Introduction of Online Exam Management System:

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Then this is sent to the then respected teacher after binding, giving proper serialization and many more attributes, for the evaluation which manually done by the teachers, few other questions which are MCQs are also evaluated manually by the teacher. There are a lot of complications in this traditional approach of evaluation after every few weeks or sometimes on daily basis.

So, to decrease its procedure and making into another level of giving and taking exam we invented this system on which students will work on the system with their respected id and password. Then they have the interface where they have an exam to happen at a particular place and time.

We have all questions put by the teacher in that with the space available for the answers to write and for MCQs they have the option to tick the answer. Here MCQs are evaluated at the moment as we have to just match the back-end answers with the choices and the subjective type questions are stored and given to the teacher online for checking.

The teacher evaluates the questions and then provides the marks accordingly the marks recorded are shown to the students as their results and hence they are evaluated very precisely excluding the use of pen and paper, distribution of marks in every class, and removing the difficulties of schedule announcements.

We can even extend its usage to another level by just using it’s for the purpose of announcement making and mock tests. homework provider and many more usage are there as we want.

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System Modules of Online Exam Management System:

Our system is comprised of few important interfaces or we can say modules behind it so here we will discuss the modules related to all those interfaces and workflow further.

User Registration:

A user here is a student basically but we can say it, user, here. One needs to provide his details like name, address, class, number of the contact, email, and fee for the year fee status also. These are required then enter his hit to make it saved in the database. Then we need to use the credentials for further access.


Login with the registered credentials and then move to the interface where available exams are shown.


Admin panel is specially designed to facilitate all tasks that need to be done or attempted by the student user.

Set exam:

Admin is responsible for all kind of operation in the exams of students he designs the question paper according to the teacher of the subject in the portal and then after all kind of work like sending space for subjective type questions limiting space words and for mc q instant evaluation and for another result kind of activity it is going to update.

Attempt Exam:

Next, we have the interface for the students where one can after login see the exams available in their accounts and then they attempt that on particular venue provided for a particular duration of time and then he can move in the portal too and forth for the selection of attempt questions and can finish before time as their wish.


Here staff’s data is mentioned with their all credentials and mainly focusing on the exam purpose they have the option to get the info on the duty venue of the exam where they have to give duty and at what time and which subject. So, as they are required to avoid cheating incidences. so here they can go for it.


Results of the exam are to be shown in this module. in this part, the student‘s results for the MCQ are shown at the moment but we have the options of subjective type questions which are needed to be checked manually by the teacher as at the moment. We don’t have such technology which can evaluate the subjective type question precisely as every student has their own way of writing the question so it is difficult for the system.

So, leaving it to the future. But for now, we have the option of making a system where one can evaluate all the given answers on an online portal without the involvement of pen and paper. After evaluation teacher gives every question with answering particular marks from the given weightage of the question which is calculated in the end and made available in the portal of the student account the given test or exam marks.

Here they can see and improve their marks in the future.


Here we have taken a module which is making the payment of the fees compulsory before taking a particular test. This module checks the comparison between the paid status or not and then sends a Boolean to the exam interface to show a particular test to that student or not. If one has paid his fees that he will be allowed to give the exam and if he does not give then he won’t be allowed.

In our system, we have made this optional as of now as a teacher would like to provide a test for some other student in the case without pay so this optional thing would help us a lot. Coming to the part of attendance and timetable he can see both of them in their interface as admin announce this timetable of exams with proper information in this about the venue and other thing related to the exam.

Regularly maintained by admin. Attendance is also included in this to ensure the presence of the student at the venue, this is taken by the staff available there at the moment in the same portal and hence it will mark them present or absent. It is mainly for the purpose of checking the cheating case as sometimes kids give exams from outside and they can cheat from their very easily.

System Requirements of Online Exam Management System:

  • This online exam management system needs a lot of systems as this is mainly for a lot of students sitting together and give exams so we need as many systems as many students we have.
  • A number of systems are to be available precisely counted the same with if few extra can give extends security sense in case of some system failure.
  • Every system needs ups for removing the cause of electricity loss and data loss with it as one can save their answers or end in time. For proper evaluation of the test.
  • The system needs to be of 1.3 GHz minimum CPU clock speed.
  • It should have a minimum of 2 GB ram for proper working speed. To avoid delays in actions.
  • Mouse and keyboard also required for typing as it is purely an exam which is in mc q and subjective combined so for fast and comfortable execution we have to use mouse and keyboard.
  • Other we can take an admin system reserved for staff work I every room of exam along.

System design:

Now we have to design our system before implementing it in such a way that it can execute all the work we want without any loss of data and without using any kind of functionality. For this purpose, we have two kind diagrams we use here to represent the system interaction and flow of the data storage which is er diagram here.

These are as follows: –

E-R Diagram of Online Exam Management System:

Entity Student:

Primary key Student id:

This is system generated and unique are referenced wherever needed in the system.


The name is fed in this entity by the users from filling activity, need proper and correct as of the need to ensure that whose exam is given by the same person as is it.


This is also provided by the user or we can say student and shall be correct and precise as all exams will be shown to him in the same attribute usage.


