Car Rental System

Car Rental System
Car Rental System


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A country like India where most of the population belong to the middle class family. Most of them can’t afford a car. In this era, people have less time and more work that force them to travel different places to work, business meeting and tourism.

The public vehicle is not the best option. Public vehicles are crowded, generally not running on time e.g. trains, buses etc. Here is our main problem to reach at own place on time with comfort. Thus, Car renting come up with a solution. People who can’t afford a car.

They can book a car for trip, marriage, business meeting, office to home, home to office, home to a market where ever they want to travel as simple as that. Car Rental System specializing in renting cars to clients.

It is an online system through which clients can view available cars, signup, login, view profile and book car.They even do not need to drive themselves driver is available with car. Prices are very less with all comfort.

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We will be a growth-oriented car rental association by efficiently serving value-conscious clients for all of their car rental events.


We will constantly deliver a quality product, friendly service and great value that make customers assured that Cost-effective is their best car rental choice.


The development in Information Technology and internet penetration has greatly improved various corporate processes and communication between services providers and their customers of which car rental market is not left out.

This Car Rental System is developed to provide the following services:

Boost Business Processes:

The Internet connects us across the globe. Which means if we start using Renting software like Car Rental System, we would able to increase our business. This would help us to connect the global world instead of limiting our services to our local domain alone, thus increase their return on investment (ROI).

Online Vehicle Reservation:

No more office visit, No more phone call. Just Open App, browse through cars, select and book. This would save the customer time and provide them best service in their range.


Although many online portals have come into the picture for providing online car booking service. But most of the car renting company are using traditional way to deal with the customer. Which are time and labour consuming?

An existing system can provide manually paper work or excel sheet to track the booking and registered vehicles details.

The user has to go in the office where the user can get the car on rent and book their car. Most of the time user does not get a sight of the car in which he is planning to travel. Which results in compromising the travel comfort.

In the existing system, you cannot provide feedback of the user to the admin directly. The user gets fluctuation every time he/she travels.

Maintaining excel sheet or paper book record of reservation is very laborious work. Chances of error are more. No automation involves which means they are a very slow to process.




Admin is basically super user. Admin can add a car, manage booking cars, and rent and view feedback and enquiry. Admin will keep track of each booking. Manage organisation representatives.

Admin is responsible for any error in the system. So, he needs to alter at any point in time. Admin should keep tracking car renting service, maintenance of cars.


The user is end user of our service. User can view information of available car, booking a car, easily get the car on rent, and also give feedback and can enquiry. User also views the discount and other information to get best deals.


Once the planning and analysis of the project are Done, the design phase begins. The goal of system design is to transform the information collected about the project into the blueprint structure which will serve as a base while constructing the system.

It is unwieldy process as most of errors are introduced in this phase. However, if an error gets unnoticed in the later process it may become difficult to track them down. The following entity relationship diagram shows the graphical view of required components of the system.



Primarily, the user which will interact the system will be the administrator of Car Renting Business who is assigned to take care of all data transaction and insertion or update. It will have to go through an authorization process of login and logout.

It will have the ability to add car details, view enquiry, view feedback, manage to book, check rent, and take care of development and maintenance of application


Name of Admin


It will be a unique value which will act as the primary key and will be same as employee id in the company.


For contacting purpose every user must enter their email id.


Employee address is also an attribute which helps to get more about the employee.


Secondary, user which will interact the system will be the general user. It will have to go through an authorization process of login and logout only time of booking. The user can view car and price without login.

They will have the ability to be a client or customer. The client can sign up and registered their car to earn rent from the website. The customer can book car, pay and travel.


Name of Customer


It will be a unique value which will act as the primary key. It will help our table to get details of the customer.


For contacting purpose every user must enter their email id.


Customer address is also an attribute which helps to get more about customers.


Gender helps us to provide better services. Especially in night shift, female customers will travel with special facilities to make sure their safety.


Occupation helps the service provider to give them best service suits to their profession.


DOB would be used as criteria for a discount. Senior citizens get more discount.


If the customer is defaulter for any previous trip or travel. His/her status is inactive and he/she can’t able to book next car.


Vehicle table stores data about the car in the database. As this system is all about car renting service. Therefore, this table is the main table in our whole system.


Every vehicle has its own and unique ID which helps to identify each vehicle uniquely.


Every vehicle has a status field in the database which would tell about the actual condition of the car. Vehicle status can be functional, under maintenance, owner, rent, busy or under halt.

Vehicle Registration Number:

This is the number given to each vehicle by Government. This means we have the official record we use which will help the customer to travel without any problem.

Meter Reading:

Meter reading help to calculate the bill after the trip. As meter reading is a main part of the cost calculation. This field is very important. This field data should secure.

Vehicle type:

This is table adding information to the vehicle in the database. This will help to understand the condition of the car in the better way.


This is same as ID in vehicle table.


Vehicle name names company and model.


Deposit is money required by car owners to deposit to get their car hired by car renting service company.

Cost per mile:

Cost per mile helps the customers to find the best car in their budget. Cost per mile also helps to calculate the expense too.


Availability is all about when the car is free to be booked. This will also help the customer to get information about car availability.


