Book Store Management System


Book Store Management System

Book Store Management System



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This application based on the Internet that aims to all the levels of management providing information of an organization. This system can be used as an information management system for the Bookstore.

Where people can order the books which they want and even they do not need to bother about the location and do not worry about picking it up from the store. This system will help you to get the book from the store to your home just by a single click.

We can also make the payment after delivery of the book which will make us feel safe regarding our money.

The main menu will contain six parts which are as follows:

Member Login

Amin login

Payment Module

Ask Queries Forum

About us

Contact us

Now, we can see that nearly everything is very much possible to perform with a single click, so this application will help you to computerize the system of Online bookstore management so that readers can access the system online and search the books what they want.

These are some key features of the system which is as follows:

To reduce the headache of maintaining the record of bookkeepers and customer related documents.

To reduce the cumbersome job of maintaining several documents like whom we have issued the book and when will he return that.

It will eliminate the delays in making the payments, where people use to stand for a long time in the queue to pay and get their book.

Searching will become more efficient and fast in comparison of manual searching.

It will also provide assurance that we have a proper record of the selling of the books so that we can limit our books stock according to that.

Overall it will reduce the cost and time of the shopkeeper who will take care of the shop.

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In this section, we will discuss the existing system and some of their drawbacks which force us to plan this whole idea of developing online college management system.Let us take an example

In the present scenario, people have to physically visit the bookshops or vendors for purchasing books of their need and have to make payment through cash mode most of the times due to unawareness of advanced technologies at certain places.

In this method time as well as physical work is required, among which time is something that no one has an ample amount. The traditional book purchasing procedure is not efficient enough for shopkeepers as well as customers, as they have to deal with the crowd, in their shops.

The old methods are classified into two ways where the most popular one was you need to go to the shop and ask the shopkeeper for the book.

If he has that book then he will give you and demand money, which could be more than you thought for. The other one is if you know any retailer or shopkeepers you can directly contact him on phone and ask him to give you that books at your place and take the money and extra convenience charges of transportation.

These both the methods are slow and cost you more sometimes if you are a novice in marketing or purchasing any new thing.


This process is so much time consuming and does not provide trust on retailers.

There is the threat of forgery if you are new to marketing and do not know how to bargain from these streets sellers.

There is no proper way of getting to know about the actual price of the books sometime shopkeepers sell it more than the market price by saying that the book is not available in the market.

It might be the case that shopkeepers do not refund money if you purchase some wrong books.

So, above this is the whole process of bookstore management system but by our system, we can make it little bit more simple and fast process to mechanize it.

We can automate this process by creating the application which will allow you to use these things in a fully functional way and the application will include the following entities (an entity is a real-world object).

The automated application help in following way:

Members can register himself directly on the Bookstore application for any notification of old book sale and pay for the advance booking of any boos. Shopkeepers can also broadcast their offers.

If the shopkeeper and members are not aware of policies then admin will make him contact with this application and help him to complete the whole process.

Admin will maintain the record and atomicity by using the proper table to save records so that no one can access it and make the data safe from members perspective as well as shopkeepers prospective.

Customers need not bother about his/her payment and without moving from his place or making so many phone calls he can make the payment.

No need of worrying about status you can track the book from your place.

Customers can check new information of the related to bookstores and books through the application which will motivate them and this all things would be uploaded from the Admin’s end.

The whole process of getting work done will become faster than the conventional way of getting insurance.

Let us look the different aspects which we have designed to make the website work properly. Here we are not discussing the admin module in that much depth because all others module will cover the admin module part so to remove the same content from the report we are ignoring the admin part.


Admin will use this application to give them access to the person who wants to purchase books and make a contribution by selling old books, the even admin will add new data regarding books so that the user can easily access it and purchase the books on demand.

whenever you want to purchase or sell the book you just need to send the request to the admin and he will approve your request by looking to the requirement and information provided by you at the location or contact number.


This option of the system will help the user to get a login and check the notifications if there any regarding donating blood not only this customer can also make the books payment in advance if he/she want.

In this part, the user can also upload his data related to its personal information such as name, sex, age, writers and kind of books we like to read such as romantic, drama, comedy or an autobiography.

User login consists of two modules:

You can purchase the book and make payment later which is generally known as cash on delivery.

The user can reserve the book by making the advance payment before the launch of the book.


This section of the module help in making the financial transactions so that user can pay it easily. Let’s do the comparison with the existing system.

Initially, we need to move from one place to another to pay the money to the shopkeepers or to deposit the amount according to the price to reserve the book.

To deposit money, need to stand in long queue.

Shopkeepers try to make a commission for reserve the books in advance.

It was really a headache to give one working day of the month in doing the payment of the books.

Sometimes we forgot to make payment and then they cancel your order and sold to someone else.


In this module of the developed system, we will allow the purchaser or customers to ask their queries. Shopkeepers and readers both are allowed to answer the queries, customers can also post problems regarding any book issue or launching date of any book so that they can make an advance payment to the dealers.

