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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lovelycoding™ ?

Lovelycoding™ is registered trademark under Software Development and Consultant.  Sarfaraj Alam is the founder and CEO of it. 

How can I pay money for my project ?

If you are living in India, you can transfer money to bank account. If you are living outside of India you can pay by . 

What is the guarantee that I will get my project completed ?

Listen Lovelycoding™ is reputed brand, It takes its task very seriously. Lovelycoding™ believe in making new client happy and satisfied. Suppose you will not get your project on time then You will say to your friends and others that Lovelycoding is not trusted place to get project/assignment.

So Lovelycoding™ will not get any new project from your side and your friends and classmates will never consider as trusted place.
It will be a greatest loss for Lovelycoding™.

So It is guarantee that once you will use my services, You will start believing my blindly. It is my challenge.

How much marks will  I get if I will hire you ?

You will get 90%+ marks in your project / assignment. You may also get 100% but I don't guarantee for 100% marks because it totally depend upon your professor.

How much money I have to pay to get started  your project ?

If your project's deadline is not within next 48 hours then You have to pay 50% to start your project.

If I am unable to run the code, How will you fix my problem ?

I will connect to your personal computer via team viewer and will fix the problem.

If I don't have account. what are the alternative method by which I can pay you ?

You can pay by Credit Card or Debit Card also. If you are living in USA you can also transfer money by

Is my information confidential ?

Your information is 100% confidential. It will not be disclose by any way.

Do I need to write the testimonial ?

It is not 100% necessary but If you will write, It will help me to make my services better. 

In how many days will my project be completed ?

It depend on your project length and complexity, If your deadline is near, I will work hard and full time to develop your project on time but you need to pay extra money for this.

Can I get my Urgent Help from you ?

Yes, You can get urgent help. For instant help contact me here +91-855-609-4546.

How can I contact you for instant help ?

I am known for instant help. You can contact me via WhatsApp and Viber.
My contact number is +91-855-609-4546. Waiting to see your request.

What is your official email and mobile ?

Official email :
Official Mobile Number : +91-855-609-4546

Can I contact you on Instant Messaging App (i.e Viber and WhatsApp ) ?

Yes, You can contact me via Viber and WhatsApp by +91-855-609-4546.

Where is your office ?

It is completely virtual.

How many people are working behind Lovelycoding™ ?

There is 10 expert of expert who are personally interviewed by me.

How Lovelycoding™  is different from other project and assignment provider ?


What is Specialty of ?

What is best way to get help in my project/assignment ?

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