Surgery Appointment Management System
Surgery Appointment Management System


This project aims to create a doctor-patient handling management system that will help doctors in their work and help patients book doctor appointments and reports. The system allows doctors to manage their booking slots online; patients can book empty spaces online, and those slots are reserved in their name.

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The system manages the appointment data for multiple doctors on various dates and times. Each time a user visits a doctor, their medical entry is stored in the database by a doctor. Next time users log in, they may view their entire medical history as and when needed. At the same time, a doctor may consider the Patient’s previous medical history while the Patient visits him. If anybody is ill and wants to see a doctor for a check-up, they must visit the hospital and wait until the doctor is available.

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This appointment-based application can be used with other appointment-based systems. This system serves the purpose of establishing an online interaction between a doctor and a Patient. Generally, when doctors are unavailable or not reachable to patients and vice versa, this app will facilitate both the patients and doctors to interact or communicate and seek help from the doctor regarding the Patient’s health condition, concerns, etc. Always it may not be possible for a patient to meet the doctor in a hospital/clinic due to some busy schedule. Similarly, it may not be possible for the doctor to give the Patient an appointment to clear the Patient’s minor issues or doubts. In such cases, it will be helpful to have a medium of online interaction where the Patient can quickly ask the doctor some questions.

One of the modules is that of the application designed for the Patient that contains a login screen. The Patient has to register himself before logging in to the system. After logging in, the Patient can select a hospital and view the details. The Patient can choose a doctor from the list of doctors and view the doctor’s details. The Patient can request an appointment on their preferred day/time, and the Patient can view the location of the hospital on the map. In addition, the Patient can contact the hospital and the doctor by making a call or may send an email to the doctor.

The Patient also waits in a queue while getting an appointment. Suppose the doctor cancels the meeting for some emergency reasons. In that case, the Patient cannot know about the cancellation of the work unless or until they visit the hospital. As the Online Appointment System is developing rapidly, one can use the system to overcome such problems and inconveniences for the patients.

An intelligent agent-based appointment system has been proposed in which a scheduling system is provided for patients. The junior staff in the clinic or hospital will schedule an appointment according to the priority level. Searching doctors and hospitals and navigation details are also available in the system to get proper treatment on time. The proposed online appointment system uses application programming interfaces (APIs) from Google Maps and calendar.

The objective of The Project

Helping people search for doctors and get an appointment is our primary objective. Users can search for doctors, making sure to find specific doctors an easy task—a platform where doctors can check patients’ previous medical history for a better check-up. Requirement collection is a must to build a perfect system with almost no error. The study will give a clearer idea of people’s needs, the system we are planning to build, and how much we will cover. The document will also describe all the interactions between patients, doctors, and admin.

By the above document, anyone will be able to understand the project at a glance, in this project. We implement this system for a better user experience. This system is straightforward to access. Also, to establish real-time communication using modern and updated technology. So, the user can see the update without reloading or refreshing. This system will be compatible with a user device such as pc, laptop, tab & smartphone. So, users can easily access the system anytime, anywhere. This system is straightforward & user-friendly so that any user can use this system easily.

1. To Create a Web-based online Doctor Appointment system.

2. Track and find out the availability of doctors and manage all Patient’s related information.

3. Establishment of a paperless environment

Scope of The Study

The Scope of the Project is comprehensive in terms of other online doctor appointment portals. A few of them are:

1. Optimizes utilization of medical resources at the medical center

2. There is a massive collection of doctor information among their specialist.

Existing Doctor Appointment Systems

Systems Refer to the literature review, observation, interviews, and questionnaires as explained in chapter three. It should be noted that we were able to analyze existing systems at Hospital doctor maintenance as discussed below. The current system was manual, where data was written on different papers and transferred to the other departments; human errors were vulnerable since it was paper-based, and retrieval of files was time-consuming as they had to manually locate Patients, some of which were even lost and thus finding such. Information was hard. 

Per the statistics, 90% of the users were not content with the system because it was not secure in terms of security and storage as it was prone to damages like loss of important information and worn-out papers. The speed of recording and retrieving the Patient’s information was average, yet 10% were ok with the system because the paperwork can be used for future reference. The users recommended that the proposed design be user-friendly, multipurpose enough to handle several users simultaneously, generate feedback when the request is submitted, and have a user password that could deny access to unauthorized users of the system, ensuring security. Context diagrams, Data flow charts, and Entity Relationship diagrams (ERD) were used to analyze and design the system.

Requirements Specification

After analyzing the data collected, we formulated several user requirements and system hardware software attributes. These are categorized as user, functional, nonfunctional, and systems requirements.

