Art Gallery Management System
Art Gallery Management System

Are you looking for an Online gallery art system project? We are here to help you. You can contact us. Online Art gallery management system is an application that allows buyers to purchase paintings, scriptures, models online. The purchase is just a click away, you don’t have to go to some old museums and buy from selected stuff.

This application will provide you with a wide range of choices. The registration in this application is free, unlike other sites. It provides various categories too, in buyers’ accordance. It provides free home delivery to buyers. It allows users to create their own portfolios.

The main menu will contain six parts which are as follow:

  • Customer Login
  • Admin login
  • Art in sale
  • New art
  • Payment Mode
  • About Us
  • Contact us

Now, we can see that nearly everything is very much possible to perform with a single click so this system will help you to computerize the system so that users and clients can access the system online.

These are some key features of the system which is as follow:

  • To reduce the hectic of maintaining the record of inventories.
  • To reduce the cumbersome job of maintaining several documents.
  • It will eliminate the delays in the generation of reports that which item has sold to whom.
  • Searching will become more efficient and faster.
  • It will also provide assurance to the customer that they can buy the art they like there would be no pressure.
  • Overall, it will reduce the cost and time of the customer.

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In this section, we will discuss the existing system and some of its drawbacks which force us to plan this whole idea of developing an online Art gallery management system.

Let us takes the few examples:

Suppose we went to the museum or art gallery there we found something which we really want to purchase so for that we need to contact to the manager and talk to him to get aware about the procedure of purchasing, but at the last moment, we come to know that someone has already booked that painting or art there we feel helpless because that painting was on sale for three days and you were not able to purchase it just because of lack of time and the distance you need to cover from your home to art gallery.

This thing generally happens in art galleries sometimes we are out of cash and want to pay through credit card but this mode of payment is not allowed in some art galleries.

  • This process is so time-consuming.
  • There is a threat to the record of the customer so it might be the case that one painting can be sold twice.
  • There is no proper way of getting new paintings to record customers need to search on their own.
  • It might be the case that manager can take a commission as well as extra charges for transport the paintings to the customer.

So, above this is the whole process of getting art from the Art gallery by our system we can make it a little bit simpler and the fast process of automating it. We can automate this process by creating an application that will allow you to use these things in a fully functional way and the application will include the following entities (an entity is a real-world object).

The Automated Application Help in Following Way:

  • The customer can register himself directly on the application for any fare or sale in galleries and generate a customer id.
  • If the customer is not aware of policies, then the admin will make him contact with this application and help him to complete the process.
  • Admin will maintain the record and atomicity by using the proper table to save records so that no one can access it and one person purchases only one statue.
  • Customer need not bother about his/her orders and without moving from his place or making so many phone calls he can get the painting.
  • No need of worrying about transportation to get paintings at your place.
  • The customer can check new paintings which have been uploaded by the admin on the application.
  • The whole process of getting work done will become faster than the conventional way of getting insurance.
  • Let us look at the different aspects which we have designed to make the website work properly.

Admin will use this application to give the access to the customers who want to become the member of the art gallery, the even admin will add new information regarding the statue and paintings so that the user can easily access it and make his mindset according to that. Whenever you want to purchase some paintings or monuments from the gallery you just need to send the request to the admin and he will approve your request if he finds any new painting which you have never seen before.

In this way, the admin will take care of the persons who want to purchase the paintings or even sell it.

This option of the website will help the user to get a login and create his profile so that he can access new paintings and check the notifications if there is any new notification regarding new sculpture or Art so that he can bid for that or directly purchase that according to the procedure which has followed by galleries.

In this part, the user can also upload his data related to his personal information such as name, sex, age, and his interest related to paintings which is one of the important parts.

User login consists of two modules:

  • You can review the things and rate them according to that you can also purchase the things.
  • The user can also request to admin to keep his art in the exhibition for sale so if anyone finds paintings interesting then he/she can contact you.

This section of the module helps in making financial transactions so that users can pay them easily. Let’s do the comparison with the existing system.

  • Initially, we need to move from one place to another to pay the money to the bank or art gallery to deposit the amount according to the price.
  • To deposit money, need to stand in a long queue.
  • Staff workers and managers use to take commission even in deposit the money.
  • It was really a headache to give one working day of the month in doing the payment of the paintings.
  • Sometimes we forgot to make payment and then they cancel our order and sold it to someone else.

So, some changes happened after developing this application, people do not need to stand in a long queue for making the payments, no need to take holiday for placing the payments. Simply we can deposit our money online through an application where you find different options to pay the money options such as pay by debit card, credit card, or through net banking.

In our application, we have designed it in such a way that users will get the notification if there is any pending amount, prior to two to three days so that clients can deposit it without any late charges. Indirectly this application will maintain all our headache of depositing installments and remembering the dates of installments.

This feature will provide information about the company and developers so that if you want to get a new design or any kind of change and suggestion you can come up to us.

In this section, we have provided the contact number and proper address so that client and user reach us and mentioned their problems to solve them. Now, let us discuss the ER-Diagram of the system but before that, we need to explain why we need ER diagram why ER diagram is so useful while developing and designing the system.

