Online Image Selling Management System
Online Image Selling Management System


“Online Image Selling Management system” was developed to avoid common problems. Manual system practice. This software is partially supported for eliminating. The case alleviates the difficulties faced by this existing system. Also, this system is designed to meet your company’s unique needs to keep your business running smoothly and effectively. Applications have been reduced as much as possible to avoid errors when entering data. Also, if you enter invalid data, an error message will be displayed. No formal knowledge is required for users to use this system. This proves its ease of use. Online image galleries like the one above are error-free, safe, reliable, and runnable. High-speed management system. It helps users focus on other activities. Instead, focus on the record. So, it helps to improve the organization. Use of resources

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Every business, big or small, has challenges to face and overcome. Information about scanning, images, uploads, the internet, and digital images. All online picture galleries have different photo requirements, so we design dedicated staff. A management system that meets your management needs. That is designed to support strategic planning and ensure the organization. It has the correct information and details for your future goals. Also, our system is equipped with remote access for busy executives who are always on the go. A feature that helps you manage your employees anytime, anywhere. Ultimately, these systems allow you to manage your resources better.

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Abstract of The Project

The purpose of the online image gallery is to automate existing manual systems. Fulfilment with the help of computerized devices and full-fledged computer software. Requirements for more extended storage of valuable data/information and easy access and duration of operation for the same. The required software and hardware are readily available and easy to use. The online image gallery will be an error-free, safe, reliable, and high-speed management system. It helps users focus on others.

Activities instead of focusing on records. So it helps to organize Better use of resources. Organizations may keep computerized records with No extra entries, and this means that you don’t have to be distracted by irrelevant information while you can reach it. The goal is to automate an existing manual system with the help of computer equipment and full-fledged computer software that meet their needs and easily accesses and stores valuable data/information for long periods. 

Same operation. This project will show you how to guarantee your customers better performance and service. The main goal of the online image gallery project is. Details about images, scans, downloads, uploads, and digital images. It manages everything—information about photography, the internet, digital photography, photography. The project is total since it is built on the management side, and only the administrator is guaranteed the access. Or The purpose of the project is to create an application program to reduce the manual work of image management, scanning, internet, and downloading. Track all details about downloads, uploads, and digital images.

Functionality of The Online Image Selling Management System

  1. The system provides search facilities that are based on many factors. Like Images, Storage, Digital image, download, upload, payment gateway, etc.
  2. The image selling management system is also tasked with managing the internet details online for many attributes like uploading details, traffic, digital images, or images brought.
  3. The system will track all the information of the scanning, internet, Uploading, download, etc.
  4. The system will also manage to scan and convert images.
  5. It will help in increasing the efficacy of managing images and scanning.
  6. The editing, adding, uploading, and downloading records are kept in a much more appropriately managed database.
  7. It will be responsible for keeping a record of all the images uploaded.
  8. It can be used to integrate records of digital Images. 

Objective of The Project

It helps to collect the perfect management in detail. Immediately the collection will be apparent, straightforward, and meaningful. It helps a person know who. Excellent and vivid last year’s leadership. It also helps with ongoing work. It is related to the online image gallery. And It also reduces the cost of collecting controls and keeps the collection procedure running smoothly. 

The project will aim at the automation of the business automation aspect, i.e., we have tried to computerize many processes of Online image selling sites:

  1. In the present system, the user has to enter or fill out various forms and numbers, which can be done quickly with an automated system.
  2. The system will not ask for any authorization, which is automatically done.
  3. It streamlined the use of the system and eased image download, upload, and conversion of the data.

Modules of The Online Image Selling Management System

The following modules have been used in the making of the project. The modules will be followed in every aspect of the project. Even while integrating codes, the modules system will be followed:

  1. Images Management Module: Responsible for managing and storing images.
  2. Conversion Module: The module responsible for converting images to reserve online.
  3. Tracking Module: Responsible for tracing online activities, downloads, visits, clicks, etc.
  4. Scanning Module: The module is responsible for scanning images and categorizing them.
  5. Download Module: Track downloads
  6. Log in Module: Tracks Log in activities.
  7. Payment Module: Tracks all payments down through the website.

Features of The Project

  • Easily create and modify product and component-based issues 
  • Query issue lists to any depth 
  • Generate reports and charts in a more comprehensive way Control access and maintain security with user accounts 
  • Simple status and solution 
  • Multi-level priority and severity. 
  • Goals and milestones to guide programmers 
  • For more information, attachments, and additional comments 
  • Robust database backend 
  • Various report levels available for many filter criteria 
  • Includes better storage capacity. 
  • Accuracy at work. 
  • An easy and quick search of information. 
  • Well-designed report.

Software Requirements

Software requirements specifications analysis task. Features and performance assigned to software as part of the system Engineering are refined by creating a complete and detailed description of the information. Characteristics and behaviour descriptions, performance requirement specifications, design constraints, good validation criteria, and relevant data requirements. 

