Payroll management system project in c, It is c project developed in C with Graphics Library. I have used the Dev C++ to develop this application. I am going to explain one by one everything about this project. Just sit back and read it carefully.

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Payroll Management System Login System
Login Menu

Login Menu in Payroll Management System

It is  login menu, I have set a default user name and password for it. This username and password are store in a binary file inside this project. For Password security I have replace the password’s alpha numeric character to special symbol, Dollar ($) symbol.
If you will enter the correct user name and password, It will allow you to move to next menu otherwise it will show you error message and ask you to re-enter the correct user name and password.
I have not implemented these two feature in this project.
  1. Forgot password
  2. Register new user.

If you wish you can add these feature to your project. If you will implement these feature then you can score more marks. If you do so. Kindly let me know.


Payroll management system employee Menu
Employee Menu

Employee Menu in Payroll Management System

This menu is dedicated to employee. Employee is the main object in this Employee management system project. Everything is very clear in screen shot, you can see it in above screen shot.
There are five option in this employee menu
  1. Add New Employee
  2. Display Employee
  3. Search An Employee
  4. Edit Employee

Add New Employee

Add new employee in Payroll managment system
Add or Edit New Employee
You can choose this option to add new employee. if you choose this option,  A new window will open, where you have to enter the employee details. Like name, Address, Date of birth, blood group etc.

Main Menu in Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System in C,C++ Main Menu
Main Menu

It is the second step if you successfully login to this Payroll management system. It is the main menu which is prompted after success authentication.
In this menu I am adding the main functionalities of this project. these functionalities are :
  1. Add New Employee
  2. Display Employee
  3. Search an Employee
  4. Edit Employee Details
  5. Back to Previous menu(Logout)

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