Blood Bank Management System
Blood Bank Management System

System Description of Blood Donation Camp System

Are you looking for a Blood donation camp system project? We are here to help you. You can contact us. In today’s world life is full of risks so everyone wants to make himself secure, everyone wants to keep them on the safe side. But it is nature’s law that whatever comes it will be demolished one day so human beings have no control over it but yes, what we can do is, we can delay it.

So, for the same reason, we have developed this amazing application that will help to get blood in any critical situation. Generally, we have noticed that most of the patients die due to lack of blood during operation or any accident so over bleeding is the major factor in most cases.

The main menu will contain six parts which are as follow:

  • User Login
  • Donate blood
  • Admin
  • Contact us
  • About Us

Now, we can see that nearly everything is very much possible to perform with a single click so this system will help you to computerize the system so that any person who wants to donate the blood can easily donate and save the lives of many patients.

These are some key features of the system which are as follow:

  • Sometimes people donate blood to get money but here we ate maintain the record that no person can donate the blood more than one time a month.
  • To reduce the cumbersome job of maintaining several documents.
  • It will eliminate the delays in getting the blood and contacting people as everything is online so we can easily reach them.
  • Searching of blood groups will become easy and fast as we arranged them in serial order and maintain the record in the system.
  • It will also provide assurance that the blood bank will not charge more to patients.
  • Overall, it will reduce the cost and time of the doctor and patient, and more of that it will save many lives.
  • No need to fix the appointment manually you can fix the appointment online and you will notify by the admin about your appointment.

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Existing System Description of Blood Donation Camp System

In this section, we will discuss the existing system and some of its drawbacks which force us to plan this whole idea of developing an online Blood bank management system. Let us take an example: Suppose there is some patient who needs blood urgently then how you come to know about this condition, you will not even able to reach the patient.

People will go from one blood bank to another to get the blood which is time-consuming and sometimes not able to reach at the time. In some blood banks, sometimes we get the blood but that is not sufficient so we need to search for another blood bank for more blood. If some person wants to donate the blood, he/she needs to come to the bank and need to fill the form then the first doctor will check his blood group after that he will allow donating.

Drawbacks of This of Blood Donation Camp System

  • This process is so much time-consuming.
  • There is a threat that a person who is donating blood may be doing for the money and donating several times which will cause weakness.
  • There is no proper way of getting to know that which blood group is present where and in how much quantity.
  • It might be the case that manager can take a commission as well as extra charges to arrange the blood for rescue.

So, above this is the whole process of getting blood initially which has been improved by our system we can make it a little bit more simple and fast process to automate it. We can automate this process by creating an application that will allow you to use these things in a fully functional way and the application will include the following entities (an entity is a real-world object).

The automated application help in following way:

  • A person who wants to donate blood can register himself directly on the application and generate donate it as well as time, date and venue through the mail.
  • If the donator is not aware of policies, then the admin will make him contact with this application and help him to complete the process.
  • Admin will maintain the record and security so that no user can donate more than once a month otherwise it will harm the person and cause weakness.
  • Donators need not bother about his/her blood and without moving from their place person can donate blood as we will send our representative near to your location.
  • No need of filling so many forms you just need to log in and make an appointment.
  • Donator can check new requirements of blood which has been uploaded by the Admin.
  • The whole process of getting work done will become faster than the conventional way of donating blood to the blood banks.
  • Let us look at the different aspects which we have designed to make the website work properly.


Admin will use this application to give access to the person who wants to donate blood for the public welfare, the even admin will add new requirements regarding the blood group so that the user can easily access it and donate according to the demand. Whenever you want to donate the blood, you just need to send the request to the admin and he will approve you according to the requirement and inform you of the location and contact number.

User Login:

This option of the website will help the user to get login and check the notifications if there is any regarding donating blood not only this user can also donate the blood in advance if he/she want to donate here user just need to make the appointment that where he wants to donate the blood, his request moves to the admin and admin decide the location according to the need of blood.

In this part, the user can also upload his data related to his personal information such as name, sex, age, diseases he is suffering from, and blood group which is one of the important parts.

User login consists of two modules:

  • You can take an appointment to donate the blood.
  • The user can also request for the blood group urgently required by broadcasting the message with the blood group mentioned in it after that admin will take care of that.

Donate Blood

This option will appear when the user login into his account. So that he/she can donate the blood if want.

For donating the blood user need to go for the following procedures which are as follows:

  • Send the request to the admin by click on the donating blood.
  • If you are a first-time user you need to fill in the information otherwise, we will extract the data from your profile which you have created.
  • After getting the information you will get the message and email in which location and time would be mentioned.

About Us

This feature will provide information about the company and developers so that if you want to get a new design or any kind of change and suggestion you can come up to us.

Contact us

In this section, we have provided the contact number and proper address so that client and user reach us and mentioned their problems to solve them. Now, let us discuss the ER-Diagram of the system but before that, we need to explain why we need ER diagram why ER diagram is so useful while developing and designing the system.

An entity-relationship model also called an entity-relationship (ER) diagram, is a graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other, typically used in computing regarding the organization of data within databases or information systems.

It consists of following fields such as:

An entity that is represented by a rectangle is a real-world object used to represent the user admin and other real objects.

Attributes of Blood Donation Camp System:

  • Every entity has its attributes such as every car has its specifications. The oval shape represents it.
  • In ER diagrams diagonal is used to represent the relationship between the entities.

