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Library management system project in C++,C, Java, PHP

Library Management System in C++
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There is the screen shot of the videos which I am publishing here. The Source is written in Turbo C++.
You can use this project as a software in your library. I am using file handling to save the details.Like Books and Member Info. There are many features in this project.
Only .Exe File is Available to Download   

Member List 

In this section you can view all member with complete details like (Issued book to member and contact number of the the member etc).
Member Details List

Edit Menu

Here You can modified the book's details and member info, You can delete member or book from this section and if there is 10 book available and there are 10 new book with the same title.
You can add or remove the number of books
Edit Menu

Main Menu

This is place you can choose your desired option, 
If you want to issue a book you can do it from here, if you want to return a book you return from here, If you want to see the available books you can see from here.

Main Menu

List of Book 

In this section you can see books details .

List of Book Available in Database

Addition of New Member

In this section, You can add new member, To add new member you have to enter the name of new member and mobile number. And at the last you have to enter the address of the member .
Adding Member Details to Database

Addition of New Book

To Add new book, There is three things required.
Book's Name, Author Name, Price of Book (single copy) and Number of copies. I am asking for the price of single copy to keep record, In case if Member loose that book then we can easily find the book's price.

Adding or Updating New Books in Database

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Library is a home for various kinds of books in large amount. The books can be related to history, fiction, biography, novel category etc. The books play an important role in a human’s life from the time of their birth. You are reading this post just because you have been educated with the help of books. A library management system is a collection of different entities books, librarian, accountant, student or reader etc. It is a centralized place where all the information related to different types of books can be found.

Why library management system is necessary?

To answer this question, I will walk you through with my past experience. But, first let me tell you, I am not a book worm. I visit library occasionally. Now, coming to my story, I went to library to look for my academy book. The game begins. To my surprise, there were lot of people in the library, (“why are they so much into studies”, I thought), resulting into a well-packed crowd. Of course it would take a lot of time to issue my book. I have for 45 minutes and I cannot do anything but to face the problem, issue to book and get back home. There were a lot of racks in the library where I have to find out the book I want. I spent 30 minutes but didn’t find my book. Now, I went to ask the librarian, if the book is anywhere there. But, it was not helpful. I stood for a while and two thoughts crossed my mind; should I just go or with some other reading material. I preferred to choose the latter. I went to the novel section and looked for a thin novel so that it would take no more than 1-2 hours. I found one novel which fitted in the category, “The Death of a Salesman”. I grabbed it and headed to the issue counter. But the day was going to longer than I thought. Yes, as you can expect a really long queue. I was getting frustrated. Somehow I managed myself.

When I reached home, relaxed my mind and thought, “if I had the facility to look into the library at anywhere I want and only go there when I find my book there, which would be great.” Also, this problem was with everyone. Being a computer science and technology believing guy, I came up with a idea of an online facility for library management system.  


The aim of this project is straight forward; to help the bright future of this era by providing the best facility. They can have a smooth environment and platform to explore more. Other than that, there would be less paperwork just because whole system will be computerized. You are sitting at home, or in office, or at anywhere around the world, you can feed your brain. You need not to stand in the queue just for a small query. You need not to go to the library just to enquire about your book and be afraid that all of the hard work may go in vain. You can just enquire about the book at your desk, if available then go, otherwise have a good day. You just save yourself to have lousy day.

Module Description

Now coming to the skeleton of the body i.e. modules in the library management system. There will be different part to which you and I call those modules. Each module will have its functions which will help the library management system to be successful. Being different module, all of them will be connected with each other. Let’s have a discussion about the skeleton; oh, do not be scared. I am talking about the modules description.


Every management system needs a manager to handle all of the system and entities related to it. Same case goes here too, in library management system. Library management system will have an admin who will be responsibility to authorize all type of activities and records, and to be at single place. The admin, yes the admin (there will be only one admin for some strong reasons), can create the any library record in the library management system. You as an admin can modify as well as delete the records of the library management system. So now you can get it. The admin is a very strong and resourceful person in the system.

The admin will have the direct access to the library management system database. There will be several users in form of tables in database. Admin can apply CRUD (Create, Replace, Update, and Delete) operation on the table. And the database can be any: SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle etc. It all depends on your choice of requirement.

Now moving further, the admin is not only entity or module in the system. There are other users into the system. Most of them are having some functionality, and some are not. So it would be easy, if you and I discuss common parts of other modules. Later we can discuss remaining services of various modules.


Every user except the almighty admin who wants to be involved with the system, they must register themselves into the system. Suppose you are a student and wish to take benefit of library management system, you must register otherwise you will not be allowed to access the library management system. Following are the important fields you need to fill as a valid user.

