when I was applying for leave at my university management system. My school management system’s leave management system is not that much good. I am telling you useful features that can be added to the Leave Management System. I am explaining the features in contents of the individual Leave Management system. 

  • There will be two user admin and clients.
  • There will be one admin and multiple clients.
  • The client can be added to the Leave management system itself directly, an admin needs to approve.
  • If you want to add some security, all only admin to add the user to the system, but it will cost you more time.
  • The client can pick current data and future days (i.e., 22 Jan to 29 Jan).
  • The client must have to provide a reason for the holiday.
  • The customer needs to provide the address where he is going.
  • Once you have filled in all details, you have to submit the details.
  • These all details will go to admin, it depends upon the admin whether he wants to approve your leave or not.
  • Once your leave is approved by the admin, you will get a leave id.

This post will keep updated:

  1. Employee Management System
  2. Client Management System
  3. Employee Performance and Rewarding System
  4. Employee Absence/attendance Management System
  5. Employee record management system
  6. Invoicing/Billing/Payment/Employee Task Management
  7. Assistant Track and Report system
  8. Document Management System
  10. Employee Vacation System
  11. Employee Performance Review System
  12. Employee Referral Management System
  13. Restaurant Automation System
  14. Restaurant Table Management
  15. Restaurant Ordering System
  16. Restaurant Management and Online Food Ordering System
  17. Restaurant Order/Delivery System
  18. Complaints Management System
  19. Stock Management System
  20. Learning System
  21. Food Ordering System
  22. GYM Management system
  23. University Health Care Centre
  24. Luggage Import-Export System
  25. Air Ticket Booking
  26. Event Management System
  27. Complaint Management System
  28. Course Pre-Request Management System
  29. Marriage Hall Booking System
  30. Home Renting System
  31. Service Request System
  32. Student Housing Management System
  33. Token Booking Management System
  34. Fruit Selling Management System
  35. Attendance Management System
  36. Course Selection System
  37. Hostel Management System
  38. To-Do list System
  39. Stadium Seat Booking System
  40. Student Information System
  41. International Student Management System
  42. Tax Calculation System
  43. Income Certificate generation system
  44. Client Management System
  45. Grocery Stock Management System
  46. Inventory Management System
  47. Course Management System
  48. Electricity Billing Management System
  49. Catering Management System
  50. Flower Bouquet Management System
  51. Spa Appointment System
  52. Club Membership Registration System
  53. Hospital Management System
  54. Insurance Management System
  55. I-Card Generator System
  56. Hostel Seat Booking System
  57. Library Book Issue and Return System
  58. Birth Death Marriage Divorce Certificate Generation System
  59. Property Management System
  60. Water Supply Management System
  61. Fire Fighting System
  62. Human Resources Management System
  63. Gas Booking System
  64. Dining Room Charges Management System
  65. Work Order Management System
  66. Telephone Billing System
  67. University Management System
  68. Cricket Academy Management System
  69. Football Club Management System
  70. Fundraising Management System
  71. Student Health Management System
  72. Parking Management System
  73. Computer Repair Customer Management System

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