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Android Project Ideas For MS, B.Tech Final Year

Android Project Ideas for beginner and final year student is the base of this post. I have researched the android project ideas and giving you the list with brief introduction of each. I tried to cover major ideas here. It may be that I have missed something in this list.

If you think you have better idea or your idea is not available here . Kindly put your idea in comment box available at the bottom of this post. So that I can update current available list. You attempt will be appreciated. I have also list the php project ideas you can also use this list to choose your android project.

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Final Year Project In ANdorid
Android Project Ideas
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Quiz Application Android Project

For Beginner level you can make Quiz application android project. I will be easy for you if you know how to do database programming. You can simply this application without using database. But I don't like it without online database connectivity. Wait don't be confuse. I am simplifying it.

Quiz Application Android App without online database connectivity.

In this android project you need not to connect you android app with your online database. it will be easier for beginner and I don't like it. Because you have to fix limited number of question.  Once user install your app. There will be no control on your hand.

Quiz Application Android App with online database connectivity.

It will good for final year android project and it will be little big. In this android project your app will have two interfaces android app interface and web app interface. Your android app will be connected to your web app. You can push your information(Content or News or Questions) from web to all installed android app to your customer. It will give you freedom to update new questions and new quiz category. 

 Reminder Application Android Project

It is coolest and my favorite app suggestion for beginner. To make this  project you need not any database programming simple android API knowledge is sufficient.  There are many great example of reminder app available in Google Play Store. You can find there and test on your smart phone or tablet. I believe perfection never exit. See the example and find the cons and improve that cons in your app. Your android app will be better.

Smart messaging app

I guess have you heard about WhatsApp, Hike. It comes under the smart messaging app. You can also create app like these for your final year android project. You can add feature to your app according to your requirement. 
Let me discuss one important things with you. One day I was talking to my friends. They advised me to create the personal version of WhatsApp. I designed it and distribute it my friend and we are using it and enjoying. You may think that It was an stupid idea for creating the same thing again. But I don't think so. 

I just want to build some thing which make me happy. So I make it. I am giving the feature of my app.
  • Single Chatting 
  • Group Chatting
  • You Can Share any type of file under 100 MB
  • Instant chatting.
  • Ring notification for someone when he will call you.
  • Voice chatting
I am continuously improving it day by day. It may be that I will lunch it near future, But we have no plan to make it public now. Try to build your own. If you are facing problem.

App locker Android Project

App locker Android project idea is very killer idea, If you can make good quality and secure application. We don't like to share our smart phone to our friend. But some time if your best friend ask your phone, you may not refuse. We all have some private stuff or the stuff you don't want to share. In this case App locker comes into the light. There are many good app locker is available in the market. But you can make your own.

This android project may have these features. 
  • Lock individual App 
  • Lock group app
  • Lock Private site
  • Pattern lock 
  • Face recognition lock  
  • Location lock.
  • Recovery method to recover password

Dictionary Android Project

I think I need not to tell you anything about it. You all may be familiar to it. But If I am writing this post on Android Project Idea. It is my responsibility to tell you all about it. Dictionary Android Project is easiest project which you can make. But as much as you will increase the functionality of your app. It will be complex. 

The Feature of Dictionary Android Project
  • Add New Worlds
  • Update New Words
  • Delete Existing Words
  • Easy Search Option
  • Online New Words update
  • Faculty to report bug.

Online Shopping Android Project

Have you heard about Amazon ?
What is Amazon ? I believe most of the you can answer .
My Answer: Amazon is a biggest online shopping site. where you can buy different type of goods cheap and easily. You may think why I am discussing it here. Just calm down and Listen I never waste your time. 

I discuss it here so you that you can understand what I want to say. In 2014 Mobile user is increasing dramatically. So the companies like Amazon are focusing on mobile user. 
So They developed android application for their e-commerce site so that they can cover these customer. 

You can also create you own Android project in Android Online Shopping  Project. You can sell your goods and services using your android application. Seems exciting, Just do it.

The Features of Online Shopping Android Project  

  • Add New Product
  • Edit New Product
  • Product Rating Facility
  • Online Live Product Database
  • Effective Database Design 
  • Facility to review product
  • Online Payment Gate to Pay online
  • Cash on Delivery functionality
  • Discount coupon Generator  

Travelling management system Android Project

Travelling management system android project is totally based your task or business related to Travelling. This android project ideas is for travelling agency to manage their customers' trips,  customers information, and payment, trips details. there are many good Travelling agency and their android app are available in google play store, Just download and check. It will inspire you and motivate your to develop your Travelling Android project. 
  • User can see available trips
  • User can enquirer for travelling destination
  • User inquiry form should be available. In case of  custom booking
  • Best Travelling Information should be available for user.
  • Tips for safe travelling should be available.

Movie ticket booking system Android Project

Everyone want to book their movie tickets more faster and smarter way through the smart android app. Movie ticket booking system android project is comes up with all the requirement of user and provide a relaxation from the long queue of cinema’s counter.
Not only this app book your ticket but also it gives you all the information about movie’s schedule and upcoming movies.

