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This system is specially designed for those people who have to travel daily from one place another. In this way, one needs to spend that much daily petrol by their vehicle and cost become huge for a single person.

Here a lot of issues apart from cost arises one of them is the problem of the pollution which increases day by day and making us weak and unhealthy.

There are a lot of problems which coexist with them but for the moment here is these point which we can think often .these can be solved so here we are with a solution to these kind of problems with our car sharing system.

This system is used to give lift and to those people who go to the same route but have a lot of space empty in their car which is unused and they want to utilize that want to relieve some pressure from the pocket expense too.

He picks people on the route and shares the fuel costs.In this, he is not only decreasing the cost as well as he is reducing the pollution which is created by the car.

Which would be double if one person comes with one car. If he picks four-people he can reduce it even 4 times the pollution which earlier produces.

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Users information have to be compelled to be registered within the system thus on establish every of them unambiguously and do the-the required group action as simple potential.

like on the name of the bill are issued. on the far side, this plenty of things require measure there wherever we will reference him. Without registration, there are few options and pages one user can see which are landing on the home page and taking the features read but he won’t be allowed to use those.

For use, he will have to register. One person needs to put his all the details properly and precisely as it will be helpful in identifying them and believing that he is the real person who has booked for the same.

It also includes driver license for them who is driving and parameter too.


After registration one will log within the system because the operator of the system either on the behalf of user. when this he has the opposite helpful interfaces accessible for any actions.

Here either bride or groom both have to log in with their unique identity and passwords. After this, they will be directed to the main user interface from where they have further options.

Car detail:

Here one can put his all details about his car make it more relevant for the approval of it. One can give details of the car like what is the size of the car and what is the date of issuance.

Car number plate details and car pollution certificate and drivers or owners license who is going to drive the drive the car. Further pics of the car and few other pics can be shared so that one can easily recognize the car from the distance and take necessary actions to pick it up.

Book Car:

Now one can book the cars according to their route of destination to approach as one needs to stop at a place which is in between that. So here he has the option for that. Here we capture few important attributes of the booking car.

One has the option to filter the car according to its size, the price of fuel and other few filter option like ratings and nearness to one.

So after filter cars which are available can be shown on the interface and then he can select and proceed to the payment he can pay through a lot of options like debit card etc we will talk about it later.

One message will be delivered to the owner who is flagging then he will approve that can he receive him or not then if he approves the message will be reflected the requesting person. One successful approval he can travel in that car.


Admin has the power to analyze the whole system. Any kind of change in the policy is governed by the

admin only. He can take grievances so that one can act upon it. Apart from this, there are a lot of things which admin needs to do and we have a very different interface from the other piece of interfaces.

He can manage all the accounts even he can suspend anyone’s account.


This section of the module facilitates in creating the money transactions in the order that user will pay it simply. Let’s do the comparison with the existing system.

A payment entryway may be a merchandiser service provided by AN e-commerce application service supplier that authorizes master card or direct payments process for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or ancient brick and mortar.

The payment entryway could also be provided by a bank to its customers, however, will be provided by a specialized money service supplier as a separate service, like a payment service supplier.

Commission of the system is also calculated and the part of which is going in the account of admin and this is the few percentage of total transaction done between both requester and accepted.

The commission is determined by some formula and percentage is fixed by the policies of the system maintained by the system admin. Everything is transparent to the system I this regard.

A payment entryway facilitates a payment dealing by the transfer of data between a payment portal (such as a website, transportable or interactive voice response service) and therefore the forepart processor or exploit bank.

Many payment gateways additionally give tools to mechanically screen orders for fraud and calculate tax in real time before the authorization request being sent to the processor.

Tools to sight fraud embody geolocation, rate pattern analysis, OFAC list lookups, ‘black-list’ lookups, delivery address verification, pc fingerprinting technology, identity morphing detection, and basic AVS checks.

Initially, we want to manoeuvre from one place to a different to pay the cash to the bank or Insurance workplace to deposit the instalments.

To deposit cash, got to substitute long queue.

Agents use to require commission even to deposit the cash.

It was very a headache to allow one operating day of the month in depositing the instalments.

Sometimes we tend to forget the deposit dates that cause to pay a late fee.

So, changes happened when developing this application, individuals don’t get to substitute long queue to deposit the instalments, no got to take a vacation for putting the repayments.

merely we are able to deposit our cash online through application wherever you discover totally different choices to pay the cash choices like, pay by open-end credit, master card or through internet banking.

In our application, we’ve got designed it in such the simplest way that user can get the notification if there are any unfinished instalments, previous 2 to a few days in order that shoppers will deposit it with none late charges.

Indirectly this application can maintain all our headache of depositing instalments and basic cognitive process the dates of instalments.


Logout interface to log out the screen and further the redirection to the login activity. Form where he can again login and get to the board.


Now, this method is intended in such the way that it takes fewer resources to figure out work properly. it’s its own type of minimum needs that we’d like to required care of :

The system wants a minimum of two GB of ram to run all the options sleek and unforeseen.

It wants a minimum 1.3 gigahertz processor to run sleek as else which will produce issues.

The system must be operated by some approved person as wrong hands will build it happy-go-lucky.

Rest is all up to the user’s usage can take care of hardware

For security opposing anti-virus is suggested.


