Online Bus Reservation System is the project whose objective is to make the seat reservation online so that end user can book ticket from their own place. I have made this project in Java GUI. I am providing you screenshots with descriptions for this Java Project. 

Online Bus Reservation System in Java, PHP , MySQL
Online Bus Ticket Reservation System

If you want to see the demo of this project you can see this at the bottom of this post. 

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But You can buy the source code of this project. I am providing you a simple video demo of this project. You can see on your tube [Youtube Link]. I am also embedding this Bus ticket Booking Demo video at the bottom of this post.

I am using local server to host the database of Online Bus Reservations System Project. You can also use any online server to host the database of this project. I use MySQL database for this project. But It can be easily converted in Oracle database.

If you need this Online Bus Ticket Reservation System in PHP or C or C++ or Any other languages. I can make for you. Contact me Now. I am always here to help you.

Ticket Booking Screen

Home Screen of Bus Seat Reservation
Home Screen of Bus Reservation System

It is first screen which appear after authentication, I have already add one bus in database which runs from Albany New Your to Nashvilla TN .  So I can book ticket from Albany to Nashville. You can also choose any source and destination from drop down list. Price will be calculated according to distance.
After filling all these details(Destination, Source , Valid Data )  then click on Get Bus Details. I will display this screen.

Bus Seat Layout with Current Booking Status

seat layout of particular bus with current booking status
Seat layout with Current Booking Status

If there are more than one bus from your selected source and destination, that will appear in drop down list. You can click on drop down list and choose any bus.

Once you have chosen your bus, click on Load button. It will show you current status of seat availability of seat booking. you can simply choose seat of your choice.

Your selected seats will appear on the top of Make Reservation Button.

Passenger Details Window

In this windows you can enter passenger name and mobile number. I have not added payment gateway to this application. Because It is not used by passenger, It will be used by authorized person only.
He(company employee) will took the money and book the ticket for you.

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Ticket Printing For Your Ticket

Final Ticket Booking
Final Ticket Printing

It is the last step of booking, When you have successfully booked your ticket, this window will appear, I have used a java api to generate the pdf version of ticket. Here you can print your ticket.

when you will click on Print Ticket  button, It will ask you to save this ticket. You can save it and later you can mail it to your passenger.

Add bus, Remove Bus, Update bus details

Here you can add unlimited buses, If you want to add new bus, you need to give a  bus id and Bus name, You have to choose origin point of bus.  You have to provide leaving time of bus from the origin point.

Add, Delete, Update and Fatch Bus Details

If you want to remove bus, Simply enter the bus id in Bus ID colum and click on Remove Bus.