How to Make Money as A College Student

How to Make Money as A College Student?

As a college student you know how difficult it is sometimes to survive. They don’t know how to make money as a college student? And Almost all the student seek for a income that helps them get through it while if you make an effort you can easily earn extra 500$ per month. Some of the jobs are mentioned below that can help you with this, while yo work part time.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

DM or Digital marketing often known as online marketing, is the of selling products and services through such as social media, SEO, email, and mobile apps in order to engage with potential clients. As a marketing channel, this covers not just email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messaging. You can sell your own product or can work under any company and handle their online marketing.

It’s digital marketing if a marketing campaign includes digital communication. You’ll have to handle the brand’s message in accordance with their requirements. Simply by providing frequent content, you would be ideal for this position if you have excellent communication skills and are familiar with social media etiquette.

In today’s digital age, marketing budgets are shifting away from traditional marketing channels and into digital advertising. Companies must boost their online exposure, and digital marketing professions are in high demand all across the world.

How much can you make from it?

You can easily make a good amount from digital marketing the average salary in the world is 140$- 200$ and the professional marketing consultant get that amount per hour.

Where can you learn?

There are many resources available in the market for learning digital marketing.

You’ll need to look for the basics first, what is digital marketing and what types of marketing comes under it. You’ll need to learn how SEO works and learn to master Facebook ads as you start finding internships in digital marketing or even when start your own website.

How to start?

If you are finding jobs in the field you can make profiles on LinkedIn, indeed, Chegg internships etc. you can apply to related internships and continue to give out interviews.


Freelancing is a simple concept of being self-employed. A freelancer is hired for a specific project or task by the client. As a freelancer you can work on variety of projects with different clients at the same time.

If you’re wondering what freelancers do, the truth is that they do practically everything. As a freelancer, you may work in a variety of fields, including writing, editing, consulting, marketing, design, ICT, virtual administration, social media management, and more. Freelancers are usually specialists in their fields and operate on their own.

You can even make college assignments or photoshoots as freelancing.

How much can you make from it?

It depends on the work you do but freelancers are earning a ton, you can get around 50-200$ per project and you can do as many projects as you can in the month

How to start?

First thing that you need to understand is your area of expertise and learn a little more about it. Furthermore, you need to define your target customers

You can also make profiles on some major freelance websites like Upwork an Fiver

Followed by that you need to decide a reasonable price according to the market standard, if you put on impractical prices, you’ll reduce your chances to get any work.

Reaching out to clients is the next stage in the process of how to start freelancing as a student. You might begin by informing your friends and relatives about your service and asking them to help you spread the news. Basically, all you have to do is connect to your existing network and you’ll be good.

Where can you learn?

You can learn business are marketing skills from many YouTube channels and you can brush up your skills of the work that you are doing so that you can do the job better and with maximum ease.

Content Writing

The process of designing, creating, and revising web material, usually for digital marketing objectives, is known as content writing. Writing blog entries and articles, scripts for movies and podcasts, and material for specialised platforms is what a content writer do.

If you have an upper hand on English and a little creativity, you can easily become a content writer. You should have a thorough understanding of the language you’re utilising and no room for error. Before you begin creating material, you must be fluent in the fundamentals of grammar. Try to improve your skills in this area. Find something that captivates your curiosity and keeps you intrigued.

How much can you make from it?

Content writer can make up to 150-200$ a month if they work under a firm or a company, you can also apply to freelance projects as a content writer to get more money.

How to start?

You must frequently enter the research zone to keep new content ideas coming. Writing and planning should not be done immediately after conducting research. Take a time to think about it. Research more about the topic you’re going to write about as soon as you’ve found it.

You may also need to study SEO (search engine optimization), topic research, and on-page optimization if you manage your own website. Plus, you should know how to use WordPress.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant does all the task that a traditional in office assistant does, only remotely. They provide administrative services to clients like scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, managing social media handles.
However, the specifics of your duties will vary with client and terms of contract.
With the world turning remote post covid, virtual assistant is one of the top 10 growing remote career options.

How much can you make from it?

The average hourly pay for virtual assistants depends according to the work they do, for bookkeeping it ranges from $10 to $15, blog management Virtual assistants earn $15-30 whereas administrative Virtual assistants earn $5-20.

How to start?