Entity User:

The first and foremost entity which interact with our system is a user. Who will be earlier unregistered and he will be prompt to enter the registration details, as he will provide the details and then he will login with his id password on the home page.

Here we have few attributes related to him which we will be needing while the whole operation of the system. Follows the attribute below:

Primary key User_id:

The user id is system generated a unique id, which is needed in other fields of the system to link all the entities’ and processes together.


The phone number is taken here to keep the member updated and for the confirmation of the event is also managed through this method. It is also needed to send any kind notification which is sent via the owner If he is offline.

One of the other is sending otp and login details etc.


email is taken to make member aware of new offers new events and for future reference, it is also relevant.

Same usage as the phone number with increased authentication security and satisfy the genuineness of the user.


License for driving is also prompt to enter as one need to ensure that car driver will not be indulged in any kind of traffic nuisance anytime in the future as no one will like to travel with the suspense of being caught by traffic police.

If one does not have a car then he will not be asked about it, it will be made optional in that case.


Location the user where he ha stood is very important as one need to know exactly where the person needs to stop and on that basis in what time he will reach there.

Everything is maintained in such a way that no one gets late for their tasks.


type of the user depends upon his action like If he is ordering for the car book then he is type requester and if he is owner and offering of the pool than he is the owner.

This changes with requirement but initially it is to fill accordingly.

Entity car:

Every car that is to be used in the system is owners cars so need to updated by the user about the specification. Few of its attributed are needed for its well-being usage so here we have below:-

Primary Car_id:

The user id is system generated a unique id, which is needed in other fields of the system to link all the entities’ and processes together.

Name :

Name of the car according to the company it belongs is mentioned with its model no.


According to the size of the car like a sedan, SUV it is mentioned in this attribute. selected via a dropdown list.


Category of the car diesel or petrol is mentioned through this attribute as we need to calculate fuel price according to that.


Any other kind of description which needs to discussed by the owner to the requester is given through this for shedding some light over the experience with him or anything unrelated or related with that.

Insurance copy:

Insurance of the car is important and need to be done as prescribed. So that any casualty can be made untruth.

Entity Pics:

The pics are required to recognize the car very easily from far. It has few attributes as below:


It is generated by the system.


name of the pic.


size of the pic in dimensions


reference of userId

Entity Booking:

Booking is done by the requester type user. We take few of the attributes and will change the data in the other interfaces and update.

Primary booking id:

Booking id is system generated a unique id, which is needed in other fields of the system to link all the entities’ and processes together.

User_id requester:

who request for the booking of the car


who owns the car

Car _id:

The car itself id reference

No. of passengers:

no. of passengers are there in the car at the moment according to that the car fare will be shared.


location precisely is required to eliminate the delay

Status of the approval:

booking approved by the owner. If done than reaches to the requester for confirming.


This the interaction of users with the interfaces and function and its beneficiaries. We have user requester and owner as primary members and admin as superuser.Below are the few functions which are interacted by the users.


the user can register and login through the interfaces and can use the forget options to reset the password.

the user can feed cars data and upload pics and make it available for booking

user can book car filling few details like locations etc.

The owner can approve it. And get notification

he can pay and get a ride at a time.


admin can interact with the system with it login credentials and maintain users data, analyze data and create policies and listen to grievances and solve problems and can suspend accounts also.


Functional Requirements of car share management services:-

User can login

The user can feed data of car

The user can filter cars on the basis of few attributes

user book car for particular location

owner get the notification

owner confirms the car

user get confirmation


Non-Functional requirements of car share management services:-

Non-functional of car share management services needs unit among the style of “system shall be “, associate an overall property of the system as a full or of a particular aspect and not a particular operation.

The system’s overall properties remarkably mark the excellence between whether or not the event project has succeeded or unsuccessful.

Non-functional of car share management service needs – a unit of measurement usually divided into 2 main categories:

Execution qualities, like security and quality, that unit evident at the run time.

Evolution qualities, like liabilities, maintainability, flexibility and quantitative, that unit embodied among the static structure of the code.

Non-functional of car share management services needs place restrictions on the merchandise being developed, the event technique, and specify external constraints that the merchandise has to be compelled to meet

Our project qualifies all the factors of helpful and not helpful consequently and the system is up to mark performance device.

Here we’d prefer to need the care of few lots of things before heading towards the system. the many sensible intuitive interfaces are usually created. that ultimately build interface easy to use for a lengthy time.

In distinction to ancient vogue wherever the goal is to create the difficulty or application physically enticing, the goal of interface vogue is to create the user’s interaction expertise as simple and intuitive as doable – what’s typically mentioned as user-centred vogue.

where smart graphic/industrial vogue is daring and eye-catching, smart interface vogue is sometimes delicate and invisible.

Keep things simple and consistent:-

Simple and Harmonic means that making up is extraordinarily intuitive and needs to followed

observe the use of typography:-

The typography is taken care really strictly as the wish of the system.

Use colour and distinction properly:-

Color band of skim and dark is sweet means that stress and done well throughout this method

Consider feedback messages:-

feedback sort may well be an excellent means that taking feedback of forms and rising the system.

Simplified forms:-

The form is made simple to fill with a clean programme.


Finally in car share management services, so here we are concluding our system with few glances at the moment, we are able to book a car at your desired place and can avail at the time of wish and eases the system of the daily commute and able to share the car.

Hence we complete with the car Sharing system.

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