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Super Market Billing Project in Java, C, C++, PHP

Supermarket Billing Project or Supermarket billing management system, This project is known by different titles. Your title can have Restaurant Billing System Project or Sometimes Warehouse Billing Management Project or Shop Billing Projects.

So I am providing fundamental of any billing project. Using these fundamental knowledge you can create your own billing management system. It is simple programming project for beginners.

Super Market Billing Project in Java, C, C++, PHP
Super Market Billing Project in Java, C, C++, PHP

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This project is created in Visual C++ , because of suitability of this software for such type  of Console Applications. The basic programming principle behind this application is the concepts of OOP’s i.e. Object oriented Programming.

Object Oriented Programming

OOP’s follow the concept of top to down approach and it is non procedural language. The main characteristics of object oriented programming are 
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

About The Project "Super Market Billing Project"

Variables Used –

p_name[] – of  type character array
This variable is used to store the name of the product. As the name of the product can contain characters or numbers hence character array is a suitable type for it.

Id[]-- of  type character array
This variable is used to store the id of the product. As the id of the product can contain characters or numbers hence character array is a suitable type for it.

Type-- of  type character 
This variable is used to store the type of the product with the help of following specifications ---


As the type of the product can  only contain a single  character  hence character  is a suitable type for it.

Vali— of  type integer
This variable is used to dente the validity of the product.

Cost --- of type float 
This is used to store the cost of the product, as the cost of product of the can be in decimal also hence data type float is used here.

Date –of  type  “ struct”

Since date has three parts – i.e. day, month and year.
Hence   we use type “struct”, since structure can store the variables of different data types. But here we are only using the month and year for storing the manufacturing date of the product. The structure itself contain two more variables that are
      m=of type integer for storing   the month value.
      y = of type integer for storing the year of the manufacturing of the product.

Functions used in this project

I have used following functions in this  Super Market Billing Project, I am explaining one by one.

Add() : to add the records.

Here concept of file handling is used for storing the data permanently. Whenever we want to retrieve the data from the file we can easily do it with the help of certain functions.

Here we use binary files to store the data because they are faster as compared to text files. Moreover they also require less space as compared to text files.

Here we use the object of class fstream for reading and writing the records from and into the file respectively.

If stream is used to read the records from the file and of stream is used to write records into the file.
First of all we open the file in the required mode using the file name as—"smr.dat", ios::binary | ios::app);

here smr.dat is the name of file ios tells us the type of the file and mode of opening the file ,app means append mode which means at the end of  the file.

Whenever we add any record we always write at the end of the file hence using append mode for opening the file.

Using read and write functions we read and write records into the file and after performing the desired operations we close the file.

Search() function : for searching any record from the file

Using this function you can find the content store in file.

Modify() function : for modifying any record

This functions seems to be very helpful when we have to update a record or in the case when some wrong information is being added and to overwrite it.

Delete() function : to delete any record

This function is used when we want to delete any record or we permanent removal of any record from our database.

Display() function : to display the content 

This function is used to display all the available records available in the file.

Main() function

As is the name of this function this is the main function of  any c++ program . DOS first of all call this function and all the other functions being called by this function.

This provides us a menu of the whole project that what we can do and how, such as “press 1 for add the records “  , this line instruct the user that if  he / she  want to add any record ,

1 should be pressed , so in this way it provides a menu to the user and instruct the procedure and with the help of if else statement it calls the different functions defined above by comparing the user’s choice with the menu options.

Super Market Billing Project in Java

Supermarket billing management system can be also developed in Java, It will be good choice because Java Provide a bunch of GUI API. Using these APIs you can make this project easily.

If you create Supermarket Billing Project in Java, It will cross platform. You can run this project in any Operating System (OS).  I am interested to build this application in Java.

Super Market Billing Project in PHP with MySQL

Being a fan of Web Programming, I always choose Web Programming Languages (PHP, Python, Ruby on Rail) . But PHP with MySQL is the best combination. I always like to make any application
in PHP. Don't forgot it to check PHP Project ideas

The main advantage of using PHP is that It is made for Internet. Once you will write any software, Put it online. It will be available to use anyone in world wide web.

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