JavaScript Homework Help
JavaScript Homework Help

Do you need help with your JavaScript homework? Are you looking for an assignment solutions service that can provide you top class JavaScript homework help? Then you are going to find the information on this webpage useful. It’s because we provide exceptional quality JavaScript assignment help you cannot find anywhere else on the Internet.

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You can immediately get rid of your anxiety about doing your assignment and let our experts do the job for you. JavaScript programming assignments done by our experts are completely error-free and they are done in a manner as if they have been completed by a hard-working, intelligent student, but a student, nonetheless.

Our JavaScript homework assignment services will help you score high grades in your class and keep your teachers and tutors happy. Abundant help in the form of comments is provided within the assignments so that you don’t just get the crisp copy of your homework, you also enhance your language by carefully going through the submitted assignments.

What Types of Java Script Assignments Can Our Experts Deliver?

From small routines to complete JavaScript-based applications, our experts and programmers can deliver JavaScript homework assignments in multiple dimensions.

Some of the assignment types include:

  • jQuery.
  • Prototype.js
  • Scriptaculous.
  • JavaScript data types.
  • JavaScript prototypes.
  • JavaScript validation functions.
  • JavaScript form handling routines.
  • Ajax.
  • JavaScript debugging.
  • JavaScript embedded within HTML.
  • JavaScript functions.
  • JavaScript libraries.
  • Asynchronous programming in JavaScript.
  • Arrays in JavaScript and much more.

What Is Java Script and What Are Its Main Features?

As the name goes, JavaScript, also called JS, is a prototype-based scripting language. How is a scripting language different from a programming language? The difference is at the academic level as well as at the functional level. Scripts are normally executed within the browser when you are talking in the context of web applications.

When you use any web application, for example, the online version of MS Word, all the features like pop-up menus and context-sensitive help, are done through a scripting language. It can be any scripting language but here we are talking about JavaScript. When you are working on web applications, there are 2 types of languages you work in: server-side and client-side.

The programs written in server-side languages such as Python, Java, PHP, or even C++, execute on the server-side. If you right-click on a web page and view the source code of the web page, you cannot see the code written in the server-side language. The programs written in a client-side language such as JavaScript, VBScript, and CSS, are executed within the browser.

In fact, these are not even called programs; they are called scripts. These scripts are not compiled. They don’t have executables. They are simply instructions interpreted and carried out by the browser. If you right-click on the web page and view the source code of the web page, you can see the code written in the client-side language.

JavaScript makes your web pages more interactive. It can validate your contact form before the form is submitted. It can increase or decrease the font size of the web page. It can animate images. It can fetch images, fonts, CSS styles and even make API connections to other servers.

You can move around web page elements (dragging and dropping items into a shopping cart) with the help of JavaScript. When it comes to interactivity powered by JavaScript, the sky is the limit. The good thing about JavaScript is that every browser supports it. Every browser means every browser.

JavaScript is also extensively used for mobile app development. In fact, both Facebook and Google have released their own versions of JavaScript libraries that you can use to make your mobile apps interactive as well as fast. Why use JavaScript and Java or Python or PHP to make the web page is more interactive? Speed and efficiency.

When a server-side language is used, to execute every command, a connection with the server needs to be made. This can considerably slow down your web application. Running a JavaScript script is like locally downloading a program and running on your own computer with the only difference that this particular program is running within the browser instead of your desktop.

These are the reasons why you are getting JavaScript homework assignments if you’re learning web designing and web development. Although there is an option in every browser to turn off JavaScript, most web apps these days insist that your JavaScript capabilities be turned on.

Hence, even if you’re doing an entry-level computer course that involves web design, web development, and web programming, there is a 100% chance that you are also learning JavaScript. Hence, you need to do lots of JavaScript homework assignments.

Here Are the Main Features of Java Script:

  • It supports object-oriented programming.
  • The code is executed within the browser.
  • You can view the code in the source code of the web page.
  • JavaScript is case-sensitive.
  • You can declare new functions during runtime in JavaScript.
  • JavaScript can identify a user’s browser and his or her operating system, and also the device he or she is using.
  • It is an interpreter-based language.
  • It follows almost the same syntax and conventions followed by Java, C++, and Python.

You can also check Online Pizza Ordering System that can be built using JavaScript.

Are There Some Disadvantages of Using JavaScript?

The security threat is always there. A vulnerability called “cross-site scripting” can be used to inject malicious code into your web page and hack your entire website. Of course, safeguards are available and experienced programmers know how to take care of such threats.

Another problem, as already mentioned above, is that many users, due to security concerns, disable JavaScript on their browsers. This can render many applications useless. Most of the web applications warn the users that their experience and the usefulness of the web application are going to be considerably curtailed because they have JavaScript turned off.

To take care of the possibility that JavaScript may be turned off, many web developers use server-side languages and they can be a decent fallback but, in most cases, they recommend that you turn on JavaScript in your browser before using their services.

Why Is Doing Java Script Homework Assignments Difficult?

Just because it is a script, it doesn’t mean its capabilities are limited. JavaScript supports object-oriented programming. This means complete applications can be written using JavaScript. If you write a complete application in JavaScript, you may be thinking, doesn’t that make a particular web page huge?

It doesn’t work like that. When you are creating an entire application using JavaScript, different modules are contained in different libraries or JavaScript files. These JavaScript files can be stored either on the same server where the website is being hosted or on remote servers.