Becoming a virtual assistant gives you a perfect work life balance according to your needs. Before you start, you have to focus on your offer (the services you will offer).
The second step is to create a website and social media presence to showcase your skills in the services you are offering.
Then you can actively look for jobs on websites like flexjobs, fiverr and upwork.

Where can you learn?

Honestly, if you have a computer, reliable internet, and a little bit of what we call “figure-it-out-ness” – that’s really what it takes to start.
You’ll need different resources for different niches you target and it’s all just one google search away.

Website Development

This is one of the works on the higher end of spectrum on both skills and time devotion by your side, but also offers a rather lucrative pay at the end.
Website development is the term used to describe everything that goes into building a functional website, it includes the back-end coding, scripting, network development and the front-end designing.
Web developers or developers of any sort are the highest paid professionals in today’s world where everything runs on technology, with millions of apps and website and ever-increasing need for same.

How much can you make from it?

Web developer’s wages ranges from $15-50 per hour with the average base rate being $25 per hour.

How to start?

Before you professionally start developing websites, you’ll need to learn various tech stacks.
First, you’ll start from HTML and CSS and then move your way up to JavaScript. With these you can build a sample website that you will need a domain or protocol to host.
Even though these are enough, but it’s better to learn tech stacks like Django, MongoDB, Node.js to build a better website and increase your possible market of clients.

Where can you learn?

You can learn all these tech stacks from various free sources on YouTube or even take up a paid course from websites like coursera that will offer you a certification to prove your merit.


This Job includes listening to audio/video files and typing the content of speeches in them word for word.
This is a low investment job as you don’t have to learn anything to begin your career in it apart from a working knowledge of English language.

How much can you make from it?

Transcribers earn $15-22 per hour and top earners earn as much as $2200 per month while the average being $250 per month

How to start? is one of the leading transcription services in the industry which combines Human transcription and AI based transcription to give 99% accurate results.
They have a community of 70,000+ freelancers working with them, who work on their own terms and time.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media managers are responsible for the social presence and image of organisations and individuals.
They are responsible for creating content, compile campaigns and responding to comments and messages. They have a clear goal of increasing the engagement and boosting the online presence and improving the virtual image of the client.

How much can you make from it?

The median hourly salary for Social Media managers is $22 in USA

How to start?

Social media managers are community connoisseurs, and they know how to communicate with the audience in a positive light.
You need to be innovative, have good communication skills and some content creation skills to become a social media manager.
You can find entry level jobs on upwork, fiverr and flexjobs.

Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging is a form of content writing and vlogging is the same thing in video format, most people take up blogging or vlogging as a hobby to chronicle their experiences and adventures for future memories but about 39% of bloggers do it for money.

How much can you make from it?

The average hourly salary for a blogger is $16 in USA but famous bloggers and vloggers earn on the positive of $10,000 per month.

How to start?

You can apply to professional websites such as ProBlogger to pursue blogging as a career or even start doing it individually with google ads and other ads as your revenue generator.
For vlogging you can use video platforms like YouTube to upload your vlogs and monetize them.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Education Industry, and it is comparatively easy to break into.
Various kind of online tutoring services exist, for competitive exams to language preparation, so you can choose a job that fits your expertise.
For formal academic tutoring, you can choose from elementary level till college level depending upon your credentials and knowledge.

How much can you make from it?

The average hourly salary for an online tutor, ranges from $26-35 in USA.

How to start?

To become a professional online tutor, you will need to determine your target audience and subject topic, innovate your unique selling proposition and choose a platform to sell your courses.
You can sign up with an existing platform or even build your own platform and increase the reach by networking.

Proof reading

Proof reading is the final step of evaluating a text before publishing, it includes but is not restricted to correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuations which are the three tools of English writing.
However, for scientific/Financial materials, you will need to proof read the numbers, sources and perform a plagiarism check of the material before the publishing. But proof reading is different from editing, as you don’t change the essence of the text or try to improve/degrade its factual content.

How much can you make from it?

The average salary for a proof reader is $25 in USA

How to start?

The clients usually prefer candidates with a degree in English or Journalism, however high school students or candidates from different majors can also become a proof reader by showcasing their competency.
Employers often require the proof reader to take a test to adjudge their skills and understanding of the job.
To get an entry level job in proof reading, you can apply via fiverr, upwork, LinkedIn or through specialised proofreading ventures like

Where can you learn?

Knowledge of Associate Press Stylebook or Chicago manual of style will provide a definite advantage before hitting the market.

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