The number is required to notify the student about any kind of test or exams which are scheduled on a particular day or if any sudden plans are made then also are notified with same.


Email is required to notify the student about any kind of test or exams which are scheduled on a particular day or if any sudden plans are made then also are notified with same. It is also used to send the results to report so that one can see them immediately or if needed can download those and show them to parents.


As the fees are described in the beginning the fees will be put by default here and fed in this entity for further reference.

Fee status:

The schools and colleges for running smoothly need finances and to maintain everything like infrastructure or system and staff management everything need money so here it is required to be paid on time by the students. If the fees are paid by the student at the time, then it is set as paid and if not paid at the prescribed time it will set it at in paid, and other consequences are shown to him in the future.

Entity Subject:

Primary key Subject id:

This is system generated and unique are referenced wherever needed in the system.

Subject name:

The name of the subject which is to be unique is fed into this entity. As every subject is unique it needs to be having a proper unique name so this is governed by the admin, he is responsible for the making of these subject data available Course.


In how much time the subject is months it is shown.


Duration of the exam is fed in this entity. For reference in the exam to conduct for that time.


All the questions related to the exam which will be conducted are to be fed in this section. This is prescribed by the teacher of the subject who decides which are the question which is going to come in the exam are given here.


Answers to all the questions are fed here to match the question answers for the mc q are here. For the reference of the teacher here the answer to the subjective question is also eligible to be fed.

Entity Exam:

Primary key id:

This is system generated and unique are referenced wherever needed in the system.

Foreign key subject-id:

This is the primary key of the subject entity here it is referenced to make the attributes available for the exam entity evaluate and make a proper timetable of the exam on the basis of it.


The duration of the exam to be conducted is set and made available for every interface. This is made to set as elapsed time.

Start date:

The date of starting of the commencement of the exam is set here. The date is decided by the admin on analyzing a few of the parameters set to another subject date as none should collide.

Start time:

Time of the exam is crucial as if there are two exams on the same day then we need to take care that they don’t fall in the same time period. As no one will be liking to give two exams at once.


The venue of the exam is also fed here to make the conductance of the exam on proper venue smooth conduct of the exam. The precise way of writing can make more clarity to the students.

Foreign key staff:

Staff is also linked here for giving his duty at that place and forgetting the real-time notification and up-gradation regarding and issues.

Entity Admin:


It is system generated a unique id, can’t does much I in this.


The sophisticated password is provided to him for maintenance of the system and making every aspect of the exam secrete.


Logs of the system changes after every move or action is done by the admin are taken in this entity attribute is given and govern for the analysis and check that if it is accessed by some unauthorized person.

Entity results:

Primary key result id:

It is system generated a unique key and can be used to reference it in the system anywhere.

Foreign key subject id:

The primary key of the subject is fed here to make it clearer the result and taking all answer and questions marks.

Foreign key exam id:

The primary key of the exam is fed here to make it clearer the result and taking all answer and questions marks.

Use Case Diagram of Online Exam Management System:

The use case diagram is made to show the external users and system use case interaction at any time.

So here we have actors and use cases and link with them we have them here as below. : –

  • We have actors as Users who were firstly unregistered to the system and now after filling the registration form where he has many attributes which are available and need to be filled for future reference and a correct working system for him is required.
  • Then he can log in by put in credentials and then move to the home page.
  • Now he can check the available exam in his account. He can click on it and click on start to start at a given time.
  • For now, he can enter his questions answered from the keyboard, and use the mouse for the MCQ.
  • Now can finish attempting.
  • See the results on the homepage at a particular time after updating by the teacher.
  • He can see the timetable for the next exam also and if any notification also can be seen.

Now coming to another actor known as admin:

  • He is responsible for making the exams, he can set the exam questions and make them available to the interface of the students.
  • He can make a timetable of the exam after doing a deep analysis of the number of exams and the time of the exam and venue.
  • Can collect the results and show them to others.
  • Maintain the staff account and can also change in the students.
  • Everything over here can be maintained through this account as it has the most powers available for the system.

Functional and Non-Functional Requirements of Online Exam Management System:

Functional requirements of online exam management system for this system are that:

  • One should be able to register and log in.
  • One should check the exam schedule and available exams in the account.
  • Can attempt exam by writing and clicking the checkboxes for MCQ.
  • Can submit before the time.
  • Get results in the account.

Non-functional requirements of online exam management system areas below: –

  • Everything should work properly without lag.
  • Every action is sudden and quick.
  • The results shown are instant.
  • Available anytime, anywhere without any hesitation.

Keep things simple and consistent: –

Simple and Harmonic way making UI is very intuitive and needs to followed.

Make good use of typography: –

The typography is taken care very strictly as the need of the system.

Use colour and contrast properly: –

Color combo of lite and dark is good way emphasis and done well in this system.

Exam Management System Project

Conclusion of Online Exam Management System:

Finally in the Online exam management system, going with time this is the system we developed to make the process of exam giving and checking easy and available to all and at any time and everywhere. No need to take care of stationaries and keeping copies of the exam sheets.