Billing is linked money flow. Any error in this table result loss in business. Therefore, we need to make it consistence, secure and durable. Like another billing system, Car Rental System do have basic components like following


Bill ID is the primary key to this table. Each bill would be uniquely identified by using this ID.


Book ID is a foreign key to booking table. Every bill must be associated with some book record which would have further information too.

Advance Amount:

Advance Amount is the amount that customers pay at the time of their booking.

Discount Amount:

Discount is allowed to every customer if he/she fits in discount criteria.

Amount Balance:

After paying the advance amount, rest amount should be entered in this attribute.

Tax Amount:

There are several taxes imposed by Government. So, we need to pay the taxes for smooth functioning of service. This field would keep track of every trip taxes.

Bill Status:

Bill Status tells about whether booked car successfully tripped and payment is clear.

Bill Date:

Bill date is very important. Bill date helps to manage account time to time.

Total Amount:

This is the actual amount required to pay by customers to the service provider.

Booking Details:

Booking details further add the booking information in the database. This would help the admin or owner to get better information and provide the best information.


This is total amount including all taxes and expenses in a single trip.

Booking Status:

Booking Status tells us about whether the booking is confirmed or pending.

Drive Option:

Whether customers need a driver or they can drive the car themselves.

Discount ID:

Discount ID is a tag to booking details to get info about a discount on booking.


This is the primary key and this field uniquely identifies each booking.


Booking date updates the availability of car on the bases of particular day booking.


Before starting on any trip or journey, the meter reading is compulsory to get a fair fare.

Security Deposit:

If customer hires a car with the self-driving mode, He needs to deposit some security amount just to ensure that car would not be stolen or damaged.

Discount Details:

On the bases of customer details or trip details. Automate logic perform their work and provide a discount to the customer.


This is the primary key and this key uniquely identifies each discount.

Customer type:

Customer type helps the logic to get better details. And provide the best discount.


UI plays a major role in the success of any software. Simple, user-friendly and standard UI makes visitors experience great and which means the software is going to be successful. Sometimes very smooth and having very good database design software can’t able to make their existence in market because of it UI.

The Car Renting System hassles out all the complication of conventional method which is a combination of the interaction to human. Each profile has its own UI which is customized by our experienced team to make them feel like they are special.

We have developed very simply, User-friendly UI with all standardization. Followings are the interfaces

Login Page:

Basically, for any software security is major concern. So, we have developed a secure application. Without being authenticated no user is allow to view any other interfaces.

For login page, we have User ID, Password, Profile. After being authenticated user is authorized to perform certain work according to his/her profile.

Profile Page:

Every user has his own profile. From here they can change their information like a correction in name, email id, address etc. In our system, there are three profile i.e. Admin, Customer, Car Provider.

View Available Cars:

It is a system design specially for large, premium, and small car rental business.The user can view Available cars and user can book for that car. While viewing a car user can view interior and exterior on our website with price tag.

Booking Car:

If customer is satisfied with viewing the car details. He/she can be booking car for a particular date. Booking car interface is real time interface which helps the customer to get the best information.

Easily Get the Car on rent:

The Customer can easily get the car whenever they need to on the rent with use of this system. They just need a browser or app with active internet connection.

Give Feedback:

The customer will give the feedback to the admin. Feedback is confidential information only admin or owner or higher authorities can view the feedback.


Customer needs to enquire about availability of the car. Due to human interaction some time, Customer care guy feels he is giving same piece of information again and again. So, using this interface customer can Enquire about any time, as many time as he wants.

Add Car:

The Admin can add the car so that the user can see the available cars and book the car. Adding a car means it should be functional.

Manage Rent:

The Admin can manage the rent so that the user can see the rent and book the car.Cost per mile should be different for different cars.

View Feedback:

The admin easily views the feedbacks and solve the query. This feedback should not visible to low profile workers. Feedback is back bone of any business if we want to increase our sales or business.


Now a day, Automation is demand in any business. As per requirement of the era, we come up with some solution.


We have used database and logic in programming so that if a car is booked, it should be unavailable for rent. As soon as it gets free again available for booking.

Book keeping:

Previously, we need to keep record of every booking and final profit or loss calculation was hectic job. But due automation with every booking or expenses system reflects the expected return.


There are many advantages of Car Rental system. This online system help the service providing company to manage their business remotely. Customers are finding everything in their mobile with few clicks.

The new system is the totally computerized system.

User Satisfaction Level:

This online system gives each and every service to customers at their door step. They can give their feed to a higher authority. They can book, visit, and enjoy the travel.

Time efficiency:

A new system provides features like time efficiency to show car details, user profiles and whatever the customer will give the feedback to the admin. Customers do not need to waste two three hours to get a car.

They just need smart phone and Car Renting app and get a car at their own place with few minutes.

Various type of Service:

This system provides tourism and travelling facilities. This system provides car for meeting, visiting mall, visiting market, marriage functions, office etc.

Easy Inquiry:

An inquiry is easily done by user in the system. Inquiry is basically automated and computerised task which really makes inquiry process faster than previous.


It is an online based application. So, it does not require a big infrastructure. This business can be run running a room because our main dealing with customer is online.



In near future, we are planning to hire cars daily bases. So that clients can give their car to the customer on daily bases.

We are planning to add new feature i.e. pay after the trip.

We are working to increase automation in the system to increase user experience great.

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