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If you are one of them you are at the right place, take a deep breath and here you go, let’s get started!

Let us get the mystery solved, what Ruby on Rails is! Your first question answered:
Why Rails! The most important part which will make you fascinated towards learning Ruby on Rails and will make you indulge into it is that you can get your blog created in 10 minutes with the help of some basic ruby on rails commands.

Ahh! I hope this must have attracted you, this is one of the very basic and intelligent feature that Ruby on Rails owns. It is based on MVC architecture and owns DRY concepts that is Do Not Repeat Yourself.
You must be curious to understand what ruby on rails is. So, let us have a look at it.


Basic Html, Css, Bootstrap (not mandatorily but it will be an added advantage if known) and Photoshop.

Let us learn directory Structure of Ruby on rails first, afterwards we will learn the installation part and they deployment:

I am not going to explain you the whole directory structure but just wanted to tell you the main concepts behind it, inside the app folder you will find what you actually need that is the MVC architecture - Model, Views and Controllers. 

After scaffolding which you will study later in this post, you will see a few files inside views, which are shown here in the figure:

these files are pre built files which are provided by the ruby on rails scaffolding feature. Next important thing which we will like to discuss is the config directory which includes two most important parts of the rails - database and routes:

Databases can be any whichsoever you want to use but by default rails provides features for sqlite but you can use mySql, mongodb or any other as well. They are also compatible with rails.

Here you can select and change the db accordingly.
Routes are used to define the paths that which controller points to which view, only with the help of routes you can display the views in the web browser, otherwise it will be difficult and the rails will pop up an error message and you would not be able to find out any thing in the screen.

You can set routes in different ways, rails gives examples in the document itself, you can check and define the paths accordingly, here is the snapshot which will help you getting into the directory:

Next comes db directory, this contains migrate, schema and seeds file, they are very useful when you want to migrate your db or update your database. We use the command 

rake db:migrate

A few more files which are necessary are gemfile, because this is the file which tells us that all the gems of the ruby has been installed in your system and you don't need to worry about anything anymore, rest of the things will be handled by rails itself. If the gemfile is not installed in your system this means that you need to install either few of the gems again or they doesnot exist in your system, you will get this error in your rails command line and this is going to be very helpful to you in the entire journey of the rails.

These were some important directory files which you needed to understand, now you are ready to understand the installation part.

As you know ruby is the simplest programming language after Python. You can learn it in a day if you know basic OOP concepts. But if you are a newbie don’t worry at all you can learn it in this post. Before getting started there are a few things that you must follow firstly, I would like you to be focused and complete the steps with me, otherwise you might get out of the track in between and would not be able to understand the steps afterwards. Don’t lose hopes in between, keep yourself in pace with it and the result will be outstanding, you will be able to create your first blog in 10 minutes, once you install the software for Ruby on rails.

Let us understand the installation of Ruby On Rails:

Step 1: Goto you can directly install rails from here, no need to install ruby first and rails later. Select whether you want to download it for Windows or for Mac. Choose the latest version and press on the download button.

A simple wizard will open up, you just have to click next, a command prompt window will be shown asking you for you name and email address to setup as shown in the image below 

and a ‘sites’ folder will be generated in the path you choosed to install rails like by default it will be generated inside C:\Sites, if you can see the sites folder this means that, you have successfully installed rails into your system and here you go. Isn’t it too easy for you to get the things done, so quickly in no time.

Step 2: Congratulations! You are done with the installation part, just move to the project directory like shown in the figure and type the following command:

rails new MyFirstApp

MyFirstApp is the name of your first app, After running this command a folder with some more folders inside it will be available to you. This is your first app, now you have to do some scaffolding.

Step 3: Before scaffolding, make sure you bundle install it that means you are installing all the gems in it. Here is the command which you need to follow:

bundle install

something like this will appear in your screen.