An entity-relationship model also called an entity-relationship (ER) diagram, is a graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other, typically used in computing regarding the organization of data within databases or information systems.

It consists of following fields such as:

An entity that is represented by a rectangle is a real-world object used to represent the user admin and other real objects.

Every entity has its attributes such as every car has its specifications. The oval shape represents it. In ER diagrams diagonal is used to represent the relationship between the entities.

Here we will see the ER-diagram and its attributes:

Let us discuss the entities one by on with their respective attributes.


As we have discussed this module earlier but here, we will discuss its functionality that how this entity is used in the working of the application, admin uses this application to give access to the person who wants to purchase the things from an art gallery. Whenever you want to sell something, you just need to inform the admin about your art and type so that he can notify others.

As we can see the diagonal is connected with the admin, these diagonals show the relationship of admin with different entities. Admin manages artists as well as customers so that he comes to know that what kind of sculpture or paintings are required to which customer, Admin can also connect with Artist and customer i.e. Admin arrange the buyers if there is any kind of exhibition.


This is the entity that will directly interact with the arts and part in an exhibition to see the things and if he like any of them he will purchase it by paying the suitable cost or by bidding.

There are few attributes of this entity which are as follows:


This attribute of customer entity will help you to track the customers uniquely so that you can provide the proper facility to the customers and help them to get proper advantages, if we do not create this attribute there might be the case that we can get confused between customers with the same name so this attribute is one of the important attributes which we need to mention here.


We will use this field to contact the customers. Admin will use this field more frequently to contact customers and inform them about new exhibitions or sales of arts in the Art gallery by sending him a message or by email.


This field will require maintaining the proper record of the customers so that we can access the whole data of the customers because every time we cannot issue all things on the customer’s id there are some places where we need to track the customers by their name.


This field is used to send the orders of the customer to their respective places, address attribute will help us to get the information about the customer’s home so that we can deliver their goods to them with safety and proper care.


This entity will create the paintings send to the art galleries so that they can earn money by selling their art.

There are few attributes which will require by this entity they are as follow:


This attribute is for the artist’s name, as most of the customers sometimes purchase the paintings just by seeing the artist’s name so this attribute is essential to save in our record so that in the exhibition, we can notify the customers about the painter’s name along with paintings.


Sometimes customers become so impatient to know about the artist so we need to maintain the record about artist’s country and his name so that when any customer asks for the artist, we can provide them with a suitable answer which will also serve our motto.

Art Object:

This entity will tell you about the paintings that what the whole painting is about. This entity not only helps you in getting information about the painting but also helps you to know more closely about the painting.

This entity consists following attributes which are as follow:


This attribute will tell you about the product’s id number so that we can identify the product at a logical level distinctly. This attribute is used to uniquely identify the products by their id in database tables.


Some customers are really interested in purchasing the antique and heritage monuments so they will take more interest in knowing the year of the products that is why this attribute has provided to make customers aware of the manufacturing date of the scriptures.


This attribute will work as same as a year but this will not only hold the record of manufacturing, it will also maintain the record that when the product has sold.


This entity will keep the record of an exhibition that when and where the exhibition will take place.

Attributes are as follows:


This attribute will inform about the exhibition date so that we can inform the customers about the upcoming events.


This attribute will inform you about the ending date of the exhibition. This will help the user to reach the art gallery at right time. This attribute and entity will be updated by an admin.


This attribute will inform you about the starting date of the exhibition so that the user can prepare himself for the exhibition. This attribute and entity will be updated by an admin.


This entity will provide additional information about the products and this entity is in aggregate relation with the art object entity. Let us see the attributes of this entity.


This attribute defines the material of the product. Materials like fibre, plastic, silicon etc.


This attribute defines the height of the products.


This attribute defines the weight of the products. The above points are the cost factors, this will directly affect the cost of the sculpture.


This entity is in aggregate relation with the art-object entity, which means it will define the art-object entity more precisely.

This entity has the following attributes which are as follow:


This attribute will describe the type of painting.


This attribute will describe the painting style.

Feasibility is a test of system proposal according to its workability impact on the organization, ability to meet user needs & effective use of resources. Three key considerations are involved in the feasibility analysis are as under.


To find out whether the system will be functional after its development and installation?

The Outcomes of The Operational Feasibility Are:

A system to be developed is a critical need for business purpose only.


To examine out whether the current technology is sufficient for the development of the system. An estimate is made of whether the identified user needs may be satisfied using current software and hardware technologies.

The Outcomes of The Technical Feasibility Are:

Existing technology supports the system completely.

Economic feasibility:

This analysis is the most frequently used method for comparing the cost with benefit or income that is expected from the developed system.

This is one of the main tasks of the developer to design such an interface that user can use it easily in one word it should be user friendly and for this you should have a better understanding of the audience which going to use this application, initially we need to locate the targeting people that what kind of application do they need.

After getting all this information we should start to design the application.

  • The user should have the appropriate version of windows.
  • The system should have up to 1 GB ram minimum requirement for the application.
  • The application should be installed on the system.
  • Internet Connectivity is a must for this purpose.
  • CPU with a speed of 1.3Ghz is a good choice for normal usage.