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Sarfaraj Alam
Er. Sarfaraj Alam 

Who is Sarfaraj ?

I am professional programmer, I design and develop awesome web and mobile applications.

In my free time, I also help students in their programming projects and assignments. I am expert in helping students. Contact me  for programming help and software development.

My Story

I have completed my engineering from India's Largest University, LPU.

I got my first computer at the age of 13. From that day I did not spend a single day without touching my computer.

It is my best friend. I always spend my time with computer to learn something new. I have worked in different fields and technologies of computer science. I played different roles in different times.

What I learn in 8 Years ?

I love to learn technology, You don't believe I always keep learning even in my busy schedule.  I believe that everyone must learn something new everyday :) 

 Skills of Sarfaraj Alam

What I have done in last 5 Years ?

I have done a lot of work in last 5 years. It was not possible without my team and my students.

My last 5 year work by in software development

Offered Services 

  • Android App Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • UI Design For Android and iPhone App
  • Web Application Development For Small Business
  • Web Site Design For Individual Professionals
  • Database Design For Small and Medium Size company
  • SEO Services for Website and Blog
  • WordPress Consultancy and Services.
  • Management System Development for Any type of Business
  • Secure WordPress Blog Setup
  • SEO Consultancy for Improving Your website ranking
  • Software Testing and Debugging
  • Career Consultancy for Computer Science Students
  • Distributed Database Design
  • Programming Assignment Help
  • Programming Project Help
  • Final Year Project Help
  • Online tutoring for Programming Languages.  

Are you interested in my services ?

Contact me now, I am waiting to see you.

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