Courier Management System
Courier Management System

Project Overview of Courier Management System

Are you looking for a Courier management system project? We are here to help you. You can contact us. CMS is a web-based Courier Management System that supports the high accessibility of courier services to the corporate and to the customer. The system is being used for day-to-day activities such as booking a courier, maintain hub details, maintain company details, process data of businesses, and many other things.

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CMS can be personalized to fit your business and can either be used as a complete system or as separate modules. This idea of the project represents the ‘Courier Service Management System’. The system is being used for day-to-day actions such as maintain employee details, booking a courier, maintain hub details, maintain corporation details, process data of employees, and many other things.

Courier management computerization is “the incorporation of appropriate technology to help managers manage information. Technology is considered suitable when it utilizes the most abundant domestic possessions and conserves investment and skilled personnel”. The main aim of this project is to computerize the maintenance of courier management.

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Objectives and Success Criteria of Courier Management System

The objective of the project is to deliver an efficient Courier Management System whose main functionality apart from calculating the courier Bill includes predicting the time required to reach the destination. As per our client requirement, our main object should be managing consignment in an effective manner.

The Proposed System is eliminating all problems of the existing system. And automate all processes in high-tech.

It should keep a record of customer booking and delivery details and so on can be proficient without much effort the success criteria depend on:

  • The accuracy in calculating the bill for each consignment.
  • The accuracy in predicting the time required to reach the destination.
  • User interface simplicity and user-friendliness.

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Purpose of Courier Management System

The system will be used for day-to-day activities like out return, company details, hub rates, booking, non-delivery, and pickup centers. It is not easy to do this process manually because it would become very hectic. Hence it is suggested to automate the process by developing the relevant software as the world is moving from manual working to an information and technology era where automation becomes important in all parts of life.

The main purpose of this system is to connect all branches to the central database so the everywhere information is the same. This system increases efficiency and increases the customer satisfaction level.

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Existing System of Courier Management System

Our client is not using its own online system for courier management. They are using some third-party tools to manage the consignment. There was no customization for the client. It was a very basic tool just to update the status of consignment, the client was maintaining billing in excels, shipment in excel too.

There was no proper management of offers. All these works are a management headache without a proper system to manage.

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Project Description of Courier Management System:

Courier Management System (CMS) is an integrated full business software framework for an enterprise that possesses procedures in domestic and international courier services. CMS performs a variety of activities pertaining to the processes in the logistic situation of a courier business.

CMS solution handles the end-to-end process starting from initiating a courier order, driver pickup, and delivery of a courier business. CMS covers all the controls and processes involved in International Courier Importation Services, International Courier Export Services, and Domestic Pickup & Delivery.

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There Are 3 Module Are Used in This Project Like:


New registration:

The user can register himself in the system. This is fully automated process assign verification using admin.

View /update login details:

Users can view their details and update his details if required.

View tracking information:

The user can view the information about courier tracking.

View offers:

The user also can view the offer related to him.


View/update user details:

Only admin has right to change the user details.

Update policy details:

Only admin has right to change the policy details.

Track the courier details:

Like any other user, admin can also track and instruct his team to manage the consignment.

Update offers:

Admin can update the offer details.

Branch Admin

This module helps the branch admin to use various facilities after the logged-on courier services like: –

Update status:

Their main work is to update consignment details and status of consignment.

View status:

View the status of others consignment and add the current information of consignments.

Modules of Courier Management System:

User Authentication Only a valid user will able to log in to this system. There are different users to work as per their rights. Admin has a right to create or delete users. Admin can also edit information.

Setup Master

Set up Master helps you to enter and update the fiscal year data. This will help to pay taxes etc. Managing salaries of employees. Set up Company Details and Rate master. It is used to define and update the company details and rate master such as cost per miles, domestic rates, surface rates, etc. Set up Service Tax and Fuel charges.

This module is used to define Service tax and fuel charges. Fuel charges will be defined branch-wise. Different places have different fuel rates.

Consignment Detail

All the consignments are stored in the system using this module and these consignments further distributed to employees of the courier company. Consignment has a different local to travel so it must have a unique id attached to it.

Consignment Receipt

Consignment system-generated receipt is given to the client after getting a courier from them, in this module user must enter client details, consignment number, mode, weight, and destination, and the amount will automatically have calculated as per the weight and destination. This module has access to another third-party API to collect payment online.

Bill Generation

This utility helps to generate bills according to date and company. It has a consignment id, customer id, etc. The date range is given for date so that the user will able to generate a bill for any number of two months.

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E-R Diagram of Courier Management System

Once the planning and analysis of the project are Done, the design phase begins. The goal of system design is to transform the information collected about the project into the blueprint structure which will serve as a base while constructing the system. It is an unwieldy process as most of the errors are introduced in this phase.

However, if an error gets unnoticed in the later process it may become difficult to track them down.

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The following entity relationship diagram shows the graphical view of required components of the system.



Primarily, the user who will interact with the system will be the administrator of the company assigned to take care of all data transactions and insertion or update. It will have to go through an authorization process of login in and log out. It will have the ability to create user details, manager’s details, couriers’ details, Track details, Shipment details, and take care of development and maintenance of the application.

User Name:

Name of Admin.

Admin ID:

It will be a unique value which will act as the primary key and will be same as employee id in the company.

Email ID:

For contacting purpose every user must enter their email id.


Employee address is also an attribute which helps to get more about the employee.

Branch Manager:

Secondary, the user who will interact with the system will be the Branch Manager of different centers across the country assigned to take care of management services. It will have to go through an authorization process of login in and log out. It will have the ability to view a record of each user or employee under his branch, manage the notification of consignment, and can see the delivery report.