 The Features of this android project can be:

  • Online booking
  • Movie schedule
  • Movie description
  • Movie Reviews
  • Movie Ratings
  • Seat Availability

Social Networking Android Project Idea

In today’s world our messages and our status are stretched throughout the world in very fast and accessible manner by using Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

This android project provide the possibility of all the features of social networking sites into one single app.

 After install the android version of Social Networking sites we can enjoy the messaging and other activity on Mobile in a fire faster and smarter way.
There are some common features of this app are:

  • Instant status changing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Picture Messaging
  • Any file Sharing (up to 100 MB)
  • Group Chatting
  • Video Calling
  • Audio Calling

Download Manger Android Project Idea

‘Internet Download Manager’ everybody knows about this desktop application. It provides high speed downloading and resuming capabilities.

 If you are on the road without your laptop but you have your smart phone with you then the android version of download manager will help you to download your precious file with fast speed. 

This Android Project helps the user to download any files in a smarter and easy way.

Features of this android project are:

  • Capture download capability with browser
  • Auto start with any format of file
  • Manually add URL
  • Resuming downloads

Sticky Notes Android Project Ideas

“Remind me to read this book after 10 day”, 
Can you remember this line for me till the 10th day,
the answer is NO because in today’s scenario every person busy with their work and forget to remember their own small task then why they can remember your task.

You need a personal assistant to do this task but it will be costly for you.

This Sticky Notes android project help you to remember all your personal task from first day to the last day and forced to remind you again and again to remember your task.

Some features of this android project are:
  • Pin on main screen
  • Lock/Unlock Notes
  • Share your task within friends
  • Import/Export Notes
  • Picture Notes

Course Recommendation Android project 

 Course recommendation android app is a unique app idea for your final year project. It is specially applicable for your the university and college where student have freedom to choose the subject of their choice. 
According to my knowledge, This android project idea is not applicable in Indian university

Let’s see how these upcoming android project ideas are going to shape the modern world: 

Android Civil Administration Reporting System:

An Android based application that makes administration faster and smarter. With the administration becoming faster and smarter, people are going to have an easy time travelling through roads and accessing varied government based services. Android application will remove roadblocks and will empower growth. Android Civil Administration Reporting System can help administration manage better control over traffic, water plants and electricity grids. Administration can acquire access to varied lists, reports and schedule through one application on their phones. 

Smart health Consulting Android System: 

A health sector based android application that can enroll varied government based health centers and provide information at a central level. With android-based application for all health centers; not only people will be able to acquire better information but the government too will be able to provide better services to people. A smart health consulting android system that can bring all medical agencies under one roof will help people find which doctor is available where and make choices accordingly. Such android project ideas will give more power to people and make lives simpler. In case of emergency and accidents, people will be able to realize which hospital has an empty bed and rush to the one without delaying any further. 

PC Control by Android Over Internet: 

This one idea will go viral as soon as it is implemented. The world has grown lazy and everyone is looking forward to access all the information and services on their phone instead of using a personal computer or a laptop. With PC Control By Android Over Internet application releasing people will be able to access all their data from phone, tablet and laptop on one device, which will be a path breaking development. 

Android Password Based Remote Door Open System: 

taking security to a new level with android password based remote door open system. Homeowners can have an android app that allows you to open doors, gates and manage access to windows. This will not only restrict un-authorized entry but will also prevail a sense of security among peers. Students and developers will have to work really hard on this android project ideas to make it a reality. Hard work is going to be paid because people in the contemporary world are always looking for better security features. 

Android Pet feeder and Entertainer Application: 

Pet feeder integrated with android application is one of the most ambitious android project ideas to pursue. People from around the world are worried about their pets while being at work. A new android-based application that integrates with pet feeder provides people with live stream of their dog’s activities and also allows them to interact with them. The world of dogs and dog lovers is going to be a much better place with this android project idea turning into a reality. This android application can also manage meals provided by pet feeder. 

Android Law System Project:

This is one of those rare android project ideas that can be pursued in multitude patterns. One can make it for administration and the other could make it for people. An android application for administration that allows them to find everything related to one person and his law related reputation. While the other developer could build an application that helps people search, find, read and understand laws all on the basis of keyword, terms and semantics. This application will not only save administration’s research time but will also help people live in a more informed and aware world. With such android application for people; police based discrimination and corruption will see a new low. 

Wi-Fi Library Book Locator Project:

Connect to the Library Wi-Fi enter name of the book you are looking for and locate its position on your phone. Students, professors and lab assistants are going to have a great time using this amazing android app. This is one of those few android project ideas that can be developed during college days and be implemented. People are going to have a great time using this application because finding one book among millions is definitely a mammoth of task. 

Android Vehicle Tracking Application:

Android vehicle tracking application will disrupt the parking management system. With new and efficient application coming in the old and decrepitude system will turn obsolete; which is actually a good thing for the world. With the android-based vehicle tracking application, people will be able to locate their vehicles easily and follow the route on their phones to find their vehicle in actual parking space. This one application is going to solve the huge parking problem at giant offices, malls and public spaces. The application will also provide people with empty space information. 