A typical JavaScript application can have hundreds of code libraries (hundreds of files) and these files can be stored on Amazon Web Services for example. So, whenever you need to use one of the classes in one of the code libraries, you simply need to make a call to that code library from the current web page.

This prevents the current web page from becoming huge with lots of source code. Most of the source code resides in the files that are included as and when needed. The biggest strength of JavaScript is the level of interactivity that it brings to your web pages. Take for example adding items to the shopping cart by dragging and dropping them.

It may seem simple when you are using such an interface, but when it comes to programming it, it can be complicated. You need to tell the program which item is currently selected. Your program must be able to figure out if the mouse cursor is still pressed or if you’re using a mobile phone, the finger is still on the item while it is being dragged towards the shopping cart icon.

Then, when the item reaches the shopping cart the JavaScript program must know that now the item has reached the shopping cart and if the mouse cursor is released or if the finger is removed, the item must be added to the shopping cart and its price must be added to the total amount you need to pay.

This is just one example. There can be hundreds of such examples when complicated interface-related tasks need to be achieved with JavaScript. Since there is practically an unlimited choice of features that you can add to a web page using JavaScript, it makes doing JavaScript homework assignments quite difficult.

Why Partner with LovelyCoding for Doing Your Java Script Homework Assignments?

We have got top-class programmers working for us. They have worked on advanced JavaScript applications in various companies. Most of the students who get their homework assignments done from us stick to our services because we deliver on time, we never overcommit, we never overcharge, and we deliver homework assignments in multiple, friendly formats.

Our experts also provide you JavaScript help while delivering your JavaScript assignment. They can deliver JavaScript papers, JavaScript research papers, report writing in JavaScript, and JavaScript application development.

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100% Plagiarism-Free

We take plagiarism very seriously. We understand that when you hire us for homework assignments, you want completely unique homework delivery. Most of the teachers and professors in schools and universities use advanced plagiarism check tools and they can easily catch instances of plagiarism. Hence, we ensure that all the homework assignments delivered by our experts are completely plagiarism-free.

Content Delivery

No matter how complicated your JavaScript homework assignment is, once our experts have committed, they always deliver on time. In fact, LovelyCoding has made a name for itself for always sticking to a predefined schedule.

Professional Programmers

Although we have got full-time tutors working for LovelyCoding, almost all our programmers have had professional experience. This allows them to work on highly complex JavaScript homework assignments without any qualms. They are not just expert programmers; they also know how to create documentation and flowcharts to describe complex concepts in a simple manner.


Our experts, when delivering your JavaScript homework assignments, never compromise on quality. They take care that every individual line of code, every diagram, every comment to explain a particular concept, and every logic, is of the highest standard, followed by world-class renowned companies when they’re delivering software.

24X7 Support

We take your homework assignments seriously and this also means that on many occasions you may need to get back to us regarding clarifications and sometimes modifications and revisions. We don’t simply vanish after taking your payment. We are always there. You can always reach us by email, by our contact form, chat, and instant messaging.

Reasonable Pricing

What is reasonable and what is unreasonable differs from student to student or service or service, after studying multiple services on the Internet we have arrived at optimal pricing that allows us to work hard on our assignments and at the same time doesn’t put a strain on your pocket.

Being a student, sometimes it can be difficult for you to spend lots of money. Our pricing is structured in such a manner that even if you give us JavaScript homework assignments (or any other computer-related assignments) repeatedly, you can easily do so.

Fa Qs About Our Java Script Homework Delivery Services

How Much Time Does It Normally Take to Complete a Java Script Homework Assignment?

We will be frank with you. Every assignment is unique. How much time it is going to take depends on the scope of your homework assignment. It depends on how many lines of code are to be written. It also depends on how much research is needed and how much documentation is to be prepared. How many functions are needed?

There are multiple factors. Once you upload your assignment, we will forward it to one of our experts and he or she will give you a tentative outline of the delivery. What we can assure is once we have given you a deadline, we will stick to it.

Does Your Java Script Homework Assignment Service Improve My Grades?

Does the grade that your class teacher or your professor gives to your homework assignment have an impact on your overall grades? If it does, it is definitely going to help you improve your grades. Also, we advise that once you have received your completed assignment, carefully go through it. Go through the code. Go through the documentation.

Go through the comments left by our experts. This will help you understand the topic and strengthen your knowledge.

Can I Get My Java Script Homework Assignment Revised?

We provide a certain number of revisions free of cost, especially when there is a lack of understanding on our part. As you can understand, we cannot afford to provide unlimited revisions, especially if the scope of the assignment changes completely. If there are some errors in the code or if some concept has been left unattended by our expert, then sure, we will be happy to revise the homework assignment.

Testimonials from Our Students Who Got Their Java Script Homework Assignments Done from LovelyCoding

Julia from New York City, USA

I was seeking a promotion within my company and for that, I needed to do a web design course. Had it been simply HTML and CSS, there wouldn’t have been any problem because I was already familiar with some of the syntax. But the course also had extensive JavaScript. I had no intention of becoming a programmer and to be frank, I had never programmed before.

Even for the job for which I wanted to be promoted, I didn’t require programming but since the web design course that I’m doing couldn’t be completed without submitting at least 5 JavaScript homework assignments, I was stuck. Then one of my colleagues suggested contacting the experts at LovelyCoding.

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