Here we will see the ER-diagram and its attributes:

Let us discuss the entities one by on with their respective attributes.


As we have discussed this module earlier but here, we will discuss its functionality that how this entity is used in the working of the application, admin uses this application to give access to the person who wants to donate blood. Whenever you want to donate blood, you just need to send the request to the admin.

In this admin entity, we have two attributes which are as follows:


This attribute will work in case if we have more than one person who is taking care of this application, for example, this application will work 24×7 so we need to appoint more than one person to take care of the application and to interact with the users, to manage the system of donating blood. So, this name attribute will help to distinguish between admins.


This attribute will help you to stay in touch with the admin if you are facing any kind of a problem or you are not clear with any point you can use this option and write your query to the admin so that he/she can reply with the suitable and satisfactory answer. As we can see the diagonal is connected with the admin, these diagonals show the relationship of admin with different entities.

Admin manages patients so that he comes to know that what blood group required to which patient, Admin also connects with donor i.e. Admin arranges the donor if there is any kind of emergency.


This is the required entity for which we are developing this application patient will demand the blood related to his blood group. We can also find the patient details so that we can manage blood for him in advance.

Admin can get the information about the patient by accessing the following attributes:


This attribute of patient entity will help you to track the patients uniquely so that you can take the proper care of the patients and help them to get the proper cure, if we do not create this attribute there might be the case that we can get confused between patients with the same name and same disease so this attribute is one of the important attributes which we need to mention here.


This attribute of the patient entity will describe us about his blood group which essential while we are donating the blood to someone because without knowing the blood group, we cannot donate the blood to someone otherwise that will become more dangerous to him. Suppose if a person needed an A+ blood group but you supply him A- then automatically you send him poison and instead of saving him, you will become responsible for his death.

So, we need awareness about the blood group of the patient, that is the reason why we placed this attribute here.


Now, here we are wondering that we need patient’s age it is of no use here, then I want to say that on the first look yes, it is of no use but if we think it deeply then it is of use, by getting the age of the patient. We can assume the amount of blood we require because if any adult patient requires the blood, then we need more blood otherwise amount of blood need will be lesser.


This field is required for maintaining the proper record of the patient so that we can access the whole data of the patient because every time we cannot issue all things on the patient’s id there are some places where we need to track the patient’s name.


In this attribute of the patient’s entity, we will maintain the disease record of the patients respectively so that we can track the history of the patient, and some diseases require lots of blood during treatment. So, this is better to maintain the list of diseases so that we can match the disease of the patient and arrange the proper amount of blood for the treatment.

Blood Bank:

This is the place where the admin will contact to fulfill the demand for blood. Admin will also manage to send the person to the blood bank to donate the blood so that he can easily access the blood and blood banks have a proper facility to store the blood for a long time. Let’s look at the attributes of the blood bank.


This is the uniquely identified ID that is used to identify the record of the blood bank this is generally used for the internal purpose by the admin to maintain the record and serve better.


The attribute of blood donation camp system is generally used to give preference to the person because we cannot say anyone for going at Blood bank by simply giving ID of the blood bank though it is the primary key which is used to uniquely identify the things donor would not be aware of this ID so physically blood bank is known by their name, that is why we use this attribute.


This is required to reach out to the blood bank place, the admin will simply send the address and blood bank name so that donor can reach there. In this way, this attribute is helpful in the application.


We will use this field to contact the blood bank. Admin will use this field more frequently to contact the blood bank employees and inform them about appointments and requirements of blood.


This field will describe the timing when we can donate the blood so that each and every person can donate according to their timing.


This is one of the most important entities in this application because this whole application is depending upon the donor, if no donor donates the blood, then it will become hard to maintain this application and blood bank too.


This field will describe the name of the of the donor so that we can identify and maintain the record in our table.


While taking the blood from the donor we should also aware of his age because the donor should not be under age otherwise it will become harmful for the donor.


We should aware of the blood group of the donor so that we can store the blood distinctly instead of mixing it with some other blood group.


This field will help us to contact the donor so that we can take his confirmation on his arrival. This field will also help us in informing the donor about the requirement of the blood.

User Interface of Blood Donation Camp System

The blood donation camp system is one of the main tasks of the developer to design such an interface that user can use it easily in one word it should be user friendly and for this you should have a better understanding of the audience which going to use this application, initially we need to locate the targeting people that what kind of application do they need.

After getting all this information we should start to design the application.

Feasibility of Blood Donation Camp System

Feasibility of blood donation camp system is a test of system proposal according to its workability impact on the organization, ability to meet user needs & effective use of resources. Three key considerations are involved in the feasibility analysis are as under.

Operational Feasibility of Blood Donation Camp System


To find out whether the system will be functional after its development and installation?

The Outcomes of The Operational Feasibility Are:

A system to be developed is a critical need for business purpose only.

Technical Feasibility of Blood Donation Camp System


To examine out whether the current technology is sufficient for the development of the system. An estimate is made of whether the identified user needs may be satisfied using current software and hardware technologies.

The Outcomes of The Technical Feasibility Are:

Existing technology supports the system is completely.

Economic Feasibility of Blood Donation Camp System

This analysis is the most frequently used method for comparing the cost with benefit or income that is expected from the developed system.