Step 4: You need to create models and controller for the same and here are a few commands which are meant to be followed:

Creating Model:
rails generate model model_name
Example: rails generate model Post

Creating Controller:
rails generate controller controller_name
Example: rails generate controller Posts

Now you are done with the creation of controller and model which are the prerequisites before scaffolding.

Step 5: The fifth step begins with Scaffolding, Ruby on rails provides a scaffolding feature which means that when you create any web application you need controllers, models and views to complete its functionality, what scaffolding does is with the help of some simple commands it can generate all three of them for us that is a basic structure will be developed for you. So, here is the command for you:

rails generate scaffold Posts title body:text

This is to create post in your blog, which includes body and title. You will see a migration file, controller and a your views named:index.html.erb, edit.html.erb, show.html.erb,new.html.erb and _form.html.erb has been created with this simple command. and this is what scaffolding does, it by-default gives us some auto-generated pages which are very helpful. Do you know how! let's answer this in the next step.

Step 6: Start the rails server by using this command:

rails server

after running this in the rails command prompt, goto the browser and type localhost:3000/ this is going to open up a window like this:

this tells you that your rails is successfully installed and is running in your system. To check what you created by now type:

in your browser's address bar.
Example: http://localhost:3000/Posts

and you will see something like this in your screen listing posts:

Step 7: Let us create New post then! Click on the new post:

You will see a new post has been created, you can post any number of posts. Let us try some. On creating and adding data to it, you will again be able to edit the post with an auto generated message Post was successfully created.

here are a few posts I have created and you will realize that you are able to Show, Edit and Destroy the posts. This is what we call the magic of Scaffolding and here is your question answered! 

You can edit anything as shown by clicking on the edit button:

Similarly you can destroy any post or can see anyone by simply clicking on to the options shown.

Go On!! You have finally created you first app or your first BLOG! Congratulations to you! You did it!!

You can apply any CSS or HTML to make it beautiful and can add few more security features to it. Your choice! This has made your basics strong, you can now build up any website you want and can earn money with it.

The last and final step is to deploy your application. For the sake of simplicity we are taking into account heroku account which can help you get your ruby on rails application online.
Here are a few steps that are meant to be followed to get your website online:
Step 1: Install heroku from the website, for window users here is the link.
you will get an executable file. Run it, it will be installed in your computer.
Here are a few commands which you need to follow:

Heroku create

Git config –list | grep heroku

Now deploy your code

Git push heroku master

Deploy your database

Heroku run rake db: migrate

Run your application
Heroku ps:scale web=1

Heroku open

View the logs

Heroku logs

Heroku Console

Heroku run rails console

Heroku run rake db migrate


gem ‘puma’

bundle install

install runtime dependencies as well.

And here you go, you are online now!

Here are some of the open source projects which are available in you can have a full look in there-

Spina: For developing a beautiful CMS.
Openproject: Project management system.
Hackety Hack: Learn open source programming with Ruby.
Copycopter: Let your clients do copywriting.
Spree: A flexible ecommerce platform.

Here are some simple projects which you can create on your own:

1.     Social networking web application.
2.     Blogging website.
3.     Railway reservation website.
4.     E-commerce website.
5.     Pizza delivery system.
6.     Online polling/booking system.
7.     Library management system.
8.     International flight reservation system.
9.     Railway and banking system.
10. Travel and Tourism system.

Ruby on rails is being used highly in businesses and is taught in universities and colleges because of it's high demand and quality that it owns.

Many jobs have been opened for the website development in rails, they pay high salaries because it is difficult to command rails so early but once understood may help you build your life and future.

Ruby on rails is recommended by many companies as it has high security features, high database connectivity, maintainable and worth working once started.

Twitter is the best example, it is built in ruby on rails and has high impact on other social networking sites. there are many more examples you can search for!

Hope you must have enjoyed the article. You must be thinking of building a few more applications soon. If you need help you can contact me for any kind of Projects and assignments. Wish to hear from you soon.

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