Name of Manager.

Emp ID:

It will be a unique value which will act as the primary key.

Email ID:

For contacting purpose every user must enter their email id.


Employee address is also an attribute which helps to get more about the employee.


The user is any user who has an authentication key to access the system. The user can view the consignment status, track it, view offers, etc.

User ID:

User ID is Primary key to identify the user uniquely.


Name of user activity with the system.


This table keeps the record of each offer related to.

Offer ID:

Offer ID is primary. Each offer has its own offer ID which can be used to find it uniquely.

Starting Date:

This is the date from which offer is live and can be avail.

Ending date:

This is the date on which offer ends.

Offer description:

This would describe each and every information about offers. Terms and conditions are mentions in this. Processor to avail the offers.

Offer image:

This would contain URL of offer image.


The rate at which offer is applicable.


This field describes the discount on consignment.

Courier Details:

This table contains information of consignment. It has a user id, courier id, source id etc.

Courier ID:

This is id which is a tag to every consignment to identify them uniquely. That means this Primary key.

User ID:

User Id is a foreign key to the user table. This would identify the customer details related to consignment. With the help of this, we can add customer details to the consignment.

Source Branch ID:

This is Id of source branch of the courier company. This would help to attach the address of the sender of the courier.

Destination Branch ID:

This is the Id of the destination branch of the courier company. This would help to attach the address of the receiver of the courier.

Track ID:

This id is a foreign key to track detail table.

Track Details:

This table can be used to track the consignment status.

Courier ID:

This is a foreign key to add information of courier details.


This would talk about the current status of consignment.

Courier Payment:

This table is a master table of the courier payment. This table holds the information of bill payment of consignment.

Payment ID:

This is the primary key for payment table. This is auto-generated char sequence to uniquely identify each payment.

Courier ID:

This Id helps to find that payment is related to which consignment or courier.

Bank Details:

This would hold the information of transaction details, like transaction id, date of payment, the amount paid etc.

User Interface Design of Courier Management System

UI plays a major role in the success of any software. Simple, user-friendly, and standard UI makes visitors’ experience great and which means the software is going to be successful. Sometimes very smooth and has very good database design software can’t able to make their existence in the market because of its UI.

The Courier Management System hassles out all the complications of the conventional method which is a combination of the interaction to human. Each profile has its own UI which is customized by our experienced team to make them feel like they are special.

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We have developed very simply, User-friendly UI with all standardization. Following are the interfaces:

Login Page:

Basically, for any software security is a major concern. So, we have developed a secure application. Without being authenticated no user is allowed to view any other interfaces. For the login page, we have a User ID, Password, Profile. After being authenticated user is authorized to perform certain work according to his/her profile.

Profile Page:

Every user has his own profile. From here they can change their information like a correction in name, email id, address, etc.

Consignment Page:

On this page, users can add Consignment with their details like size, source ID, Destination ID, weight, etc. which will help the user to get consignment information in the system.

Offer Page:

This is page basically used to show the offer details for different users. Admin can add and edit the offers details. All other users can only view the information.

Billing Page:

When the user enters the information of consignment and applies the offer code. Finally, System will redirect the user to the billing page. Bill page has the logic to calculate the bill on the basis of various criteria like distance, offer code, etc.

Tracking Page:

The user can track the consignment using this page. This page is available to all user to track the couriers.

Workflow & Automation Logic:

Now a day, Automation is demand in any business. As per requirement of the era, we come up with some solution.

Auto tracking:

Every consignment is attached with a barcode and this bar is scan at every branch and stop. This will help the user to get the current status of the courier.

Auto Bill Email:

When any consignment is booked and payment has been cleared. An auto-generated email would send to the customer’s email id. This would consider as confirmation for payment.

Email notification:

Consignment tracking updates would send to the customer using this system automatically. The user gets an email notification as their consignment goes on.


Due to the use of the barcode process of tracking the couriers becomes easier. Barcodes are often the means whereby tracking data tagged with consignment in Courier management system. A barcode reader is used to read barcodes and look up info on the products they represent. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and wireless methods of product identification are also growing in fame.

Advantages of Courier Management System of The Courier Management System

There are many advantages of the courier management system. Thus, summarized below which can avoid the company from lagging from big delays in consignment delivery. This would help the managing the human resource and billing system etc. just using one system i.e. Courier Management System.

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There are several advantages of using the Courier management system in a business setting are:

Cost savings:

This system manages the human and other resources in such a way that the cost of delivery of each consignment decreases and helps the company to get more profit.

Increased efficiency:

The courier management system allows the process of delivery of consignment faster than before. This also increases the customer satisfaction level.

Data security:

By supplementary with the restricted user rights, company managers can allow many employees to contribute to courier management. They can process the consignment and update the status only with the authenticated process to make user data secure which is our main concern in this era.

Future Enhancement of Courier Management System

It is still mature and fully enthusiastically. Any requirements, this project is completed but still, they want to update and modify some modules. We are always thinking about association requirements also growing day by day. We always want to implement something more. This project is completed when you watch, but we want to implement more things.

  • Online Chat
  • Overseas Service
  • Pickup Request On chat
  • Extending geographical research

Conclusion of Courier Management System

The project titled ‘Courier Management Service’ was developed to the courier services and direction and with their help. The system was tested and the performance of the system was found to be acceptable. All the necessary output was created. The system was found to be user-friendly with a help message for the customer.

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The menu Driven Architecture of the system provide an easy-to-use environment for the users. The system was implemented successfully. The manpower and working hours needed to operate the system were less and it was seen to be more secure. Thus, the project was completed successfully.