User Requirements

During data collection, we investigated how the current system operates and tried out which problems are faced and how best they can be settled. The users described some of the basic requirements of the system, including Searching for Patients, registering patients, updating records, Doctor information records, viewing doctor availability records, and viewing all types of reports.

Design Requirements

When designing software or a system, we consider some requirements to make the project efficient. We endeavour to try and build a user-friendly web application, easy to use. Our system user interface is straightforward, and everyone can use it without facing any problems. For better knowledge, we have drawn a business process model, use case diagram, activity diagram, and logical data model. 

We have used MySQL for designing our database. For the design of the front end, we have used scripting languages like HTML and CSS. And for the back-end, we have used OOP or object-oriented programming, Laravel framework, and PHP for back-end design.

Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements

Here we have described the desired functionality of the newly built system. Accept submissions in the form of raw patients; perform analysis of financials to authenticate the system’s users. And nonfunctional requirements include the following The system must verify the validate all user input, ant user must be notified in case of errors detected in the database, and the system should allow room for expansion.

System Requirements

This section describes the hardware components and software requirements needed for the effective and efficient running of the system.

Hardware Requirement

Processor: 2.4 GHz Processor speed




Operating System: Windows serve 2008, windows7

Database Used: Microsoft SQL server 2014

Runtime Environment: Visual Studio 2008 Team System.

Data Flow Diagram

A data flow diagram depicts the flow of data and how the system will process the logical steps. It is instrumental in understanding how a system will work.

Data Flow Diagram for Surgery Appointment Management System
Data Flow Diagram for Surgery Appointment Management System

System Architecture

This provides a high-level view of the new system, its main components, the service they provide, and how they communicate. The system is implemented using a three-tier architecture that comprises our interface, process management, and DBMS, as illustrated below.

System Architecture for Surgery Appointment Management System
System Architecture for Surgery Appointment Management System

Entity Relationship

(E-R) Diagram

An entity-relationship diagram (ERD) shows the relationships of entity sets stored in a database. An entity, in this context, is a component of data. In other words, ER diagrams illustrate the logical structure and flow of data in a database. An entity-relationship diagram is a means of visualizing how the information a system produces is related.

(E-R) Diagram for Surgery Appointment Management System
(E-R) Diagram for Surgery Appointment Management System


Which are represented by a rectangle. An entity is an object or concept that exists in the real world and includes all those things about which data is collected. A weak entity is an entity that must be defined by a fundamental foreign relationship with another entity as it cannot be uniquely identified by its attributes alone.


Which are represented by ovals. The key attribute is the unique and distinguishing characteristic of an entity. For example, the AADHAR card number of a person can be a key attribute in a database. An Entity Set is a set of entities of the same type that share the same properties or characteristics.


A process shows a transformation or manipulation of data flows within the system. Actions represented by diamond shapes show how two entities share information in the database.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The system is built while keeping in mind the ease of use. Doctors, anyway, have less time to invest in manually updating or typing in data. At the same time, the patients should not face hurdles while making reservations. Or face cancellation at the end moment, the code is written in the most readable way possible, with proper labelling and comments. The user-friendly nature of the system already discussed above is the main positive aspect of the system. The system is capable of updating the database on its own. Doctors can just accept an appointment with the click of a button, and the system will allocate the date and time. 

One of the main disadvantages of the system is that the system yet doesn’t have a payment system that is also done in cash. The later version of the system will add the payment system. Due to the lack of time, there were some features that we could not incorporate, like priority booking. The emergency booking feature is also under consideration. One of the suggestions is getting a pre-appointment with paying extra, which will help patients get priority booking and also helps doctors to manage the system more efficiently. 

Discussion and Conclusion

The doctor and patient appointment system is a fascinating topic to work on. After going through the work, we faced many challenging tasks. Day by day healthcare system has become an essential part of our society. So we have decided to build this system. We researched so many systems that showed us how to develop our system. We interact with the people and what type of problem they are facing. They were pleased to take this system as it gives them some relief in the modern age. Despite everything we achieved, we faced many challenges in finishing this project. After all, it’s an online web-based system, so doctors and Patients need to follow the rules in real life. Otherwise, its goal will be failed.

Scope of Further Development

Surgery Appointment Management system is always changeable and develops daily, getting better and more accessible for people. This could be a revolutionary web application that may help the doctor and patient bond. We believe we can make this system more advanced in the future, and advanced features and User interface will be updated. Our approach is already user-friendly, but we will try to make this system more user-friendly in the future.