Android Circuit Breaker: 

This surely is one of the most futuristic Android Project Ideas to work upon. An android circuit breaker is the solution to all electric malfunctions in the world. One can use their android phones to break circuits every time they feel something fishy is going on with their electric connection. An android application for circuit breaking will save a lot of lives and property. 

Android Voting System:

Solving the centuries old problem with the help of technology; a voting system that prevents people from visiting polling booths. An android voting system will not only help government manage elections better but will also change the way enterprises work. Colleges can also make the best use of such a system for election campaigns. It is going to be a lot of fun and less hectic. 

Android Blood Bank:

Centralizing all services is one of the best ways of solving problems. By building an android blood bank that solves problem related to availability of blood can help people save lives. We can always acquire details whether the blood is available or not and if available then at which blood bank. This is one of the best ideas to work on and turn into a reality because the world is in dire need of it. 

Home automation using android:

With people working harder than ever the time to rest has decreased. People are constantly tired and are dependent upon technologies for getting their work done. A home automation using android system will allow people to open windows, close doors, control AC temperature and switch TV off from their bed. People will be able to get everything done through their android phones that too without leaving their bed. This surely is the future of home management. 

Android local train ticketing project: 

Android local train ticketing project will help people book metro tickets and tickets of other local trains with great ease. The efficient manage of application will reduce the queues at station and parking lots. People will be able to book their tickets on the go and save a lot of time. This surely is one of the most needed android project ideas to be turned into a reality. 

Android controlled automobile: 

a giant step towards making industries peoples less. With android controlled automobile we can manage operations at industries better. An android manager will have to use the application and make the vehicles at the industries move and get the work done. This can be implied to private projects and can be used for reducing human effort or the complications of hiring a driver. 

Student faculty document sharing android application: 

With this application we will be putting power in the hands of students. Student and teacher peer system will not only promote better communication but will allow the users to make the best use of opportunity and help students in an effective manner. Student and faculties will be able to share documents on time and reduce physical efforts. 

Android antenna positioning system: 

This application is going to have a lot of projections. Developers can create an android application that allows operators to set the direction of antenna without touching it and it can also be used to help users identify the current position of antenna and manage spectrum accordingly. This is one of the most toughest android project ideas to work upon when in final year of engineering. This project is going to help students acquire good marks and fresh employees cast an impressive shadow on their bosses. 

Android-based pick and place robotic arm project: 

Robotics has found a lost brother in Android Application. Together robotics and android application is going to help people make dream projects become a reality. The challenges are going to be reduced drastically. One can actually use android applications for picking up and placing robotic arms and enjoy a true robotic experience. A better mechanical world is just around the corner brace yourselves. 

DC Motor Speed Controlled by Android: 

The industries are embracing android applications with open hearts. People are enjoying the use of these android applications for managing their businesses and industries better. DC Motor Speed Controlled by Android is as ambitious and difficult as it sounds. One can always depend upon android applications for managing the speed of motor and increase the pace of production at their industries. 

Android-based spy robot with spy camera: 

Media houses and administration can make efficient use of android-based spy robot with spy camera for taking down on criminals and corrupt politicians. One can always enjoy access to the best of speed manager and direction controller through this application for a better view of the targeted area. This one android project is going to help developers in the limelight because this will solve a lot of problems. 

Android controlled railway crossing gates:

Railway crossing gates happen to be one of the most dangerous crossings in the world. The administration can finally manage these crossings really well. With an android controlled railway crossing gates application officers will be able to close and open during the commute of trains with great ease. This application is going to reduce the number of accidents and help people lead a simpler life. 

Android sentence framer application:

people of the modern world are going to find this application really useful because it helps them say more by typing less. An android application that suggests the whole sentence you are planning to type. This application will make people addicted; life is going to get simpler from here onwards. 

Medical search engine project: 

AN android application integrated with the national database that helps people find and use medical facilities at the nearest. Such applications are going to bring a drastic reduction in number of people dying because of un availability of medical services or assistance. Now people can find medical services on NH and visit the place at the earliest for medical attention. 

Android inventory tracker: 

All the industries and business houses are going to love this android project idea because of the efficiency it adds to their businesses. Now you can track your inventory live and provide your clients with real time update. This is going to change the way service sector works for better. With this system businesses are going to go in profit. 

Wireless indoors positioning system:

replacing the grumpy ole walkie talkie this new system is going to help people communicate in campuses with great ease. This one system will empower people to achieve more and more. This is one of those few android project ideas with real marketing capability and can generate thousands of dollars in revenue. Wireless indoor positioning system is about future and better administration. 

Why android will continue to be the market leader?

Android’s popularity is increasing at an un-believable speed and it is forcing people to achieve more and more. With the simplified applications that allows people to enjoy access to the best of services, it is getting very obvious that people want more and more of it. The demand is forcing developers and engineers to come up with new breath-taking ideas. 

The change, which is starting to seep in, is helping people manage their business better. With the increased demand the number of android applications is also increasing and helping people lead a way simpler life. There’s a lot more these android applications are going to achieve in near future.

Money management, ticket booking and ambulance calling are some of the best examples these upcoming android projects are going to help us with. 

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