Online Shopping Project in PHP
Online Shopping Project in PHP

Nowadays, one of the biggest transformations using technologies is the online shopping system. It also has almost the same size of the market as a general physical market possesses. Online shopping is a process in which people (specifical customers) are being provided with the option of purchasing goods and services directly from the seller, all in a real-time environment.

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Online shopping is an application of the internet as electronic commerce (Like Amazon). From the business perspective, customers usually find the products more attractive, on websites, as they get all the details available there. People in large number are doing online shopping today, and it is not only because it is convenient as one can shop from home, but also because there is an ample number of varieties available, with high competition of prices, and also it is easy to navigate for searching regarding any particular item.

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For sellers, their product has access to the World-Wide market, which also increases the number of customers and enhances customer relationships. Also, web stores are a means for small-scale companies to launch their products at the global level. The main objective behind this project is to develop a web-oriented application that can provide an online shopping feature to users.

In other words, the project aimed at creating a virtual shop environment for users, in some handy form, which will be available to them through the internet. Although the idea of developing online shopping websites is not new in the electronic market and has been evolved soon after the World Wide Web (www).

In the present scenario, the biggest market for this (online shopping) business is by highly educated people, mostly. This system has been designed keeping in mind all the aspects such as loading the data, complexity, and maintaining the security of user credentials. Here in this system, complexity refers to the total number of features being provided to users, and their smooth arrangement and functioning required.

Following are some of the key features of our system, which distinguishes it from others:

  1. Display all the available categories for shopping on the home page.
  2. Display all the sub-categories on the home page, that are associated with any particular item.
  3. Admin has the authority to add new particulars to the items list whenever needed.
  4. Permission to the administrator to remove items, anytime.
  5. Allows the admin to modify the price of each item, whenever required or felt like.
  6. Admin has the authority to update the description of each item.
  7. Permission to the admin to view information about each customer who checkouts the items list.

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Overview of Online Shopping Project

This system involves its own database to be maintained. As the information or details about the products are stored in the database (like RDBMS, online databases on a paid basis like firebase, etc.) for the server-side functionalities. The Server process is for dealing with the customer’s detail and the items that are shipped to different locations based on the addresses provided by the customers.

The application design contains two modules one is for the customers who wish to buy the articles. And another is for the store owners who maintain and updates the information regarding the articles and about the customers. The end-user to use this product are the common people for whom the application is to be hosted on the web and the admin maintains the database.

The application that is deployed on the customer’s database like RDBMS, the information regarding the items are highlighted and forwarded from the database for the customer (front view) based on the choice through the menu list and based on all these searches and transactions the database of all the products is updated at the end of each transaction.

The entries for products, into the application, can be made through various screens designed for various levels of users. As soon as, the authorized personnel feeds the relevant data into the system, several reports are generated based on the security policy used.

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Future Scope of Online Shopping Project 

Our designed online shopping system provides a 24×7 service, that is customers can surf the website, place orders anytime they wish to. Also, the delivery system works 24×7 hours a week. Some of the features that can be modified and added to this system in the future involve its implementation by local shopkeepers, where shops will be providing an online interface to customers for shopping and placing orders.

Then some delivery persons can perform their work. This will be adding on benefit for the customers as it will save their time, plus it adds on for the shopkeepers also, as people will continue to shop from local shops rather than preferring to supermarkets every time. Also, since the deliveries from these local vendors will not be as time-consuming as these days Flipkart, Amazon, etc. take but rather will be delivered the same day of order placed.

Else the shopkeeper can ask the customer that the product will be available by the next day, so if he/she still wants to place the order, it can be done. Again, return or exchange will be easy since the delivery boy can even do it as the store is nearby. Including a chatbot for public benefit is also a great idea via which people can directly have a conversation with some officials regarding any type of queries.

System Analysis of Online Shopping Project 

The process of gathering information, diagnosing the problems, then interpreting facts is known as System analysis. It also includes recommending system improvements needed, based on the same data. The system is observed as a whole, the inputs need to be identified first before turning them and then the system is subjected to study as a whole to identify the problem areas.

Although tunning any system as a whole is a complex procedure, but tunning individual statements is not the best as something that is correct for one input may hurt another input’s performance. The solutions are given as a proposal. The suggestion is revised on user request and optimal changes are made. This loop terminates as soon as the user is gratified with the proposal.

So, on the whole, system analysis is done to improve the system performance by monitoring it and obtaining the best throughput possible from it. Therefore, system analysis plays a crucial role in designing any system.

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Existing System of Online Shopping Project 

The present scenario for shopping is to visit the shops and market manually and then from the available product list one needs to choose the item he or she wants and then pay for the same item mainly in cash mode is done, as not every society is well educated and aware to use net banking or card modes or wallets etc.

This system is not much user friendly as one needs to go to the market physically and then select items only from the available list. So mostly it is difficult to get the product as per our desire. Description About the products is less available and are mostly verbal only. For this type of shopping, one needs to have an ample amount of free time.