The Proposed System

The system needs to store information about new entries in the image. 

  • The system needs to keep the information for internal staff to scan and help them find the data using various queries.  
  • The system must keep volume records. 
  • The system must keep a record of downloads. 
  • The design needs to update and delete records. 
  • The system also requires a search area. 
  • You also need a security system to prevent data.

Feasibility Study

After doing the project Online Image Gallery, study and analyse all the existing or required functionalities of the system. The next task is to do the feasibility study for the project. All projects are feasible – given unlimited resources and infinite time. The feasibility study includes consideration of all the possible ways to provide a solution to the given problem. The proposed solution should satisfy all the user requirements and be flexible enough to make future changes based on upcoming needs quickly.

Economic Feasibility

This is an essential aspect to be considered while developing a project. We decided on the technology based on the minimum possible cost factor.

  • All hardware and software cost has to be borne by the organization.
  • Overall, we have estimated the benefits the organization is going to receive

The proposed system will surely overcome the initial costs and the later running cost for the system.

Technical Feasibility

This includes investigating the features, performance, and limitations that may affect it. Ability to achieve a sound system. For this feasibility study, we examined the system’s full functionality as described. Make sure that requirements specifications (SRS) and everything is possible. Different types of front-end and backend platforms. 

Operational feasibility

The proposed system is entirely GUI-based, very user-friendly, and all. An entry that is self-explanatory even for amateurs. Also, have proper education implemented to inform and feel the essence of the system to the user used to the new system. As far as our research is concerned, customers feel comfortable. And we are pleased with how the system has reduced their burden and behaviour.

System Design of The Proposed System

A logical system that meets your requirements is set up in this phase. Draft the software development phase deals with the implementation of customer requirements. A system that works logically. Construction is usually done as follows: 

Primary design phase: 

In this phase, the system is designed at the block level. The block is created based on the analysis performed during the problem identification phase. Different blocks are made for various features and are valued in minimizing information Flow between blocks. Therefore, all activities that require more interaction are kept in one block 


Software Requirements

  • Language Used: Java
  • Operating System: Windows and Linux
  • Browser: Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari
  • Web Server: Tomcat 7
  • Database: MySQL 

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium 3
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Hard Disk: 20GB
  • Monitor and Keyboard

The Entity Relationship Diagram

ER model is a popular high-level conceptual data model. This model and its variations Are commonly used for the conceptual design of database applications, and many database design tools use this concept. The database for reviewing the ER diagram can be represented by a collection of tables in a relational system. The mapping of the ER diagram to the entity is as follows:

The Entity Relationship Diagram of Online Image Selling Management System
The Entity Relationship Diagram of Online Image Selling Management System

The DFD Diagram 

A data flow diagram is the starting point for the functional design phase. Expresses the requirements specification. DFD consists of a series of bubbles, and a line connects it. Bubbles represent data transformations, and lines represent data transformations. Data flow in the system. DFD describes the data that is flowing, not the flow of data. Processed, that is, no hardware, software, or data structures.

The DFD Diagram of Online Image Selling Management System
The DFD Diagram of Online Image Selling Management System

System Analysis

Systems analysis is the process of collecting, interpreting, and diagnosing facts. Information on issues and recommended online image galleries system improvements. It’s a violent problem-solving activity—communication between system users and developers. System analysis or Research is an essential phase of the system development process. The system is under consideration. We analyse every detail. Systems analyst, we will delve deeper into the questionnaire and how the current system works. the system.

 It is displayed as a whole and identifies the input to the system. Cost organizations go back to various processes. Be aware of the problem, identify the relevant decision variables, 

They analyse and synthesize various factors, optimal or at least Satisfactory solutions or action plans. A detailed investigation of the process needs to be carried out through multiple interviews and questionnaires. Data collected. You need to check the source to conclude, and the conclusion is one. Understand how the system works. This system is called an existing system. Existing systems have been scrutinized to identify problem areas.


Our projects are just a humble effort to meet the needs of managing their project’s work. Several user-friendly encodings are also adopted. This package is A powerful package that meets the needs of all schools. Software planning aims to provide a framework that managers can run. Reasonable quotes are created within a limited time frame at the start of a software project and updated regularly as the project progresses. Finally, you said that you tried to deal with the following points … 

Project background and background, and a description of the relationship with the project  

 It’s already done in the area. 

  • A statement about the intent and goals of the project. 
  • A description of purpose, scope, and applicability. 
  • Defines the problem you are working on in your project. 
  • Describes the system requirements specifications and the actions that can be performed on them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

 The system has many advantages, which are already discussed above. The system is easy to use, user-friendly, and automatically sorts images. This system will be helpful for anyone who is looking for an idea for their project. Or, if you are a photographer, you can sell your images here. 

However, one of the significant disadvantages we face and are working towards is integrating the payment module. Which we were unable to get permission from the concerned gateway. After the consent is granted, we will be able to accept payment via UPI.