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Asp stands for Active Server Pages. is a framework launched in 2001 and is available free of cost to everyone. Let us understand what is and how it can help you build your own websites. In this post I will tell you only the basics of the, you will have to dig hard to get deeper into it.
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Asp can be used to develop three kinds of applications- Window based, Web based and Mobile based.

In 2001 .net framework 1.0,
In 2002 .net framework 1.1,
In 2005 .net framework 2.0,
In 2008 .net framework 3.5,
In 2010 .net framework 4.0 and
In 2012 .net framework 4.5 was released.

Visual studio is the development environment for framework and is used to develop mobile and web applications. It has different editions:

1. Standard edition
2. Professional edition 
3. Ultimate edition
4. Team edition and 
5.  Free editions.

You can download anyone of them according to your choice and demands and can start coding in .net framework.

Pre Requisites:
You must know some basic html, css and basic programming concepts to code in

Why is one of the frameworks by Microsoft and is very helpful in creating secure web, mobile and desktop applications. You can create applications for windows as well. For example: Skype, reader etc.
Asp is based on MVC architecture, where M stands for Model V stands for View and C stands for Controller. Before building any application, Let us understand the MVC architecture first:

Model is the information, application works with. All the information and basic code is stored over here, Controller stores the logic which can be applied to it which can make the application work and View is something which end user sees without knowing what actually is happening inside the code or the application.
User enters data or query which he/she wants to execute and then it is taken to the model, which includes functions and references to the place where all the logic has been stored earlier. Model examines and judges which type and kind of functionality is needed to run the programme successfully and passes the control to the controller where it provides the logic and makes the entire functionally work. This cycle repeats and this is how the MVC architecture works in

Websites are of two types:
1.   Static.
2.  Dynamic.

Static are those in which the content remains fixed and cannot change as the page is refreshed.
Dynamic websites are those in which content changes accordingly, where the website interacts with the database.

With the help of you can create anyone of them, in accordance with the demands. These technologies like, PHP are used to build up a website because a browser can understand only HTML, Javascript and CSS and for the interior working we need something to code on to build and apply some logic which can be applied to make it work according to the user demands. 
In this case we require a language. Scripting languages can be of two types:

Client side scripting: Includes JS, JQuery etc.
Server side scripting:, PHP etc.

Keep this in mind that is different from ASP, purely works on C# or

To install Visual Studio, go to the official website, download which so ever version you want and install it in your system, by clicking on the wizard. Here I am installing Visual Studio 2013. After the successful installation you are ready to create your own first demonstration website. Don’t loose your heart, installation takes some time and hence tests your patience as well. You need to just stick to your work.

In between the installation you can review your basic concepts of HTML and CSS, which will help you in creation of a website you want. If you know bootstrap, it is a plus point for you. Bubt if not, it is not that hard to understand and implement, you just need to download the files and add it into your file in which you are working, you can go through the documentation part of Bootstrap, this will make your website look more beautiful as it owns good designs like in case of buttons, icons and all. Everything there is easy to understand. For now let us proceed with the installation.

I hope in between this conversation and documentation of Bootstrap you would have successfully installed the Visual Studio in your system. If no then wait for some more time and if yes let us start the basic application:

Goto File-> New -> Website -> Webforms

You will get a page to start with. This is known as solution explorer. This solution explorer will include folder like scripts where jquery and other things are included also contains app data which can contain our database and other connection information.

It contains appcode which contains calluses business logic and other things. It also contains config files used for configuration of the whole website.

MyProject -> Add -> WebForm

From here you can start coding and building your apps. For more information on how to build good web applications, desktop applications or windows applications you can refer to the documentation. This post will simply give you idea of what is and how it is useful in creation of Applications with some basic details to it.

It has web server controls, some of them are:

Label, TextBox, Button, Radio Button, CheckBox, Hyperlink, FileUpload, DropDown, ListBox etc.

As clear from the given names, label and textbox both are used to write texts, radio buttons are used most when you need to select one option out of two in most of the cases like yes and no. CheckBox to select many options if you want. You can use them vice versa but they are mostly used like this traditionally. 

Hyperlink to link a text of anything with another page or link in the web or its location can be in your system also. File Upload to give option to end user for uploading any file. Drop down and list Box to select from the menu. For Example: to select from the list of states and countries etc.

There are different kinds of attacks which can take place in the websites like XSS, SQL injection, Man in the Middle attack and many more. To to make yourself secure from these attacks you need to be alert enough to handle them all. A website is called good only when it is less susceptible to attacks and has this power to overcome almost all kinds of attacks that can take place in a website. The very basic principle you can apply is validations to them as well to make the website and code more secure and less vulnerable to attacks.

You can implement databases as well, database handling: A database is a collection of related information that is stored for faster access, reliability, provides security to the data. Database management systems which are available are: ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL etc.

Creation of table:
Create table TableName
          Age numeric(5);
          Name varchar(20);

Deletion of table:
Drop table TableName

Inserting into table:
Insert into TableName ( , ) values(‘’,’’);

If running MySQL, you can use this to connect to the database:

SqlConnection vconn = new SqlConnection(“server=localhost;database=xyz; user id=abc; pwd=123456”);
SqlCommand vcomm = new SqlCommand(strl, vconn);

You can send email to your client, keep a track of it, can use session and much more. provides you many features to help coder as well as end user comfortable with it.

Not only this you can use Javascript with and this will help you use html and css as well. Ajax can also be used. To make your website look good and interesting to the end user we can use anything to design it.

After all this discussion there comes a very important concept called lazy loading: We can see in many websites like Facebook, twitter etc that when you goto the page and start going downwards you will see that all the page has not been loaded in your first click and when you scroll down you can see the rest of the posts loading for you without wasting much of your data or the internet pack. When this kind of loading takes place this is known as Lazy loading.

After going through all, you can also put your website online and there are two ways to it:

Step 1: Build/Compile your website.
Step 2: Build->Publish your website.
Step 3: Here comes the two ways in which we can divide it: first one is you can host a website as your own website in the web or the second case is to install it as a virtual directory.
When you use it as a website, you will be able to locate it through a domain name Example:
On the other hand when you use it as a virtual directory, it can be hosted as any IP address.
Step 4:I will tell you for using it as a virtual directly, this can be done as follows:
Control Panel-> Administrative tools->IIS Manager
Default website-> Add Virtual Directory
Application you created-> Convert into Application.

And here you go, you have installed, learned and studied how to use your website as a virtual directory, but putting it online! Now you are familiar with the basic concepts and how basically the works. If you are more interested in learning more about it goto the documentation and there is so much to learn more, although your basic concepts are clear and enough to understand the higher levels.

Projects that can be build using
1.     Social networking web application.
2.     Blogging website.
3.     Railway reservation website.
4.     E-commerce website.
5.     Pizza delivery system.
6.     Online polling/booking system.
7.     Library management system.
8.     International flight reservation system.
9.     Railway and banking system.
10. Travel and Tourism system.

And many more big and small projects can be built using this technology, this has always been used and implemented by huge MNCs. One of them is Microsoft, you can understand its power by the word itself.

Many schools and colleges teaches this subject these days just because of the popularity and acknowledge it is getting from people all around the world. It is easy to understand, learn and implement as well. Anyone can easily create a website and can put it into the server to make it online.

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