Also, not really good markets exist everywhere, so many times good markets become out of reach for certain people. In the proposed system customers need not go to the shops for purchasing the products. He/she can order the product he/she wishes to buy through the use of this system. The shop owner can be the admin of the system.

Shop owners can appoint officials particularly to handle this, who will help the owner in managing the customers and product orders. The system also endorses a home delivery system for delivering the purchased products.

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ER- Diagram of Online Shopping Project 

Now we will discuss the whole ER-diagram to make better understanding.

Here we have different Entities such as Online Shop, Customer, Product, Payment, Cart, Brand let looks one by one which is as follow:

Online Shop

This is the entity representing the whole online shopping system which further contains several other entities describing the entire application.


This represents the set of customers, which are the clients who will be using this application. The customers are for whom the system is being designed.

Its attribute set includes:

  • Name: This is the name of the customer, searching or purchasing the products. When signing up to the website the name of the customer is stored, this is done for the future referencing and maintaining the user’s data record (history). It is the composite attribute that contains two more attributes that are First Name and Last-named. That contains the user’s first name and last name.
  • Cust-id: This is the identification number assigned by the admin to the users so as to identify them uniquely in the future. This identification number is helpful in fetching data of the individual users from a big set. This is mainly to manage the huge database system where the entire data is being stored.
  • Address: This is the user’s address where the user lives so that to use it at the time of delivery or any further requirements. This is also a composite attribute that is divided into address1 and address2. These address1 contains house no. and lane no., whereas the address2 field is applicable for containing city and state address.
  • Email-id: It involves the email address of the user, that can be used for sending advertisements or offers, to the user in the future, once the user becomes a part of the family and has signed up to the website. The user should enter a valid email address and not a fraudulent one, as the email id is verified at the time of sign-up only.
  • Contact-no: This is the user’s mobile no., or any landline number, through which the user can be asked for confirmation at the time of placing an order, or it can also be used at times when the user has any query or feedback.


This is the entity representing the items that customers choose to buy. It can be added to the cart once the user likes it and then can be easily confirmed for order.

This has the attribute set as:

  • Name: This is the name of the product by which it is identified and decided that in which category the user will be searching it and where the user can find this.
  • Prod-id: This is the unique product identity assigned to the items in the store so as to uniquely identify them, in condition if two products have the same name are available in the store. At that time the seller will update the record of the product based on this identity number, in the database.
  • Price: It is one of the most important attributes since most of the time people change their shopping list contents depending upon their needs and economic situation. So, for them to know the actual MRP is most important in making decisions for what to buy and what not to.


This is for the items that belong to some brands, and are kept in the store. People’s choices vary with their taste and standard of living. Most people these days prefer buying branded items.

  • Name: The name of the brand often invites a crowd to buy their products no matter what the content is. So, the brand name is as important to maintain as the product.
  • Brand-id: It is also the identity number given to the products for uniquely identifying them.


A small place for users to reserve their choice for checking and finalizing till they end their shopping. This is provided for a small period of time, that is till the user is on an active session. The cart in this system is kept to be the same as the wish list.

  • Quantity: The number of individual items along with the total number of items the user has finalized for purchasing is maintained under this. So that it is to the knowledge of customers that what all have they bought. And also, the store needs to maintain a record of how many items they have sold and how much is required to bring more in the lot.
  • Cart-id: A unique identifying number to indicate individual carts and manage their database along with the user’s data.
  • Total: This attribute manages the total price sum of the purchase or transaction the user has made in one attempt.


It defines the payment to be done by the customer for purchasing the products from the web store at a worthwhile price. Also, various security encryption mechanisms have been used, so the customer details of accounts and other credentials are safe and secure.

  • Mode: The user is provided with lots of options that he/she can opt for making the payment depending upon their ease. There are many choices available like net banking, use of wallets like Paytm and I-cash cards, also credit card and debit card options are available too.
  • Pay-id: It is for the benefit of users as well as the website owners since the pay-id is helpful in maintaining the payment record in the database, as well as it is also provided to the customer after the successful completion of payment. As later customers can claim anytime that they have already done the payments and the owners cannot deny. So, it is useful to prevent any kind of fraud from both sides.
  • Amount: It is the record of the total sum amount the user needs to pay, and after the payment, it is used to update the server-side database to keep the record of the net profit or loss on daily basis.

System Requirements of Online Shopping Project in Php

  • The user should have the appropriate version of windows.
  • The system should have up to 2 GB ram minimum requirement for the application.
  • The application should be installed on the system.

So, this is the overall process of making the Online Shopping system worked, and users can get the policy without any headache from an agent and sometimes do not need to provide commission to them.

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User Interface

This is one of the main tasks of the developer to design a graphical user interface that the user attracts to and can use easily; in one word it should be user-friendly. So, for this, you should have a better understanding of customers’ likes and dislikes and the features that are in trend and mesmerize the public easily, initially we need to locate the targeting people that what kind of application do they need.

After getting all this information we should start to design the application.