21 Best Data Mining Project Ideas for Computer Science Students
21 Best Data Mining Project Ideas for Computer Science Students

Data Mining word is surely known for you if you belong to a field of computer science and if your interest is database and information technology, then I am sure that you must have some basic knowledge about data mining if you don’t know more about data mining. Students have a lot of confusion while choosing their project and most of the students like to select programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, and nowadays mobile application development is also in trend and students are interested in doing their projects in these languages.

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This post is regarding data mining project ideas for computer science/final year students. If you interested in a database then data mining will be the best option for you to complete your project because you can do a lot of stuff here with data and make it interesting useful and a lot of things can be done with data.

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So, I will provide you data mining project idealist, you can select any one of them as your topic and start working on that if you have any idea regarding data mining projects you can tell in the comment box, I will add that to my data mining project ideas list. Before going to the data mining project ideas, we will learn about data mining in brief.

Just read it once maybe data mining will become an attractive topic for you.

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What Is Data Mining?

Data mining which is also known as knowledge discovery is the process in which we extract useful information from a large set of data.

What Is the Need for Data Mining?

Nowadays daily an enormous amount of data is generated, a survey says that 90% of all the end the word is produced in past few years.  If we talk about big data most of the data generated daily is in the form of unstructured data. We are living in the data age wherein every place you can see the data generation if you are standing in queue for making reservations on the train at this location a significant amount of data is generated continuously.

Business society, medical field, science and engineering, and every aspect of life is producing a large amount of data daily. Our telecommunication companies are making tens of petabytes of data every day. Medical science and the health industry are also generating a significant amount of data daily. Search engines where billions of web searches so done daily are producing tens of petabyte data daily.

Our social media become a significant source of data generation. Daily a large number of posts, statuses, videos, pictures are uploaded on social networking sites. Scientists, engineering fields, research centers are also generating a significant amount of data daily. We know that all data is not relevant for us but there is some data that is important for us but retrieving the valuable information from the vast data set is not an easy task.

Data mining is a tool that is used for knowledge mining from a large set of data. With the help of data mining, we can retrieve valuable information from a huge amount of data and make the data usable for analytical purposes, business use, etc.

Data Mining Applications

Data Mining in Medical Science

The medical science field is generating an enormous amount of data per day, so mining is necessary for getting useful information from that.

Data mining helps in medical science to:

  • Detect fraud abuses in medical/hospitals.
  • For making customer relationships, it helps for exploring the business.
  • Doing patient activity analysis, how many visits they did, and for which reason.
  • To identify successful therapy for different illnesses.

Data Mining in Banking/Finance

  • With the help of data mining, we can analyze the customer behavior, what they are purchasing, which type of activity they are doing, again and again, their previous actions, by doing this process we can get a lot of information for doing business analytics.
  • To analyze their plans which they provide to the customers, what was the response of the client, they mine the data and get all info.
  •  To get the info of credit card spending (what they are buying) by the customers using data mining.

Data Mining in Marketing/Sales

  • In marketing data mining is a very efficient and useful tool, all marketing analysts use data mining to analyze the customer behavior what they are buying, and according to that, they make the offers for them.
  • They mine the data according to customer purchase, that what they missed, what they are looking for again and again, what is the range of spending money of the customer according to that they plan their business.

Data Mining in Science and Engineering

  • Data mining is used in the field of science and engineering, most of the sensor devices and pattern recognition systems are developed with the help of data mining.
  • They mine the valuable data and make it useful for implementation in the system.
  • Data mining deals with machine learning, pattern recognition, database management, artificial intelligence, etc.

So, you can choose any field according to your area of interest for your data mining project, there are a lot of topics available for data mining projects.

  • I will also provide you best data mining project ideas list from which you can select any one of them.
  • Data Mining Techniques which are used for Data Mining.
  • There are many data mining techniques available for getting the relevant data from a large amount of data set.
  • I am going to discuss some sensitive data mining techniques one by one brief.

Association Technique for Data Mining

Association is a data mining technique; in this technique, we discover the pattern and make the relationship between items in a large data set. With the help of the association rule market analyst analyze the customer behavior according to see their buying pattern. I would like to give a real-time example if you are visiting an online shopping website to see mobile phones then they start to give you suggestions you may also like this, this item also looks like your perceived thing, etc.

It means they are analyzing your buying or something looking pattern. And this done through the association rule.

Classification Technique for Data Mining

It is a classic technique for data mining. This method depends on predictions, here we classify the data in some groups or individuals. Predictions are done by some predefine techniques. First of all, we will see an example of classification, a bank officer who has the authority to approve the loan of any person then has to analyze customer behavior to decide passing the loan is risky or safe that is called classification.

Clustering Technique for Data Mining:

Clustering is a technique used in data mining; in this technique, we group the objects which have similarity sometimes it may differ. This technique is used in machine learning, pattern recognition, information retrieval, image analysis. “Here you can see the example of clustering in data mining, we have their colors which put in three groups according to their color similarity.”

Clustering Technique for Data Mining
Clustering Technique for Data Mining

Prediction Technique for Data Mining

Prediction is used as one of the data mining technologies in which we predict the next event according to the currently available event. Prediction is very important in intelligence environments; it captures the repetitive pattern that is why it is a very important technique of data mining. It also helps in automated activities but it will tell only what is going to happen in the future, it does not tell the system what to do.

Decision Trees for Data Mining

A decision tree contains root nodes, branches, and leaves. It is one of the predictive modeling approaches which are used in machine learning in data mining.

Clustering Technique for Data Mining
Clustering Technique for Data Mining

Data Mining Using Different Databases

Data mining means the mining of data, we need some data to mine then perform data mining technique to get important information from the data. We can perform data mining operations in different databases like Ms. Access, MySQL, databases. By performing database queries, we can see how data mining works because in any database we use queries to get the important or needed information from the database or from large tables.

Now I am coming in my topic which is data mining project ideas, you can use different technologies to mine your data:

  • Data mining projects using JAVA.
  • Data Mining projects using PHP.
  • Data Mining projects using. Net.
  • Data Mining projects using MATLAB.

You can use any one of the programming’s to see Data Mining how’s work and you can also use databases over these programming techniques.

Best Data Mining Project Ideas List for Final Year/Computer Science Students

1. Data mining for weather prediction and climate change studies.

2. Web mining/web content analysis using data mining technique.

3. Social media mining to get relevant information like women behavior in a social network.

4. Knowledge /information extraction from decision trees using data mining.

5. Mining of government data for getting valuable information.

6. Mining of excess sheet data.

7. Mining of customer behavior of any retail shop.

8. Mining of product sale of any retail store or any particular brand.

9. Text mining of any text format database.

10. Crime/fraud detection using data mining.

11. Implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

12. Data Leakage detection in cloud computing environment.

13. Prediction of house prices for creating online real estate market.

14. Prediction of cab cancellation of online taxi booking website.

15. Online rating for electronic gadgets for commercial purpose.

16. Social media mining to get the behavior of youth for sociality.

17. Market basket analysis (Apriori algorithm) for mining association rule.

18. Prediction of movie success using data mining.

19. Prediction of missing items of shopping cart (using fast algorithm).

20. Comparing operating differences of male and female employees of any organization.

21. The framework of web mining for security purpose in e-commerce.

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