  • Name – Your valid legal full name which is on your valid identity: Social Security Number, Driving License, Credit Card etc.
  • Password and Re-type Password – The password is the combination of letters, numbers and special characters. It is an important keyword which prevents malicious beings to have the unauthorized peek into your account which may cause a lot of trouble. You should provide a password which you will easily remember but other people can predict it. In order to have the strong password, I would advise you to use the combination of numbers, special characters and alphabets.
  • To confirm that you have entered the password you want, there would be another field named as re-type password which is self-explanatory.
  • Contact No – In this field you have to enter your personal contact number which will be available with you all the time. So that you can be contacted, whenever it is the need of the hour.
  • Email ID – This is also the required to enter your email address at the time of registration. This email id will be used for verification purpose, password recovery purpose, sending the weekly report purpose etc.

Note: The above registration page will be a form in any technology be it PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Servlet, JSP etc. And, there will be text boxes against each field. And these text boxes will have some JavaScript to validate the entered information. E.g. it will check for email address whether it contains ‘@’ and ‘.’ or not. If not, some error message will be displayed or an alert box. This page can be designed by Bootstrap, an intriguing technology.

After filling all above information, an email will be sent to your email address with some series of instructions which you will follow and you will get a unique ID for library management system.

After successful registration your information will be stored in the backend for fast retrieval. It will be hidden to you.


After registering into the library management system successfully, you need to login into the system with the unique ID you were given and the password you provided at the time of registration. If the login credentials matches with the information stored into the system, you will be granted access to continue.

Forgot Password and Change Password

It is not unbind practice to forget the password after using something a long time. You forget the password and are unable to access into your account. Don’t worry; I have taken that factor into account. Whenever you forget the password and wish to recover it, just click on the ‘forgot password’ link. You will be asked to enter your registered email ID. When you enter your already registered email ID, a sequence of instructions will be sent to given email address and you can easily recover your password by following the given instructions.

If you think or feel your password is compromised or needs to be changed, you can have that luxury too. Simply provide the old password and the new password you wish to have.

Now let us discuss other functionalities of different modules.


You as a student are logged into the system, you can have following functionalities. At home page, there will be a lot of section out of which you can click on any section whichever you want to. The sections will be:

  • Popular Books
  • New Arrivals
  • Browse
  • Budget
  • Filter

Browsing Books

You can browse the book with various keywords like; author, title, subject, price, category etc.

  • Title or Subject - If you are looking for a particular book, just enter the name of the book in the search bar. If the book is available in the database, it will be popped up at the screen and you can pick it out.
  •  Author - If you have a favorite author and you want to read the books of the author, just click on that author and check out the details of the books.
  • Category - If you are a fan of some category like thriller, adventure, action, romance etc., just pick out your category and explore the catalogue.
  • Price – If you have budget, just enter the limit of your budget and related books will be displayed on the screen. Or you can you system generated limit:
    • $1 - $10
    • $11 - $19
    • $20 - $29
    • More than $30
  • Popular Books – If you want to have a good book and to be surprise, just go for the popular books section. It contains all the books which are given a good feedback back by the user who have already read those. Thus you can have a random book and you can trust on the rating of the book. And, your time will not be wasted that this would be a good book to read.      

Note: You can club any of the above and can get an efficient result.

Wish List

If you have selected one book and want to go for another search without losing this book and search for it again, just add this book to your wish list and move on to look for another book. Wish list is the best option to have the collection of the books you want. Later you can select any number of the book of these and can order the books. Just select the book and add it to the cart.


After you have selected the book, you can place the order for it. But, as you know, this is a library not a book store, you cannot buy book from here. Though, you can have it on daily or weekly basis on rent. Choose the best option from the dropdown list; daily, weekly or monthly basis and pay for it. It is as simple as that.

Return the Book
When you are done reading your book, you can return it before time. It totally depend on you wish. If returning date has been expired, you have to pay the appropriate fine for it.  


You can pay for the rent and the fine via net banking, debit card, credit card, or your PayPal account whichever suits you. This library management system accepts payments from all above mentioned methods.

Request a Book

If you do not find your desired book in the library management system, you can request the book to add the book into the database. If the admin finds the book feasible for the system, he will add the book.


Librarian will be the person who will authorize the book issue and book return services. You as a librarian can keep track of the book available into the inventory. If some books are not available, librarian can request the admin to add those books into the system on the demand. You can view how many books are rented by the students, how many are in the inventory etc.


You as an accountant can keep track of all the financial activities of the library management system. All the payments will be approved by you. You can view how much fine has been collected, how much money has been earned by providing the books on the rent.


I hope I have walked you through my idea. These are just some points I could think of when I was writing. Of course, there will be more additional functionalities while making the project. If you want to have your customized project, feel free to contact me. I can make this project for you in any language or technology you want to. If you are confused about technology, just reach out to me. I will help you.  

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