At this module person who does not have the membership of this system can also post his queries and problems to clarify and know about any book or writer, here readers can also suggest some good books to novice and make him get a better understanding of this system that how it works.


This feature will provide the information about the college and developers so that if you want to get a new design or any kind of change and suggestion you can come up to us and make your contribution in this system of online college management.


In this section, we have provided the contact number and proper address so that customers and shopkeepers can reach to us and mentioned their problems to solve it if there is any technical issue related to their login and log out.

Now, let us discuss the ER-Diagram of the system but before that, we need to explain why we need ER-diagram why ER-diagram is so useful while developing and designing the system.

An entity-relationship model also called an entity-relationship (ER) diagram, is a graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other, typically used in computing regarding the organization of data within databases or information systems.
It consists of following fields such as:

An entity which is represented by rectangle it is a real-world object use to represent the user admin and other real objects.


Every entity has their attributes such has every car has their specifications. Oval shape represents it.

In ER-diagrams diagonal is used to represent the relationship of the between the entities.

The attributes which possess some more attributes within itself called as composite attributes here you will find the composite attributes in member’s name attribute which is further divided into the First name and last name.

There are many other different kinds of attributes such derived attributes an attribute which has derived by other attribute example age can be derived by DOB attribute, multivalued attribute the attributes having more than one value called multivalued attributes.

Here we will see the ER-diagram and its attributes:

Figure 1: ER-diagram

Now let us start discussing the ER-diagram with its entity and attributes.


This entity of the diagram is the customers who will deal with the whole system and order the books according to their need. Members, they need to register on the portal and enjoy the facilities of the online bookstore management system.

They can order books and make payment online. Now let us look the attributes of the member’s entity which are as follows:


This attribute will describe the name of the members and as we know name consists first name and last name, so this attribute is a composite attribute which further derives first name and last name.


This attribute will provide us with a global name of the member which is unique at the global level so we will use the attribute as the username of the member which helps him during login.


This attribute will help the user to provide the security to his profile and helps the user to secure his personal contents from forgery.


This is an important attribute from the admin point of view. If the admin has the full address of the user then only he can deliver the books to the user residence.

So, this entity will cover full address of the user. Which is as follows:


As this system will help the user to reserve the books globally i.e. all over from the world so it is must to know the country of the user so that we can deliver the product at the right place.


This will describe the house number of the user for the door to door delivery.


This will help the delivery boy to reach out to the customers easily into his city.


This is well known as area code and helps us to find the customers locality where we need to deliver the books.
So, overall this entity will help you to complete the whole process of delivering the products to the user.


This entity will describe us about all the attributes required to make the entry and place an order for the user regarding books.


Sometimes there are many books of the same name but their publishers differ so we need to define the publisher of the book because some users like to purchase the books of the publisher whom they are fond of.


This will help us to identify the books uniquely, which is having the same copy present in stock. This will help us to get the track of copies which have been sold in the market.


This attribute will give us information related to the cost of the book so this is also an important attribute of the book.


This attribute helps us to track the information about the selling of the books according to the categories so that we get to know that in which section we are earning a profit.

By tracking the selling of the books category wise we can improve the other sections which are lacking behind.


This will inform you about the author name. Well, some of the customers do care for this were some not so we need to care for everyone.


This entity will include all the information about the transaction of the user it will consist cardholder name to verify the card, card number which is unique, type of card to provide coupons if any applicable.


This entity will store the books temporary while you are searching another book, once you log out then it will make your cart free so that other user can access than books. It will also count all the amount of your shopping.


Feasibility is a test of system proposal according to its workability impact on the organization, ability to meet user needs & effective use of resources.

Three key considerations are involved in the feasibility analysis are as under

Operational feasibility of bookstore management system


to find out whether the system will be functional after its development and installation?

The outcomes of the operational feasibility are:

A system to be developed is a critical need for business purposes only.

Technical feasibility of bookstore management system


to examine out whether the current technology is sufficient for the development of the system.

An estimate is made of whether the identified user needs may be satisfied using current software and hardware technologies.

The outcomes of the technical feasibility are:

Existing technology supports the system completely

Economic feasibility

This analysis is most frequently used method for comparing the cost with benefit or income that is expected from the developed system.


This is one of the main tasks of the developer to design such an interface that user can use it easily in one word it should be user-friendly and for this you should have better understanding of the audience which going to use this application, initially we need to locate the targeting people that what kind of application do they need.

After getting all this information we should start to design the application.


The user should have the appropriate version of windows.

The system should have up to 1 GB ram minimum requirement for the application.

The application should be installed on the system.

Internet Connectivity is must for this purpose

CPU with a speed of 1.3Ghz is a good choice for normal usage


In future, we will try to cover all the states and cities till now we have covered it at very small scale.

We will also introduce new features such as Author videos and his reviews so that users can get more satisfaction about his deal.

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